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 published: 2003-09-25

Schoenstatt Pray

Only 24 Shrines (and 24 18th 's) left until World Youth Day Cologne 2005

Lanzamiento de "Schoenstatt en Oración": Santuario de los Padres de Schoenstatt en Horw, Suiza, 18 de agosto de 2003

Launch of "Schoenstatt Pray": Shrine of the Schoenstatt Fathers in Horw, Switzerland, August 18

Startschuss für "Schönstatt Pray": Heiligtum der Schönstatt-Patres in Horw, Schweiz, 18. August


La juventud quiere rezar el Santo Rosario para la JMJ en Colonia 2005

Youth wants to pray the rosary for WYD 2005 in Cologne

Jugend betet den Rosenkranz für den WJT 2005 in Köln


Desde la experiencia de Toronto 2002...

From the experience of Toronto 2002...

Vom Erlebnis Toronto 2003…


... hacia Colonia 2005 Cologne 2005

...nach Köln 2005


¿Donde rezarán el 18 de noviembre, 18 de diciembre...??

Where will they pray on November 18, December 18...??

Wo wird am 18. November, am 18. Dezember... so gebetet???

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SWITZERLAND, Rainer Barmet. Only 24 Shrines legt until World Youth Day (WYD) 2005, only 24 "18th's" - who wants to be part of it must react quickly. That's the message coming from Switzerland, where the Schoenstatt Youth in August started a project that is intended to reach beyond their country - to the whole (Schoenstatt) world.

Covenant Mass in August in Horw, Switzerland, set up a record. Not that the Covenant Masses there usually would only be frequented by a heroic residual flock of Schoenstatters from the Founding Generation. Not at all - but this time not only pretty many young people but exemplarily many showed up, seeming to emerge from the woodwork… And they came for a specific reason: "Schoenstatt Pray"! The Schoenstatt Youth wants to pray. They want to pray for World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne, want to entrust this event to God. They want to ask the Blessed Mother to intercede, they want to show that this World Youth Day 2005 is special to the youth…

They did not only want to show that on that August 18 in Horw. From now on, participating in the Covenant Mass, they want to pray each 18th for the World Youth Day in Cologne. But not enough with that…

The idea is from the Holy Father

With this Covenant Mass on August 18, the Schoenstatt Pray Project was born. The Schoenstatt Youth from Switzerland is looking for 24 Shrines in the world, one for each month to be left until World Youth Day 2005. Come first, pray first. Month by month, on the 18th, in one Shrine of the World young and youthful people will pray especially for World Youth Day 2005 (with special coverage by!). The idea comes from Pope John Paul II. who asked the youth of the world to prepare World Youth Day 2005 with intensive prayer. This wish should be taken seriously by the Schoenstatt Youth and the entire Schoenstatt Movement. It will become reality when "Schoenstatt Pray" will not just be a Swiss project - we don't have 24 Shrines in Switzerland, yet -, but when Schoenstatt Pray will be accepted by the entire Schoenstatt Movement.

On October 18, the Schoenstatt family at the Original Shrine will join in the "Schoenstatt Pray" prayers.

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