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 published: 2003-01-31

The Mysteries of Light in the dark of times

Second Rosary for Peace in the Original Shrine

Edición de la Carta Apostolica "Rosarium Viriginis Maria", Libreria Editrice Vaticana
Edition of the Apostolic Letter "Rosarium Viriginis Maria", Libreria Editrice Vaticana
Ausgabe des Apostolischen Schreibens "Rosarium Viriginis Maria", Libreria Editrice Vaticana
Liesel Houx (izq.) y Marianne Mertke, Federación de Mujeres, rezando el rosario
Liesel Houx (l.),and Marianne Mertke, Federation of Women, during the rosary
Liesel Houz (left), und Marianne Mertke, Schönstatt-Frauenbund, beim Rosenkranz
Oración por la paz en el Santuario Original
Praying for peace in the Original Shrine
Friedensgebet im Urheiligtum
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SCHOENSTATT, mkf. It was not only the "First-time-phenomenon": like on January 22, also on January 29 more than 100 persons filled the Original Shrine and the place in front of it on a dark, rainy evening, rosary in hands… The Schoenstatt Federation of Women invited to pray the rosary for peace, specially in view of the looming war with Iraq, and many came…

"I had another appointment this night, and anyway a terrible time pressure," one of the persons who stood outside said. "But I thought – what if the Blessed Mother would take us seriously, what if it would depend on the prayers of the Schoenstatt family in the Original Shrine, what if it would depend on the prayer of all of us, united as a family, with the Pallottines, with Christians from the parish of Vallendar… What if it would depend on this rosary tonight that the world would be saved of a war?"

"We hope that our prayer brings some light to the world"

Liesel Houx, and Marianne Mertke, Schoenstatt Federation of Women, the community that initiated the peace rosary, led the prayer. They prayed the mysteries of light, the new mysteries that Pope Jphn Paul added to the traditional sorrowful, joyful, and glorious mysteries. "It does good to carry the preoccupation about peace, the fear of an escalation of violence into the Shrine, together with the all the Schoenstatt communities, with the parishioners," Liesel Houx wrote in a letter to a Schoenstatt community that had expressed their gratitude for the initiative. "We really hope that our prayer brings some light to the world and that the destiny of many persons will be decided through our rosary here." – "The Holy Spirit must work "the bond of peace", that is our common petition when we pray the rosary," Marianne Mertke added.

The prayer of the rosary ended with the Ecumenical Peace Prayer by Father Hermann Schalück OFM; after the prayer, Father Matthias Rummel gave the blessing.

From mid March: daily prayer of the rosary in the Original Shrine

The rosary for peace will be prayed each Wednesday night at 7:30 PM in the Original Shrine, until Lent. Father Rummel SAC plans to offer a daily prayer of the rosary from mid March to the end of the Year of the Rosary. And as "well-informed sources" let know, Bishop Marx of Trier will intends to visit Schoenstatt on March 25 to pray the rosary here, inviting the parishioners of the nearby deaneries to commemorate the Year of the Rosary at this as one of the Marian pilgrimage places of the diocese.

Apostolic Letter about the Rosary:

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