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 published: 2003-03-20

Cruz de peregrinos cerca del Santuario Original en Schoenstatt

Pilgrim Cross by the Original Shrine in Schoenstatt

Pilgerkreuz beim Urheiligtum in Schönstatt


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Together with the Holy Father,

the church is praying for peace

and for the end of the horrors of war.

Millions of hands join in prayer around the world, day in , day out join in!

  • Daily rosary for peace in the Original Shrine
  • Illumined Rosary, Thousand Hail Mary, meditated rosary, adoration in the Schoenstatt Shrines of the world, at wayside shrines and in home shrines.

We can still pray...

Holy Father, today I do not ask you for the problems in my family, nor do I ask you for health of any loved one, nor for my economical situation.

Today I ask you for peace in this world, today I ask you for these persons who I do not know, whose well-being or needs I never thought about, today I ask you for all these persons who are in fears of what is going to happen with this terrible war that began tonight.

Father, listen to this simple prayer and let it go around the world, finding souls that are still willing to give love, not war.

Into your hands, Father, we place our hopes, and this world. Amen.

- from Paraguay -

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