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 published: 2003-10-21

Celebrating with the Holy Father in Upper Manhattan

October 16, 2003, in a parish in New York: End of the Year of the Rosary, welcome to the Auxiliary

Bendición de la Auxiliar en Manhattan

Blessing of the Auxiliary in Upper Manhattan

Segnung der Auxiliar in Upper Manhattan


La Auxiliar va a quedarse, peregrinando, por un año

The Auxiliary will stay and visit the parishioners for a year

Ein Jahr lang wird die Auxiliar die Menschen in der Pfarrei besuchen


Entrega de imagenes

Commitment of pictures

Übernahme von Bildern der Pilgernden Gottesmutter

Fotos: Bracero © 2003




USA, New York, Sr. Isabel Bracero. The Pilgrim Mother coordinators of upper Manhattan from Our Lady Queen of Martyrs parish joined our Holy Father, John Paul II, in the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of his pontificate by welcoming the auxiliary image of the Pilgrim Mother into their parish and community. The parish community opened a year (or as long as it takes) of many blessings, since the picture will travel among the homes of the parishioners.

The celebration began at 6:30 pm with the prayer of the Rosary. Since it was Thursday, the new mysteries of light were meditated. Little by little the coordinators arrived bringing their images to the front of the church and joining in the Rosary. By 7:30 pm circa 50 coordinators and many others had gathered in the Church for the celebration of the Holy Mass inhonor of the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt.

Help people intensify their prayer life

Father Daniel Kearney, the pastor of the parish, presided at the Holy Mass. After the homily he blessed the picture and all other images. He reminded each one of the significance the picture has for the community. At the end of Mass, Father Kearney once again summarized his message from the homily. He said that the pilgrimage which the Blessed Mother wants to begin in our community depends on the cooperation of those who take her from home to home. Those who have that responsibility must see to it that they do four things. These four things hold true for those who will take care of the auxiliary image as well as the coordinators of the small images.

  1. The pilgrim must help those who receive the image to be enthused once again for their faith, rekindle them in their faith
  2. help them intensify their prayer life, help them to pray;
  3. be teachers for others about their faith through the visit of the picture;
  4. finally, bring to others the good news of salvation and of our Lord.

We are convinced that the Blessed Mother could not have chosen a better day for this celebration: the day our Holy Father commemorated his pontificate and on a Thursday. Pray with us that blessings will come to this community through it in the near future.

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