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 published: 2003-12-08

"May the Shrine at Belmonte be an axis of our manifestation of our love for the church!"

Today at 3:00 PM in Belmonte, Rome, the corner stone of the future Matri Ecclesiae Shrine is blessed, with the international Schoenstatt family being present

Terreno en Belmonte: Carpa en forma de Santuario para la celebración el 8 de diciembre

Land in Belmonte: Tent in the form of the Shrine, ready for the celebration on December 8

Gelände in Belmonte: Zelt in Heiligtumsform, bereit zur Feier am 8.Dezember


Nace un Santuario... Roma, Belmonte, 6 de diciembre

A Shrine is growing... Rome, Belmonte, December 6

Ein Heiligtum entsteht... Rom, Belmonte, am 6. Dezember


La piedra fundamental, ya en el terreno de Belmonte

The corner stone, already on the land of Belmonte

Der Grundstein, schon auf dem Gelände in Belmonte


Vista de la ermita al lugar del Santuario - donde ahora está la carpa en forma del Santuario

View from the wayside shrine to the place of the Shrine - where now is the tent in form of a Shrine

Blick vom Bildstock zum Platz des Heiligtums - wo jetzt das Zelt in Form des Heiligtums steht


En la Iglesia Santa Gemma, cerca del terreno, viernes, 5 de diciembre.

Mass at St. Gemma's, close to the land, on December 5.

Freitag, 5. Dezember: Messe in der Kirche St. Gemma in der Nähe des Geländes


Encuentro de peregrinos

Meeting of pilgrims

Pilger im Gespräch


Misa en San Salvadore en Onda con la tumba de San Vincente Pallotti

Mass at San Salvadore en Onda's, with the tomb of St. Vincent Pallotti

Messe in San Salvadore in Onda am Grab des hl. Vinzenz Pallotti


P. Georg Egle en la Misa del 6 de diciembre

Fr. Georg Egle, sermon in the Mass at December 6

Pfr. Georg Egle bei der Messe am 6. Dezember


La custodia del Santuario Matri Ecclesiae, regalo del Instituto Nuestra Señora de Schoenstatt

The monstrance for the Matri Ecclesiae Shrine, a gift of the Institute of Ladies of Schoenstatt

Die Custodia für das Romheiligtum am Grab von Vinzenz Pallotti; sie ist ein Geschenk der Frauen von Schönstatt.


La "piedra fundamental" del jardín de María, símbolo de la entrega de la Juventud Femenina de la diócesis de Colonia, Alemania

The "corner stone" of the Mariengarten, symbol of the striving of the Schoenstatt Girls' Youth of the diocese of Cologne.

Der "Grundstein" im Mariengarten, Symbol des Einsatzes der Schönstatt-Mädchenjugend der Diözese Köln


Domingo, 7 de diciembre: visita a la Iglesia Matri Ecclesiae en Roma

Sunday, december 7: visit to the Matri Ecclesiae Church in Rome

Sonntag, 7. Dezember: Besuch in der Kirche "Matri Ecclesiae" in Rom


Hora Santa en las visperas del día de la Virgen.

Holy Hour at the Eve of the Feast of the Immaculate.

Vesper am Vorabend des Immakulata-Festes


P. Heinrich Walter, superior general de los Padres de Schoenstatt

Fr. Heinrich Walter, superior general of the Schoenstatt Fathers

P. Heinrich Walter, Generaloberer der Schönstatt-Patres


Fotos: Bühler © 2003


ROME, mkf/Fr. Oskar Bühler. "On behalf of the Argentinean Region of the Family Institute and in our own name, we want to congratulate the International Schoenstatt Family on this glorious day for the Work of Our Father and spiritually join the event with our prayer and the Capital of Grace. We ask our dear MTA that the Shrine of Belmonte is an axis of our manifestation of love for the Church", wrote Joaquín and Marta Lavini, from Rosario, Argentina, to those who today physically represent the International Schoenstatt family in the blessing of the corner stone for the future Matri Ecclesiae Shrine. The Roman Schoenstatt family today receives Schoenstatt members from several places in Italy as well as the big delegation from Germany, and Schoenstatt, that will have a live experience of this hour of grace for Schoenstatt, church and world. They are accompanied by the the International Schoenstatt family with their wishes and greetings that came in from France, Chile, Argentina, Austria, Germany, Mexico, USA…

"On this very special Feastday of Our Lady we join spiritually with you in this moment of grace and joy. The blessing of the corner stone for the future Matri Ecclesiae Shrine in Belmonte in Rome, in the heart of the Church, is an event that fills us with hope and confidence.

The founder of Schoenstatt, Father Joseph Kentenich, desired that through the hands of Mary, the Mother of the Church, the international Schoenstatt family will be a great blessing for the Mother Church. As members of the Schoenstatt Family we pledge our continued prayers and service to the Church. We beg abundant blessings upon all those present," wrote Elfriede I. Stitz on behalf of the leaders' group of the Washington DC Metropolitan area. "From Nueva Helvecia, the land of the first Daughter Shrine, we unite in prayer with this important and moving event," reads a greeting sent by Maria Regules. From all parts of the world, congratulations were coming in these days. And not just congratulations - many offer special prayers, promise to unite at wayside shrines and Shrines to spiritually join in, planning to come for the dedication of the Shrine come September 8…

Impressions from the German Pilgrims' group

The group of pilgrims already in Rome grew from day to day. Already on Friday, December 5, some 100 pilgrims arrived from Germany. One of the busses started from the Original Shrine. Upon arrival in Rome, they first went to the land at Belmonte that they found different to all that they remembered from earlier visits or photos - because now a Shrine is growing! Part of the fundamental wall is already built, and for the celebration today, a tent in form and size of the Shrine was just erected when the German group arrived. "Everything is ready, come to the celebration of the corner stone blessing", the "Tent Shrine" seems to proclaim. And they come - Schoenstatt youth studying in Rome, Schoenstatt members from all parts of Italy… It's a special climate that reigns in Rome, like always when the international family unites in a special moment of grace. Many sent special symbols to be present in this hour of grace; more than 2,000 signed the corner stone document that today will be signed by the General Presidium. The Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign in present through the Auxiliary of the Campaign for Persons with Visual Impairment that is presently visiting Italy.

The German pilgrims' group has been on pilgrimage in Rome, visiting the main churches, the tomb of Vincent Pallotti, the places where Father Kentenich was, and the Church "Matri Ecclesiae". This morning, the feastday began with a Holy Mass at St. Peter's, with Archbishop Robert Zollitsch - who on Saturday was received in private audience by the Pope - being the main celebrant, talking about the mission of the Shrine…

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