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 published: 2003-02-07

Come, Holy Spirit!

The Schoenstatt Family around the Shrine in Manchester is preparing for the attachment of the Holy Spirit Symbol in the Shrine

P. Pushpa, en India, antés de su ordenaciüon sacerdotal, 16 de enero de 2003
Fr. Pushpa, in India, before his ordination to the priesthood, January 16, 2003
P. Pushpa, in Indien, vor der Priesterweihe, 16. Januar 2003
Foto:  © 2003  
El Santuario en Bolton/Manchester, Inglaterra, en el día de la bendición, 1 de octubre de 2000
The Shrine in Bolton, Manchester, England, on the day of the dedication, October 1, 2000
Das Heiligtum in Bolton, Manchester, England, am Tag der Einweihung, 1. Oktober 2003
Visitando el Santuario
Visiting the Shrine
Ein Besuch im Heiligtum
Piedra fundamental: Tu Santuario nuestro hogar
Corner stone with the mission of the Shrine
Grundstein: Dein Heiligtum unser Daheim
Interior del Santuario
Interior of the Shrine
Inneres des Heiligtums
FotosArchiv: Beebe, Fuller © 2003  

ENGLAND, Pat McEvoy. The Holy Spirit Symbol for the Shrine in England is finished and will be brought to England in the next few weeks. The Schoenstatt family has been preparing for the attachment of this symbol for a long time, with a family group in Liverpool making it their own in a special way. The symbol is to be attached on the third anniversary of the Shrine, October, 2003.

The whole family has all been preparing spiritually for a very long time. The Liverpool family group in fall 2001 had, via internet, asked the Schoenstatt members and groups of "the whole world" to send them photos or drawings of their Holy Spirit Symbols, to get inspiration. They did not only get inspiration but a lot of prayers and capital of grace. Now the symbol, designed and crafted in the Goldsmith's House of the Brothers of Mary, is ready!

A special spiritual programme is to be drawn up for the forthcoming celebrations. A celebratory Mass was planned at Kearsley, Manchester, on 18th February 03, when the symbol should have come from Schoenstatt. Although the arrival of the symbol delayed, there will be a celebratory Mass for a special welcome: During the month of February Fr. Pushpa will be joining the team of Schoenstatt Fathers in the United Kingdom. He was ordained in India on the 16th of January and is looking forward to working with us for the next two years. He will celebrate his first mass at the shrine on the 18th of February.

Visiting the Schoenstatt groups in England 

It will then travel around the various Schoenstatt groups in England. At the moment it is envisaged that the symbol will return to Kearsley for the celebration of Mass on the 18th of each month.

The Schoenstatt familiy will be asking the Holy Spirit to bless all our initiatives as the building projects around the Shrine. They will be starting the laying of the new Car Park and  alterations to the buildings at Kearsley, hopefully in April / May.

The whole site should be completed for October ' 03 when they plan to have a triple celebration of the building work completion, erection of the Holy Spirit symbol and the third  anniversary of  the dedication of the Shrine.

With a contribution by Fr. Andrew Pastore, Schoenstatt Link February 2003

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