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 published: 2003-08-26

Saints under Construction

Schoenstatt Camp in Oregon, August 15 - 17, 2003, with over 100 youth participating

En camino al cumbre del monte, con la cruz de madera.

Going up the hill with the large wooden cross.

Auf dem Weg zum Gipfel mit dem großen Holzkreuz.


Erigiendo la cruz como nuevo memorial en el cumbre del monte.

Placing of the cross high on the hill as a new memorial.

Aufstellen des Kreuzes auf dem Gipfel über Pendleton.


Dos chicas de México. Con la Peregrina, la Virgen de Guadalupe y la estatua de Milwaukee, del año 1928, en el fondo. Tres veces la Madre!

Two Mexican girls for the huge Spanish Saturday Noon Meal. Note the Pilgrim Mother, Our Lady of Guadulope and the MTA statue from Milwaukee 1928 in the background! Mother Three Times!

Zwei Mädchen aus Mexiko. Mit der Pilgernden Gottesmutter, der Gottesmutter von Guadalupe, und der Statue aus Milwaukee aus dem Jahr 1928, die dem MTA-Bild so ähnlich ist.


Jo y Arnold, anfitriones de la Reservación de Umatilla.

Jo and Arnold hosted us from the Umatilla Reservation.

Jo und Arnod, Gastgeber im Umatilla-Reservat

Fotos: Swedzinski © 2003




USA, Oregon, Sr. M. Jessica Swedzinski. With grateful hearts the Schoenstatt Family welcomed over 100 youth to the historic first Schoenstatt Camp of the Northwest! Father Michael Fitzpatrick and the parish at St Andrews Mission near Pendleton, Oregon opened their hearts and facilities to make it all possible! A host of capable parents threw an unsinkable net of support around each young heart. An overwhelming host of benefactors gave everything, including the kitchen sink to immortalize western hospitality. Pendleton and Hermiston, Oregon and the Tri-Cities in Washington State brought these youth together to learn about their faith, to enjoy a mixture of events, and to grow in love for Jesus and Mary. It was truly blessed from Heaven.

Marge Rolen and Irene Esporza from Hermiston, Oregon headed a team of excellent volunteers to make this dream a reality. It was hoped that 60 youth would attend the camp, until the Hernandez Family from Pendleton informed Hispanic Families of the August 15-17th weekend. Lupe Escobedo brought her girls’ group of 20.

Deacon Mark Niehaus and his seminarian brother, Tom Niehaus, with his friend John from LaGrande, drove out from Minnesota to take care of the boys. Sisters Jessica and Sophy Ann cared for the girls, assisted by Lindsey and Amanda Berry. The theme, Saints Under Construction, helped youth to see the ABCs of building in regard to holiness. Instructions on cord rosary making by Meggin Leonard, hikes, campfire sing-along, crafts, sports, question and answers, talks and small group discussions brought everything under one umbrella. Father Joe Reinig from Hermiston came to help Father Michael with Reconciliation on Saturday afternoon.

A quieter lad was telling his Mother on the way home, "I liked it – (pause) - very much!" and she knew what a mark of achievement this was for all the hard work involved.

Sunflowers in the barbed wire - a large cross on top of a hill

We opened Friday afternoon, August 15th on the Feast of Mary’s Assumption.

"This was the greatest!" "It reminded me of something we could do in Mexico!"

The long walk up the closest hill took over 50 minutes as we carried a large wooden cross, praying the 14 Stations in Spanish and in English. Each one carried a bright yellow sunflower for a special petition. Then at the 12th Station we could place the sunflowers into a barbed-wire heart that slipped over the cross to be left on the top of the hill. The sinking sunset amid the blowing dust winds, was timing only heaven could orchestrate as we prayed the last two stations. Jesus loves us with all his heart!

It was great to hear Marge Rolen’s call: "March Forth" after Deacon Mark closed each station with a short prayer to Jesus. The next morning pictures were enlarged and displayed on the church door for all the parishioners to follow the placement of the Cross. This huge cross is less than ½ inch when seen from the base of the hill at St Andrews Mission.

"It looks like he doesn’t want to go home!"

The meals were cultural experiences of Native American, Mexican, and local Knights of Columbus cuisine, ending with a huge Oregon-style barbecue of elk and salmon, potato salads, corn on the cob, beans, bread, and lots of Hermiston Watermelon for over 200 on Sunday after the closing Mass.

Another boy’s father saw how his son was looking at the craft projects so masterfully taught by Mary Moore and family from Pendleton and he spontaneously said: "It looks like he doesn’t want to go home!"

The Sunday Family day included a talk in Spanish on Schoenstatt & the Rosary, as well as games for all ages. The corn husking contest helped the crew of volunteer chefs, and the 400 water balloons really did get filled in an hour’s time. Temps were warm, but Saturday was cooler, almost breaking the "perfect rating!" and some youngsters got their sweaters for sitting around the campfire.

The Garden of Mary's Virtues

One of the younger girls asked her older cousin which snack was her favorite: the huckleberry ice cream sundaes, popcorn, s’mores or root beer floats and they both agreed it was too hard to decide… Actually not a single complaint was heard about the food – which adds to the legend!

One Mom mentioned that it was terrific to have the Garden of Mary’s Virtues on the Sunday morning wrap-up before the closing camp celebration for the girls. This way they have a personalized virtue to take home, as well as opening their eyes to the whole host of good habits we want to cultivate from early on!

We want to thank EVERYONE who gave so much from their time and energy in so many areas for this Camp. We certainly could never have done it without each one of you! And for the other 51 weekends of the year, we thank you for all your contributions to your many parish activities and events which Schoenstatt supports. May the monthly travels of our Pilgrim Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt icons continue to bless and help form healthy, holy families in the Northwest!


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