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 published: 2003-02-25

Look, the dove of peace!

The Holy Spirit Symbol for the English Schoenstatt Shrine arrived

El Santuario de Inglaterra, bendecido el 1 de octubre de 2000, donde se colocará el símbolo del Espíritu Santo

The Shrine in England, dedicated on October 1, 2000: destination of the Holy Spirit Symbol

Das Heiligtum in England, eingeweiht am 1. Oktober 2000, Bestimmungsort des Heilig­Geist­Symbols

Foto: © Pastore 2003


P. Bryan Cunningham con el símbolo en el taller de orfebrería

Fr. Bryan Cunningham with the symbol in the Goldsmith's workshop

P.Bryan Cunningham mit dem Symbol in der Goldschmiede der Marienbrüder


El símbolo del Espíritu Santo – "Mire la paloma de paz!"

The Holy Spirit symbol – "Look the dove of peace!"

Das Heilig-Geist-Symbol: "Schaut mal, di Friedenstaube!"

Foto: © Fischer 2003


En el aeropuerto de Manchester: P. Andrew Pastore, P. Bryan Cunningham

On the Manchester airport: Fr. Andrew Pastore, Fr. Bryan Cunningham

Ankunft auf dem Flughafen Manchester: P. Andrew Pastor, P. Bryan Cunningham


Pat y Bill McEvoy llevando el símbola al Santuario

Pat and Bill McEvoy carrying the symbol into the Shrine

Pat und Bill McEvoy tragen das Symbol ins Heiligtum


En el Santuario

In the Shrine

Im Heiligtum angekommen


Ven, Espiritu Santo, ven...

Come, Holy Spirit, and bring us peace!

Komm, Heiliger Geist, Geist des Friedens!

Foto: © Pastore 2003-02-25




ENGLAND, Fr. Andrew Pastore/Pat McEvoy. "Look, the dove of peace!" The spontaneous comment of man at Düsseldorf Airport when the box with the Holy Spirit Symbol was checked, links the religious striving of so many Schoenstatt groups in England to conquer this symbol, with the actual world situation.On February 20, 2003, Father Bryan Cunningham, on his return from the Province Chapter of the Schoenstatt Fathers, in Schoenstatt, brought the long-awaited symbol to the Shrine in Manchester.

Designed by Paul Cooper, Manchester, the symbol was worked at the Goldsmiths' Workshop of the Schoenstatt Brothers of Mary. Soon before returning from the Schoenstatt Fathers' Province Chapter, Father Bryan Cunningham picked up the symbol at the Goldsmith's Workshop.

The Holy Spirit Symbol had an eventful journey from the goldsmiths workshop in Schoenstatt, Germany, to it’s home, the English Shrine. Fr. Bryan had to open the box at every checkpoint on the way. People were astounded, you could here gasps of "Oooohhh..." every time people got a glimpse. At one security checkpoint in Düsseldorf airport a man shouted to the line of people waiting behind him at  the security control - " Look, the dove of peace!".

It has arrived!

Fr. Andrew celebrated Holy Mass in the Shrine before setting out to the airport with a small group of Schoenstatters.

The Holy Spirit symbol arrived with Fr. Bryan at the airport approximately 9:00 pm on Thursday, 20th of February.  He was met by Fr. Andrew, Bill and Josie, from Liverpool, Paul Cooper, Kelly Pastore and Max.

 During this time a group of Schoenstatters prayed in the Shrine that the Holy Spirit would blow His breath of holiness in a powerful and profound way from our Shrine throughout England and afar.

Pat and Bill McEvoy along with Paul Cooper carried the Holy spirit Symbol into the Shrine at around 9.45pm on Thursday, 20th of February. With the theme from the covenant mass from this month "Mary draws us into the presence of the Holy Spirit", they spent some time in prayer, especially praying for Peace. Following prayers and intercessions Fathers Andrew and Bryan gave their blessings. Some remained in the Shrine for private prayer while others made their way home to Liverpool.

Come in!

Pat McEvoy shared: "Bill and I we're privileged to carry the beautiful symbol into the Shrine. I felt that symbolicalIy I was carrying the Holy Spirit into our shrine. I was inviting Him to `Come in` as we approached the doors of the Shrine to the singing of `Come Holy Spirit Creator come`.

 This reminded me of the opening of our Shrine on 1st October 2000, when we were privileged to open the doors of the Shrine for the Bishop to enter. Then I felt that I was symbolically opening the door for Our Lady.

 As we approached the sanctuary, Michael and Kath Quirk joined us. They carefully lifted the Symbol from its box and placed it on a blue velvet display, on the sanctuary step, which was surrounded by an abundance of flowers."

The Holy Spirit symbol has begun its rounds of the Liverpool Schoenstatt families this week.

See: Paul Cooper: The Holy Spirit Symbol for the English Schoenstatt Shrine

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