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 published: 2003-08-15

A strong bond with the priests of the diocese

Annual dinner for the priests of the dioceses in Puerto Montt

Cena anual para los sacerdotes diocesanos en Puerto Montt

Annual Dinner for the diocesan priests in Puerto Montt

Jährliches Festessen für die Diözesanpriester in Puerto Montt


Con la cena, la familia de Schoenstatt agradece a los sacerdotes para su servicio

With this dinner, the Schoenstatt family thanks the diocesan priests for their service

Mit diesem Essen dankt die Schönstattfamilie dem Diözesanklerus für seinen Dienst

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CHILE, Eduardo Mas. In the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, in the name of the Holy Spirit we are here..." sang the "Madrugadores" (dawn breakers) opening the annual dinner that the Schoenstatt Family in Puerto Montt offers each year to the priests of the diocese. The Shrine in Puerto Montt is probably the Chilean Shrine with the most non-Schoenstatt priests participating in the celebrations, creating strong bonds between Schoenstatt and the local Church.

The 4th annual dinner for the dioceses priests took place on July 11th at the "Fogon de los Marinos," with the presence of over thirty two of them. Upon arriving, each one was greeted by a person or a couple sponsoring him and was guided to his table where they had a nice talk. The idea was that they would feel at ease and have a good time.

When our Archbishop, Monsignor Cristian Caro arrived, the Madrugadores started singing and the Archbishop gave his blessings to all.

The Bishop, Father of the Dioceses

During the dinner, Father Pancho – Fr. Francisco Garcia-Huidobro – spoke to us about the "incardination" of the Father in the Dioceses of Münster, Germany, when he returned from exile, remembering the way Father Kentenich had compared the role of the Bishop with a Father of the whole Dioceses. But showing at the same time the importance of the diocese priests in their pastoral work in the parish, where life is really developing.

Generous commitment and cooperation with the Movement

The annual dinner was born as a way to thank the priests for their generous commitment and cooperation with the Movement. We had their support even before the Shrine’s consecration, especially for the Mass celebrated as Capital of Grace each Saturday morning at 8 o’clock at the construction site. First by the wayside shrine and later in the basement of the Shrine, when this was ready. They took turns showing great dedication and sacrifice to celebrate Mass outdoors sometimes under extreme weather conditions with wind and rain making it difficult to have a normal celebration. We needed to hold the tablecloth of the altar and the pages so that the reader could see where he was reading the lectures. Many of the present did not put their hands in the pockets to keep them warm so as to show solidarity with the priest. They also celebrated our important dates such as 31st of May and the 18ths and other events when we didn’t have Schoenstatt fathers.

Founders' Mass

Since the consecration of the Shrine and till today, there are two Masses celebrated on Sundays and one every other Saturday at eight in the morning, called the founder’s Mass – as a reminder of the Capital of Grace offered as spiritual contributions for our Shrine.

On the 18th of each month there is always a priest for the celebrations and also for all the other important dates. Six diocese priests have made the Covenant of Love with the MTA, three of them at the Shrine in Puerto Montt and two in Schoenstatt, Germany.

The dinner was cooked and served by the members of the Family, who took turns to serve and clean the tables, etc. There was an atmosphere of joy and family spirit by the tables with jokes and laughter. We ended up singing all together.

For our Shrine and its apostolic work the help and support of the priests of the dioceses was essential. Without them the Shrine would not have the life we see today.

Gratitude and Challenge

The family of Schoenstatt in Puerto Montt is grateful for the interest and disposition shown by the priests with their presence at the only event where we can reward their generous cooperation. And we give thanks to the MTA and to the Bishop, and through him to all and each of the priests for all they have given us. It is not only for helping us in the Schoenstatt celebrations but for making it possible to bond the clergy of the diocese with the place of grace that is the Shrine and to transmit that spirituality of Schoenstatt to the priests of the diocese. "Our reality – the Family of Schoenstatt is still small, we lack financial means, we don’t have Schoenstatt priests – for us it is not a problem, it is a challenge, and even more, it makes us appreciate the gift of Father God who is helping to advance further.

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