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 published: 2003-05-15

Increasing the momentum: The Mother of God is getting us moving

Report from the Schoenstatt family in Italy at their first national meeting


Ermita en el terreno de "Belmonte", lugar del futuro Santuario "Matri Ecclesiae", lugar donde estuvo el Padre...

Wayside Shrine at the land of "Belmonte", place of the future Shrine "Matri Ecclesiae", marked by Father Kentenich's presence

Bildstöckchen auf dem Gelände des zukünftigen Heiligtums "Matri Ecclesdiae" in Rom, geprägt von der Anwesenheit Pater Kentenichs

Foto: P. Alberto Eronti © 2003


Encuentro en Mestre, con el Padre Ludovio Tedeschi

Meeting in Mestre, with Fr. Ludovico Tedeschi

Schönstatt-Treffen in Mestre mit Pater Ludovico Tedeschi


La Auxiliar de los Ciegos en su primer visita den Italia, en Caldonazzo

The Auxiliary of the Persons with Visual Impairment during her first visit in Italy, in the parish church of Caldonazzo

Die Auxiliar der Blinden bei ihrem ersten Besuch in Italien, in der Pfarrkirche von Caldonazzo


Rosita Ciola con el P. Bepino, en Villazzano

Rosita Ciola with Fr. Bepino, in Villazzano

Rosita Ciola mit Pfr. Bepino in Villazzano

Fotos: Ciola © 2003




Italy, P. Alberto Eronti. May as the special Month for Mary always had a special meaning for Fr Kentenich.  Again and again you could hear him say that we need to show our love for Mary in special way during this month. In return we can also expect special gifts of Grace.  These words clearly express what Schoenstatt is experiencing at the moment in the different parts of Italy.  The Mother of God is ‘upping the tempo'.....

We already reported during April the first pilgrimage of a Roman parish to the Cor Ecclesia Shrine and also about the progress of the Pilgrim Mother Campaign.  However the situation has over taken us and we can say with St Vincent Pallotti: "She is the great Missionary, she will work wonders". Here are the most recent events and developments in Italy.

The Pilgrim Mother Campaign.  The beginning of the Children's Campaign.

At the moment there are over 118 Pilgrim Mothers being sent out among the families.  The Children's campaign which begun with sending out 250 smaller MTA pictures has also been started as a new initiative for May.  To achieve all this the Mother of God has searched out the best people to be her ‘instruments', conquered hearts and then hurried everything along.  The children's campaign is taking place in the Parish of St Hippolytus .  This is the parish where the Schoenstatt fathers stay, who were ‘careless' enough to organise the first pilgrimage to the site of the future Rome shrine and centre.

The Roman Schoenstatt families first pilgrimage to Belmonte

Sunday 18th May 2003.  After mass in the Cor Ecclesiae shrine in the centre of Rome, the Roman Schoenstatt family made a pilgrimage to the site of the future International Shrine of Matri Ecclesiae at Belmonte.  This was a small event with a very special significance.  With this pilgrimage the responsibility of the Roman Schoenstatt family for the future of the International Centre and shrine was thrown into sharp focus.  In the truest sense of the word they are becoming aware of their obligations for this shrine

The first National meeting of the Italian Schoenstatt family at the Cor Ecclesiae shrine

On Trinity Sunday 15th June there will be the first gathering of the Italian Schoenstatt family.  The enthusiasm of the participants is impressive. You notice little events that remind you of other founding moments.  On the 8th of May the Italian Schoenstatt family compiled and sent out it's first circular.  Romano Marco, one of the first Italian member's of Schoenstatt and cooperator on the Organisation team, both compiled and distributed it.

I have the impression that the shrine, the centre and the land will be too small ... A good sign! The aim of the first gathering is to get to know one another better and to experience something together.  The hope is to develop what it means to be the ‘Father's family' in Italy.  Hopefully this meeting will create this awareness and in time a strong sense of mission will grow out of it.  We are in Italy but we must become an Italian Schoenstatt family so that our love and service for the Church will grow and thrive.

The First Motto

This meeting saw the creation of the first motto for the developing Italian Schoenstatt family.  "With Mary duc in Altum" This motto has both a concrete and a far reaching significance. For this defining moment of the family it echoes the words in every Shrine: "Nothing without you, nothing without us."

It means that we can do nothing without Mary and with Her by our side we want to touch every aspect of our lives.  Starting with the personal and immediate to conquering Italy for our Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt.  From a personal deepening of faith to selfless service of the Church.  From the deep resonating love of the Trinity to a brotherly and sisterly love of one another in solidarity.

The little Consecration in Italian

Since the beginning of May Fr Ludivico Tedeschi and Fr Alberti have included the little consecration at mass just before the final blessing.  I will write it out in Italian, perhaps some people would like to pray it in the Language of Dante,  in solidarity with the Italian family.

O mia Signora e Madre mia
io mi offro interamente a te
e per testimoniarti las mia dedizione,
ti consacro oggi i miei occhi,
le mie orecchie, la mia bocca,
il mio cuore e tutto me stesso,
Poiché ti appartengo, o buona Madre,
proteggimi e custodiscimi
come bene e propietá tua. Amen.

Connections between Schoenstatt and Italy

While trying to explain the meaning of Schoenstatt, we have discovered several contactpoints that are significantly Italian.  These are important as they help to establish a certain sympathy and feeling for the movement among the people.  The German name of the Schoenstatt movement is a jawbreaker for most Italians but not the spirituality.

  1. The MTA picture originated in Italy (Turin) it was painted by Luigi Crosio in the 1890s and venerated under the title ‘Refuge of Sinners'.  This echoes the pre-founding document in which Fr Kentenich said: "He really wished more than anything to reach out to all the old and hardened sinners, to show them the mercy of God."
  2. The path that led Fr Kentenich to the original shrine was inspired by an article about an Italian Lawyer called Bartolo Longo.  He founded the Marian shrine of Valle de Pompei.  It came about not by miracles or visions but through prayer and sacrifices.
  3. The little consecration was originally written by an Italian priest Fr G. Zucchi.

These are a few snippet of what has been happening recently.  It is always fascinating to work with the Mother of God and when She is in a hurry it is doubly so.

Translation: Fr. Michael Savage, Scotland

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