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 published: 2003-10-07

Engling... your fire, our mission! Ajapone, Boys' Youth!

Placement of the cornerstone of the Joseph Engling fire bowl in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

Aniversario del fallecimiento de José Engling, 4 de octubre: piedra fundamental de la pira de José Engling en el Santuario de Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

Anniversary of Joseph Engling's death, October 4: corner stone of the fire bowl in the Shrine of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

Jahrestag des Todes von Josef Engling, 4. Oktober: Grundstein des Josef-Engling-Feuerbeckens im Heiligtum von Ciudad del Este


Peregrinación con la piedra fundamental

Pilgrimage with the corner stone

Mit dem Grundstein über das Gelände


En 5 estaciones, meditaron sobre la vida de José Engling

At five stops, the boys meditated about the life of Joseph Engling

An fünf Stationen betrachteten die Jungen das Leben Josef Englings


"Gracias, Madre, hoy nos escogiste a nosotros, nuevas Cruces Negros para el Reino..."

"Thank you, Mother, today you chose us, new Black Crosses for the Kingdom…"

"Danke, Mutter, heute hast du uns gerufen, neue Schwarze Kreuze für dein Reich…"


Las velas forman las letras "MTA"

The candles form the letters "MTA"

Die Kerzen, die mitgetragen wurden, bilden nun ein leuchtendes "MTA"


Preparación para la celebración

Preparing for the celebration

Vorbereitung auf die Feier

Fotos: Cabral © 2003




PARAGUAY, Pablo Pratt, Guillermo Cabral, Javier Cabral. "It is incredible that precisely the same year that the Boys' Youth are conquering the fire bowl of Joseph Engling, in Rome they are reopening the beatification process. Therefore we want to share this information with the entire Family. We also share a small biography and the prayer of Joseph Engling’s Canonization." This is what the Schoenstatt Boys' Youth of Ciudad del Este on October 2 commented to all their members, friends and to the entire Schoenstatt Family. On the bulletin board of the Schoenstatt Center, they put a printed copy of the article at with the news about the re-opening of the process for Joseph Engling. On October 4th, the 85th anniversary of Joseph Engling’s death, they placed the cornerstone of the Joseph Engling fire bowl next to the Shrine.

The Boys’ Youth of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay is conquering the Joseph Engling fire bows during this year, 2003. As part of this process, in July some of the young men traveled to Londina, Brazil, to see the fire bowl that they have by the Shrine. They went with three novices of the Schoenstatt Fathers that did their pedagogical internship in Ciudad del Este: Felipe Correa, Luciano Gomez and Vicente de la Cruz. The seminarian Federico Piedrabuena from Argentina also went with them. In this trip, besides the experiential meetings with the Boys’ Youth of Londrina, they made a commitment to work on the spiritual and physical construction of the Joseph Engling fire bowl.

Two main resolutions: The Royal Guard in the Shrine and attendance at all the activities of the branch

Soon they had a camping-retreat in August with the novices Felipe and Vicente and came up with the battle cry: Engling... your fire, our mission! This slogan takes shape in the two main resolutions:

The Royal Guard in the Shrine. The contributions to the Capital of Grace are offered during the week and after the group meetings they go on pilgrimage to the Shrine to deposit there the sheets of paper with their contributions. If they cannot go to the Shrine, they go spiritually from the MTA corner or home Shrines in their houses.

In the battlefield, Joseph Engling went into the trench, closed his eyes and imagined going to the Shrine to present everything to the MTA. He did this daily.

This resolution includes the participation in the Prayer Community of the Boys's Youth each Wednesday at 10 PM. When they cannot attend, they make a spiritual pilgrimage and pray in the home shrines.

The second resolution is to participate in all the activities of the branch, especially attendance at the group meetings.

Blessing of the cornerstone on the Shrine’s anniversary

October 1st, 2003, on the third anniversary of the Blessing of the Shrine in Ciudad del Este, the young men presented the cornerstone that will be placed in a symbolic manner in the place where the fire bowl will be placed.

The stone entered the shrine at the cry: AJAPONE, Boys' Youth! (we will make it, Boys'Youth. Ajapone, in Guarani means I will make it or we will make it). It remained there till October 4th, 2003, anniversary of the death of their "older brother", Joseph Engling.

That day they also asked the MTA’s special blessing for the Boys' Youth corner to give the Youth more life.

Placing of the cornerstone – October 4th, 2003

Many members of the Schoenstatt Family were present on the afternoon of Saturday, October 4th, for the symbolic placing of the cornerstone of the fire bowl of Joseph Engling.

Starting at 6 PM, it was getting dark. The ceremony was started in the Shrine were the stone had been blessed on Oct. 1st during the anniversary celebration of the Shrine in Ciudad del Este.

The young men had placed groups of candles from the Shrine in the corner of the Boys' Youth, at the right side of the Shrine, making several stations. The stone was transported while a part of the specially written rite was read. On each of the stations they read part of the history of J. Engling, meditated on and offered an action in the present moment: nurture the family life, the spiritual life, the service life, risk your life for the others, apostolic work, purity, to live like "my older brother."

At each station the night became darker and the only light came from the candles. At the end they arrived at the corner of the Boys' Youth that had been painted, varnished, and with a new picture of the MTA. The young men prayed with conviction: "We deposit here our cornerstone for the fire bowl of Joseph Engling with the conscious and clear commitment of conquering the world with our incandescent sword, like black crosses for the Kingdom. History claims our mission that we seal here, let’s be fruitful!"

Engling, friend, your fire is our fire

Several couples and girls of the Girls’ Youth were present at the ceremony. The Fathers and the Sisters have houses only in Asuncion so they could not be present. The Boys'Youth took care of the whole ceremony and the results, as expressed by the participants, were excellent.

A small group of young men in the midst of a difficult environment, dedicated a Saturday night to sing and pray for Joseph Engling: this is how Schoenstatt grows, authentic, in the spirit of the first. Pablo Pratt, leader of the Boys’ Youth in Ciudad del Este says: In a critical stage of our branch the desire emerges to make this step in the Covenant, and to conquer the life of Joseph with the fire bowl. Today the young life and the conqueror’s spirit still emerge from the Shrine. Thanks to the MTA and Joseph we have a Boys' Youth with aspirations to reach the ideal of becoming the new generation of Black Crosses."

For the young men it was a joy to learn that their commitment has attracted interest in Schoenstatt... "What a joy to learn that the cry of our longing was heard even in the Original Shrine! On Saturday, when I told the people present that in the Original Shrine there were prayers said for us they were all impressed, almost could not believe that the cry of the Boys' Youth of Ciudad del Este was heard even in Schoenstatt: "Engling, your fire, our mission", It is incredible how life is generating in our shrine, as a leader I can say that this year has been full of blessings for our branch, the Mater really is manifesting in the Boys’ Youth, and this one, loyal to the flag of the MTA, wants to make the "fire alliance" and give the fire bowl as a present to our Queen and to the whole Family."

And they sang the year 2003 anthem with first love’s enthusiasm:

"The whole world is the battlefield,
and the light is born in the shadows of the night,
Engling, friend, your fire is our fire,
and the Royal Guard will be loyal to the Shrine.

The Mother calls us today to conquer the world,
and our chests will be the walls,
the Covenant our incandescent sword,
thank you Mother, you chose us today,
new Black Crosses for the Kingdom.

The sun has been born in the horizon,
and our tombs will be the seeds,
joyfully we say to you "Salve Regina",
those who are ready to die salute you!"

Translation: Carmen Barruel, Belgium/ Joan Biemert, new Franken, USA

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