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 published: 2003-11-25

"God has been the creator of this Family, but Father Kentenich has been the instrument who solidified it, that’s why he is the Founder"

On November 18th Corrientes Archbishop, Msgr. Castagna celebrated holy mass as a symbol thanksgiving. This is a commitment with the Eucharistic Congress, with the Rome Shrine and the Home Shrines


Misa en acción de gracias, 18 de noviembre, en Corrientes: entrega de una ánfora con los nombres de todos los Santuarios del Hogar

Mass in Thanksgiving, November 18, in Corrientes: an amphora with the names of all the homeshrines is offered

Dankesmesse am 18. November in Corrientes: ein Krug mit den Namen aller Hausheiligtümer wird zum Altar gebracht


Monseñor Castagna recibe un rosario de pared

Archbishop Castagna receiving a big wooden rosary

Erzbischof Castagna erhält einen großen Rosenkranz


En el altar había gran cantidad de Peregrinas de la Campaña del Rosario, obviamente un motivo de alegría especial para el Arzobispo.

At the altar were a big number of Pilgrim MTA's of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign, obviously a motive of special delight for the Archbishop

Die große Zahl der Bilder der Pilgernden Gottesmutter im Altarraum war dem Erzbischof eine offensichtliche Freude


La Mater en la Capilla del Hospital Escuela de Corrientes

The MTA in the Chapel of the University Hospital of Corrientes

Die MTA in der Kapelle der Universitätsklinik von Corrientes

Fotos: Lopez © 2003




ARGENTINA, Melba and Pedro Lopez. "We gather today in this Holy Mass to celebrate the apostolic accomplishments by this beautiful Movement of Schoenstatt through all 2003, here in Corrientes, Argentina". This was said by Msgr. Castagna at the Annual Holy Mass of the Schoenstatt Movement of Corrientes, Argentina. During the homily, Msgr. emphasized Fr. Kentenich’s extraordinary mission intended for today’s world, in addition to the fruitfulness of the Rosary Campaign.

Every year, on November 18th the Schoenstatt Diocesan Family celebrates a Thanksgiving Holy Mass in the Cathedral to close the apostolic and events year. Corrientes Archbishop, Msgr. Domingo Salvador Castagna presides each year. This time, the city’s ample Cathedral was packed with Schoenstatt members. Seemingly, the Schoenstatt Movement is constantly growing.

From the entrance of the Auxiliary Pilgrim MTA, accompanied by voices chanting "Walking in the Covenant" everything was ready and disposed for a vivid and beautiful celebration.

Pledge with the 2004 Eucharistic Congress

Three relevant events moved the Mass participants: The 2004 Eucharistic Congress, which will be in Corrientes; The proclamation of the 2004 motto of the Schoenstatt Movement of Argentina; and the Consecration of Home Shrines exactly the same day of the 40th Anniversary of the "Founding Document" of the Home Shrine.

The Schoenstatt Family's commitment with the Eucharistic Congress is very strong, particularly that within the Corrientes Schoenstatt Family. This Eucharistic Congress would be the transformation event that the Church and Society as a whole need. During the nation-wide Delegates' Conference in October, the Argentinean Schoenstatt Family made the commitment to ask 3000 mass services to conquer a Blessed Eucharistic Congress, and in support of the new Shrine for the Blessed Mother in Rome, Italy.

This holy mass celebration had the further purpose to compromise in knowledge and work, from every member of the Argentinean Schoenstatt Family to carry out their motto "In Communion, let us build the new nation."

Lastly, the Consecration to the Blessed Mother of the Home Shrines and Heart Shrines. For that, every one was invited to write down their family names or that of their Home Shrines and deposit it in an urn located on the offering table.

"Maybe he has not imagined an apostolic movement with such extent, like it is the International Schoenstatt Movement in the World and the Church of today"

Archbishop Castagna added in his sermon the fact that this day, November 18th is Father Kentenich’s Birthday! "We gather here today in this Thanksgiving Mass to give thanks for the Schoenstatt apostolic accomplishments during 2003 here in Corrientes; this wonderful Ecclesial movement," he said: "We do it also the day that would be Fr. Josef Kentenich’s birthday. This wonderful priest who took the Blessed Mother’s hand to enter in communion with the Master; to whom Jesus spoke directly; our Father and Founder who was gifted to transform people and hearts, and was able to build new communities, which it is much needed in today’s world"

The Archbishop continued saying that Saints are those people who give their lives with effort and courage in order to give life to God’s intimate message and command. Referring to the gospel with the story of Zachary, Archbishop Castagna spoke about the desire to be close to God, in prayer, in communication with Him, in contemplation of His will, and "how to have the fervent need of God means that proximity with Him has been achieved." Many Saints, he added, "achieve that contact with the Son, by Mary’s hand." Father Kentenich "took Mary’s hands, with giving and sacrifice. He may never have thought of an apostolic movement like Schoenstatt with such international extent and that has impacted enormously today’s Church. But his zealousness to get close to God led him to contemplate God very closely. Then, the Master let this priest’s heart to overflow with his admirable virtues, shown exemplarily in all aspects as a son of the Church."


