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 published: 2003-09-25

Praying in Benin für the Canonization of Father Kentenich

Prayer groups in this West African country existing since two years

Circulo de oración en Benin: rezando para la beatificación del Padre José Kentenich

Prayer circle in Benin: weekly prayer for the canonization of Fr. Kentenich

Gebetsgruppe in Benin: wöchentliches Gebet für die Seligsprechung von Pater Kentenich


Una iniciativa de Eugene Iroka, Nigeria (fondo)

An initiative of Eugene Iroka, Nigeria (background)

Eine Initiative von Eugene Iroka, Nigeria (letzte Reihe)

Fotos: Iroka © 2003




BENIN/NIGERIA, Fr. Klaus Desch. In Benin, West Africa, prayer groups meet regularly once a week. They pray for the canonization of a priest who they never met, who never touched their country, and whose foundation does not exist in Benin: Father Joseph Kentenich.

Two years ago, one of the Schoenstatt Fathers' students from Nigeria, Eugene Iroka, went to study English in zu Cotonou, Benin. Moved by the wish to spread Schoenstatt in this West African country, h e founded prayer groups in the parish where he lived, as well as by some chapels around - prayer groups that would pray and sacrifice for the canonization of Fr. Kentenich.

This summer he could again visit two of these groups. Both groups meet once a week and want to contribute with their prayers to the process of canonization for Father Kentenich.

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