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 published: 2003-12-05

Upcoming Schoenstatt Events

December 2003


El Santuario de Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

The Shrine in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

Heiligtum in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

Foto: Cabral © 2003




December 6/7, 2003

Ciudad del Este, Paraguay: Joseph Engling Contest and Blessing of the Fire Bowl

"Engling, your fire, our mission": Guided by this motto, the Schoenstatt Boys' Youth (and with them the entire Schoenstatt family) of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, express their enthusiasm to know the life of Joseph Engling, and accept his mission; Father Kentenich called Joseph Engling the "lived Founding Document". On December 6/7, 2003, the Joseph Engling fire bowl will be erected and blessed, preceded by a Joseph Engling Contest that will challenge members of the entire Schoenstatt family to test their knowledge on the founder generation of Schoenstatt.

For greetings: Pablo Pratt,
Or Javier Cabral González or

Land in Belmonte: Tent in the form of the Shrine, ready for the celebration on December 8e

Rom, Belmonte: Ein Gerüst in Form des zukünftigen Romheiligtums steht bereit für die Feier der Grundsteinlegung am 8. Dezember


La piedra fundamental del futuro Santuario Matri Ecclesiae

The corner stone for the future Matri Ecclesiae Shrine

Grundstein für das zukünftige Matri Ecclesiae-Heiligtum


Mons. Wolf presenta el documento de la piedra fundamental

Mons. Wolf presenting the corner stone document

Mons. Dr. Wolf mit der Grundsteinurkunde

Fotos: POS Brehm © 2003


4 de diciembre de 2003: del Santuario Original a Roma!

December 4, 2003: from the Original Shrine to Rome

4. Dezember 2003: vomUrheiligtum aus auf nach Rom!

Foto: POS Fischer 2003



December 8, 2003

Rome: Blessing of the corner stone of the future Matri Ecclesiae Shrine in Belmonte, Rome

On December 8, the corner stone of the Shrine in Belmonte, Rome, will be laid - 38 years after Father Kentenich symbolically laid it. This Shrine is a symbol of the mission of Schoenstatt for the Church. This Shrine to be built, finally, has created much life in the hearts of many Schoenstatt members and communities all over the world. It answers to a need often expressed: the wish to be present, as international Schoenstatt family, in Rome, close to the Holy Father, ready to serve the church, and offer the Founder's charisma to this church. The Matri Ecclesiae Shrine is a Shrine dedicated to the Mother of the Church for the Mother Church. It is a moment of grace, joy and commitment for the entire Schoenstatt family.

On December 8, at 3:00 PM local time, Bishop Gino Reali of the diocese of Porto-Santa Rufina – where the Shrine belongs to –, will be present, also the Apostolic Nuncio to Italy, Archbishop Paolo Romeo, and Bishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg, member of the Schoenstatt Institute of Diocesan priests. Members of the Schoenstatt family of Italy, and some 200 pilgrims from Germany will be present.

To send greetings: Fr. Oskar Bühler, Fr. Ludovico Tedeschi or Fr. Alberto Eronti
The greetings will be read at the beginning of the celebration. (Please send a copy to, thanks).

María Inmaculada, Catedral de Treveris

Immaculate, in the Trier Catedral

Aufnahme der Jungfrau Maria in den Himmel, Trierer Dom, Westchor


Foto: Jeiter/Aachen © 2003


December 8, 2003

Trier, Germany: Dedication of the diocese of Trier to the Blessed Mother

Bishop Reinhard Marx of Trier - the diocese where Schoenstatt belongs to - will, together with the faithful, dedicate the diocese to the Blessed Mother in the Cathedral of Trier. From Schoenstatt, busses will bring pilgrims to Trier. In the Original Shrine, the dedication will be celebrated simultaneously.


Visita del cuadro de la MTA en la familia Huayapaya en El Callao

Visit of the the MTA picture for the shrine in Lima with the Huayapaya family in El Callao

Besuch des MTA-Bilds für das Heiligtum in Lima bei Familia Huayapaya in El Callao

Foto: Huayapaya © 2003


Fotos: © 2003

December 13, 2003

Lima, Peru: Dedication of the new Shrine

After a long time of longing and preparation, the Schoenstatt family of Peru will celebrate the dedication of the new Shrine in Lima, the capital of the country. It is the second Shrine in Peru. The picture of the Mother Thrice Admirable that will be enthroned in the Shrine, since a couple of weeks is visiting the Schoenstatt members in Lima and El Callao and the places where Schoenstatt exists, being filled with contributions to the Capital of Grace. Where ever the picture arrives, a number of people is gathering around, looking for a personal encounter.

To send greetings, congratulations: Soledad Alarcón:

Mi estrella en el pesebre

My star by the crib

Mein Stern an der Krippe

Foto: POS Fischer © 2002




December 24, 2003

Holy Night - My Star by the Crib

Beginning with the late night hours of December 24, Holy Night, the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, the first "Miracle of the Holy Night", is celebrated. In Schoenstatt, the birth of the Garden of Mary in the Holy Night if 1941 is commemorated that day - with the birth of Christ in each heart, to revolve in him around the Father, being the center part of the "Garden of Mary".

Schoenstatt also celebrates the "Miracle of the Holy Night" of 1965, when Father Kentenich, after 14 years of Exile, returned to Schoenstatt, to the Original Shrine, in the Holy Night of 1965.

Last year, inspired by the idea of a missionary in Paraná, Argentina, Tita Ríos, "My star by the Crib" was born: hundreds of persons sent thousands of names of their loved ones via internet to be written on paper stars and placed in the Original Shrine, the Founder Chapel, and to be present during the Midnight Mass in the Holy Night in Schoenstatt. All the stars with the names will be taken to the holy places of Schoenstatt on December 24.

To send "my star by the crib":

Diez minutos junto al pesebre

Ten minutes by the crib

Zehn Minuten an der Krippe


Todos pueden llegar hasta ti, Niño Jesús... también yo.

All may come to you, Baby Jesús... me too.

Alle dürfen zu dir kommen, Kind in der Krippe - auch ich.

Fotos: POS Fischer © 2002



December 26, 2003

Schoenstatt: Ten minutes by the crib

It's already a tradition: the "Ten minutes by the Crib" in Schoenstatt, in the Adoration Church, year by year attract thousands of people from the surrounding cities and villages and from farther away. With and like the children, all come to Baby Jesus, as one of the prayers says: All may come to you, Baby Jesus, rich and poor ones, strong and weak ones, guilty and holy ones… and also me." All can write the names of their loved ones on paper stars and ask for prayers for them at the crib. From December 26 through January 8, each day at 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM it's time for the "Ten minutes".

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