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 published: 2003-04-01

Remaining loyal to the roots and origins of the Rosary Campaign

Three Auxiliaries and close to 3,000 Pilgrim MTA pictures traveling around the State of Texas


Olga y Victor Alegría, Equipo de Responsables de la Campaña en Texas, en Schoenstatt

Olga and Victor Alegría, Texas Rosary Campaign State Team, during their visit in Schoenstatt

Olga and Victor Alegria, Leitungsteam der Kampagne der Pilgernden Gottesmutter in Texas, beim Besuch in Schönstatt

Foto: POS Fischer © 2002


P. Esteban Uriburu

Fr. Esteban Uriburu

P. Esteban Uriburu

Foto: CR Argentina © 2003


La Virgen Peregrina - ahora presente en más que 85 países

The Pilgrim MTA - today present in more than 85 countries

Die Pilgernde Gottesmutter - heute unterwegs in über 85 Ländern

Foto: Santa Maria © 2003




USA, Texas, Victor and Olga Alegria. In March, the Annual Meeting of Coordinators of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign in Texas took place by the Shrine in Rockport, Lamar. A time to gratefully view on what has happened since the first Pilgrim MTA was brought to Texas 15 years ago, in 1987. Today, three Auxiliaries, and close to 3,000 Pilgrim MTA pictures, travel around the State of Texas; the Pilgrim Mother bringing the graces from the Shrine homes of families in San Diego, Corpus Christi, Laredo, Brownsville, La Feria, Houston, Austin…

The first Pilgrim MTA was brought to Texas by a group of mothers when they visited Wisconsin in July of 1987. In August of 1987 three ladies from the Mother’s Branch were commissioned. Then in October of the same year, four people were commissioned during the October Delegates Workshop. In May of 1988 during the May Pilgrimage, several other people were commissioned. This was the beginning of the pilgrimage of our Blessed Mother into the homes of families in the diverse localities of Texas; San Diego, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, La Feria, and Austin. Several men have taken on the task of making the Pilgrim Shrines. Presently we have three Auxiliaries traveling around the State of Texas and close to 3,000 Pilgrim MTA pictures.

The Texas Rosary Campaign State Team

The Texas Rosary Campaign State Team initially came together in 1992. The late Fr. Esteban Uriburu from Argentina, along with Father Hector Vega and Sr. Corelia Bechold gathered with several people and formed what is now the Rosary Campaign Texas State Team. We have Regional Directors from Corpus Christi, Dallas, Eagle Pass, Georgetown, Houston, Laredo, San Antonio and The Valley area in South Texas.

Key elements for the fruitfulness of the Campaign

During our annual meetings, Fr. Esteban stressed the following key elements for the fruitfulness of the Campaign: the building of a network of leaders, educating ourselves and praying for the grace of contemplation, understanding the identity of the Rosary Campaign, remaining loyal to its roots and origins, the importance of John Pozzobon as a channel of grace, and a deeper understanding of the person of John Pozzobon.

Each Regional Director works carefully in their respective region to bring organization, but most importantly to work with the area coordinators. The director schedules local meetings with coordinators in an effort to bring continuous education and guidance. Instruction is provided in the following areas: knowing the person and holiness of John Pozzobon, understanding the origins and history of the Campaign, the teachings of our father and founder, Fr. Joseph Kentenich, the covenant of love, the home shrine, the importance of contributions to the capital of grace, how to properly coordinate the circulation of the Pilgrim MTA and the significance of our own spiritual striving for a profound life of prayer.

Much growth of Schoenstatt as a result of the Rosary Campaign

The Texas State Team gathers twice a year at the Confidentia Shrine in Rockport. During our meeting we discuss the life stream of each area and offer support and direction to one another. Fr. Hector Vega, Fr. Christian Christensen and Sr. Corelia Bechold provide us with spiritual talks and guidance. We plan for the Coordinator’s Workshop held in March, which is our yearly and main undertaking. Coordinators from across Texas are invited to come to the Confidentia Shrine for a day of training. We focus on the motto for the year, provide spiritual talks, occasionally have slide presentations, hold question and answer sessions, share, pray a rosary, crown our Blessed Mother during Holy Mass, and have commissionings and re-commissionings at the conclusion of the day. Coordinators are invited to attend other Schoensatt meetings, gatherings or pilgrimages throughout the year. We encourage those coordinators that have a deeper interest in Schoenstatt to continue with the mission by joining one of the branches. We have seen much growth within the various branches of Schoenstatt as a result of the Rosary Campaign. We are grateful to our Mother and Queen for leading us and choosing us for this great mission.

From: Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign USA Newsletter 1/2003

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