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 published: 2003-05-27

Come, Holy Spirit, and bring your life!

Blessing of the Holy Spirit Symbol for the Shrine in Manchester, England

Alianza de Amor en el Santuario en Inglaterra

Covenant of Love on the day, when the Holy Spirit Symbol was blessed, in the England Shrine

Liebesbündnis am Tag der Segnung des Heilig-Geist-Symbols im Heiligtum von England


Bendición del símbolo del Espiritu Santo

Blessing of the Holy Spirit symbol

Segnung des Heilig-Geist-Symbols


Encuentro de la familia

Get-together by the Shrine

Als Familie zusammen


Participaron cerca de 100 personas

Appr. 100 persons participated

Etwa 100 Personen kamen zusammen

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ENGLAND, Fr. Andrew Pastore. On Sunday 11th May, the Schoenstatt Family gathered for a very special event - the blessing of the Holy Spirit symbol. The blessing took place during the mass at the end of the traditional May Day - it was truly a celebration of blessing.

In true Schoenstatt tradition they started a little late. This gave the stragglers a chance to arrive, have their tea and sandwiches, and the Emmaus Group a chance to finish preparing their introduction. By the time all sat down to the opening prayer they numbered about 100.

The prayer was followed by a great game based on the "Gifts of the Holy Spirit". The ladies won. But I must say, Fr. Andrew adds, the referee was very loose in her interpretation of the rules - a great time was had by all.

After this happy start the children left for their own programme and Fr. Bryan launched into his talk. Looking at the concept of New Pentecost, looking at the gifts, the fruits and the Charisms of the Holy Spirit he opened up the meaning for our own Schoenstatt spirituality.

Renewing one's own Confirmation

Then it was time for everyone to have a think about that Holy Spirit themselves. What difference do I want him to make in my life, where have I experienced him working in my life, what do I want to ask of him now?

The blessing itself can only be thought of as special. It began with mass in Church, each one of the participants being anointed and renewing thier confirmation. "The Holy Spirit working through us. That same Holy Spirit giving us new life to bring alive our Shrine and our Centre. In the Shrine we prayed and sang.

The crowning moment was the three ladies who made their covenant on that day. It was a special gift that they let all taking part in their hour of love.

The Holy Spirit Symbol journeys on now. Letís hope and pray that the joy we experienced on that day is a sign of the many good things to come.

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