The example that has been received

Archbishop Castagna said it is Father Kentenich, "one of the Church figures" who like obedient instrument allows to recognize God’s messages to men; for his heroic actions and giving without reluctance. "Only in Covenant with Mary, taking from Her the same attentive listening attitude, he was able to transmit God’s message. The message that speaks of transformation, a new community formed by new men". At that moment, Archbishop made a call to the Schoenstatt family and to all present to give thanks by " identifying themselves more and more with the Founder of Schoenstatt. God has been the Creator of this Family, but God’s instrument to concretize it was Father Kentenich, that’s why he is our Founder. He carried out what God wanted from him. He did this by imitating Mary in Her most important attitude of following God’s proposal.

Like Mary had learned it from Jesus to faithfully fulfill God Father requests, Josef Kentenich fulfilled flawlessly his word. Be determined and strong when fulfilling your word…, in the fulfillment to find the Master in the apostolate; that is the example that has been received".

"Mary always with Her Son"

There were many Pilgrim MTA's of the Rosary Campaign in the altar; this obviously was another special reason for Archbishop’s happiness, who at the end of his sermon honored the "extraordinary work" that the Pilgrim MTA performs: transforming people and homes, and taking their bounty devoutness and blessings to the needy, especially in these trembling modern times. He also directed towards the missionaries with a petition: "The Pilgrim Mother does not walking, she continues to visit home by home ... you should continue like this, it is imperative that you keep touching homes and hearts, squares and churches, places of entertainment and workplaces, inside and outside of each person, Mary always with her Son, transforming and pouring out gracefulness to those who trust his pathway. Do not hesitate to give profound and authentic thanks to God for what you receive from this apostolic movement which you feel like Family, and give the best of yourselves, yet with effort, to accomplish the word, the commitment, the mission, and do like Father Kentenich did, taken by Mary’s hand which was prepared by Jesus, for the Motherly educator’s job. Father Kentenich carried out with giving, Our Father’s will."

Symbols of an entrusted devotion to God, which transforms the soul, heart and life.

Archbishop Castagna received the offerings carefully listening to their explanation: the Argentinean Flag; a wall Rosary –which here it is confectioned with seeds from local trees (from the Corrientes Zone) – reminding us especially about this year which has been dedicated by the Pope to the Rosary, prayed, lived and offered, and the ñandubay cross, a wood characterized by its stronghold; an urn with all the names of the Home Shrines which was wrapped with a ribbon that said: "NOTHING WITHOUT YOU, NOTHING WITHOUT US", another urn with Capital of Grace offerings from those who are eager to conquer the Shrine in Corrientes; a roof tile from the Original Shrine, which also had the wish of faithfulness to Father Kentenich, since it talks to us about the fidelity to Schoenstatt’s origin, to generate new communities.

Renewal of the Consecration of Home Shrines

The renewal of the Home Shrines consecration was directed by Msgr. Castagna with extreme warmth and encouraging flourishing. There was a profound sentiment when hearing the Archbishop say: "Today is the renewal around the world of the Home Shrines consecration from those who have sealed the Covenant of Love with Mary and have conquered it with enough devotion and Capital of Grace to further achieve that the Blessed Mother take possession of their hearts first, and then of their homes. This way, the Mother and Queen manifests Herself pouring gifts, shaping Nazareth’s family spirits, and sanctifying that family’s members…". Then he asked those present : "Do you believe in the transformation of your homes and hearts in true Shrines from where Mary can give graces of the Home Shrines, of shelter, interior transformation, and mission."

"Oh most pure Mother of God take possession of the Homes and hearts of those who manifest their Alliance with you, guide them to God Our Lord, for we consecrate ourselves saying: "My Queen, my Mother…" They lived moments of extreme emotion and blessed enthusiasm for the daily apostolic unity.

The Mother Thrice Admirable in a Hospital in Corrientes

One of the multiple reasons why the Blessed Mother deserved the thanksgiving that particular day was her enthronization in a Corrientes Hospital Chapel. The month of November was chosen by Fr. Jorge Scaramellini, who foresees the Corrientes School Hospital Chapel, to enthrone an image of the Mother Thrice Admirable in the little white Chapel, covered with white and blue tiles, where daily hundreds of relatives of patients and patients themselves visit there. People come from all over the "NEA" (North East of Argentina) attend to this Medical Center due to its connection to the School of Medicine where they offer ample ray of services and specialties. This Hospital is the place where many professionals perform their residency, and it is the home of many accredited Medicine teachers and students. Since early November 2003, the Blessed Mother is in the little Chapel comforting and strengthening. The enthronization ceremony began with the prayer of the Thousand Hail Marys, followed by a Eucharistic service, where the priest said:–perhaps as an advance- maybe soon we will see in this Hospital or nearby neighborhoods a "Schoenstatt Sister of Mary, who are recognized by their spiritual and courageous strength, for their professional excellence and for participate in the Medicine and Bioethics field, so needed in our college cloisters."

Translation: Vera Gamez, Austin, Texas, USA

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