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 published: 2003-07-04

World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne... getting started

Hearing on June 30, 2003: Representatives of the German Schoenstatt Youth share their wishes and ideas with the Central and the diocesan directors

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Dirigentes de la Juventud de Schoenstatt en intercambio con el Central y los directores diocesanos.

Representatives of the Schoenstatt Youth meeting with the Central and the diocesan leaders.

Vertreter der Schönstatt-Jugendgemeinschaften beim Treffen mit der Zentrale und den Diözesanleitern.

Foto: POS Fischer © 2003




SCHOENSTATT, mkf. It was a first time experience, on Monday, June 30 - and one that excited all participants. Representatives of the Schoenstatt Youth, plus priests, fathers and sisters working in the youth branches, met with the Central of the German Schoenstatt Movement, and the diocesan directors, to share their ideas and wishes regarding World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne. At the end, they could say with Father Kentenich: "I feel that I have struck the right note. Your hearts have caught fire. You have made my plan your own."

A whole afternoon's time, including coffee break and night meal, was given to present the World Youth Day 2005 as a challenge and chance for a Church and Schoenstatt experience for the youth of the world - a "bold thought, nearly too bold for the public, but not too bold for you!". Sr. Annette Hartl, and Fr. Ludwig Güthlein, in tzhe name of the Youth branches, led through the presentation.

Lukas Schreiber, member of the Federation of Families, who works in the Central Committee for the Preparation of World Youth Day 2005, introduced the audience into the history of World Youth Day, and gave an overview of what so far has been scheduled for the program in Cologne and in the dioceses. As a special highlight, video clips from the passing on of the World Youth Day Cross in Rome, and the arrival to Cologne, on April 10, 2003, were presented. To the total surprise of all, on Arpil 6, the Pope had sent with the cross, the picture of the Blessed Mother, a copy of the Icon "Salus Populi Romano". Co-incidence, that this was the day when the Schoenstatt family of Eichstaett started the jubilee year on behalf of 400 years of the title "Mater ter admirabilis", a title given to a copy of the same picture?

Three youth gave a personal testimony on what the World Youth Day means to them and why they want to participate again. Small discussion groups, randomly composed of youth, members of the Central, and diocesen directors, offered a wide variety of views, visions, and values…

The hearing closed with a presentation of the ideas and wishes, and all praying the World Youth Day prayer.

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