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 published: 2003-03-26

Christian Songwriters at the England Shrine

New Groups, and new Schoenstatt Fathers at the Shrine in Bolton


In the Parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel: choir performance during the induction of Fr. Bryan Cunningham as parish priest

In der Pfarrei "Unsere Liebe Frau vom Berge Karmel": Chorauftritt bei der Einführung von P. Bryan Cunningham als Pfarrer


New groups at the Shrine: Helpers of Manchester Medjugorje Relief

Neue Gruppen beim Heiligtum: Die Medjugorje-Solidaritätsgruppe aus Manchester tagte dort


P. Bryan Cunningham, Inglaterra

Fr. Bryan Cunningham, England

P. Bryan Cunningham, England


Father Bryan's family during the induction

Die Angehörigen von P Bryan bei der Einführung


Solemn concelebration in the parish church: Schoenstatt Fathers and local clergy

Feierliche Konzelebration in der Pfarrei: Schönstattpatres und Ortsklerus


Fotos: Pastore © 2003


ENGLAND, Father Andrew Pastore. With the arrival of the Holy Spirit Symbol for the England Shrine, now traveling the different groups in Liverpool and Manchester, life around the Shrine obviously got busy. New groups arrived, and a lot of work was done in view of the development of the Centre.

The Schoenstatt family welcomed a group of Christian songwriters. Everyone seemed to have a great day. First of all they gathered in prayer in the shrine, then a workshop was held about how to write songs, a great meal was provided for all who were there, and the work continued. Prayer time was filled with song and meditation. The workshop was brought to the Shrine by Gerry and Liz Markland, of the Schoenstatt Family Movement.

 A week later the Schoenstatt family welcomed the helpers of Manchester Medjugorie Relief. A meeting organised by people who are regulars at the Thursday Mass. Father Andrew and others met with them for Mass, Rosary and a chat over a cup of tea. Many of the helpers who raise money for many projects abroad, had not met in a long time. A new Icon had been commissioned and took pride of place in the Church. It was a moment of meeting old friends. One of the visitors was Bro. Donald McDonald, a Saleisian Brother who does tremendous work, especially for the Salesian Mission to Liberia.

Induction of Fr. Bryan Cunningham as Parish Priest of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Blackley

As a community of Schoenstatt Fathers, they took on the Parish of Mount Carmel in 1996. From the beginning Fr. Duncan was parish Priest. Now, with the Shrine built and the prospect of a fourth Schoenstatt Father for the UK it was time for a change.

The team at Mount Carmel has transformed over the years. The pioneer, Fr. Klaus Desch, moved on to work for Schoenstatt in Nigeria. Fr. Thomas Fluhr is now working with families in Germany.

A part of the team already for many years Fr. Bryan joined them full time a few years ago. He was a natural candidate to take over the role as Parish Priest as Fr. Duncan went on a sabbatical to the United States. Very different in his approach to the task than his predecessor, Fr. Bryan brings his own blend of experience to the tasks in the parish.

The celebration of Induction was both a solemn and joyous occasion at the same time. With participation from the School, many parish groups and members of the Schoenstatt Family a great time was had by all.

A big theme running through the liturgy (and very much at the heart of what Fr. Bryan is about) was the Symbol of the Good Shepherd. The arrival of Father Pushpa, from India, who was to join the Fathers' community in England for two years, was postponed due to a lot of red tape, until finally on March 7 he was granted the visa.

The Car Park

All the planning is going ahead smoothly, but slowly, for the extension, renovation and car park. It is a very long and sometimes tedious process, one though which we want to get right. The chosen plan will have to be submitted to Bolton Town council again for approval. A lot of measuring, drawing, experimenting ... And God only knows what else is going on in the background. The Architect Michael Taylor is now being assisted by Roy Clough who has the project well in hand.

From: The Schoenstatt Link, March 2003


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