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 published: 2003-01-21

Qualities of Covenant Love: believing, open, responsible, able to take load

The editorial staff of the Professional Women's League' magazine designed the issues for 2003 focusing on the Covenant of Love

El equipo de la revista de las Profesionales de Alemania en la Oficina de Prensa: Karin Schüpke, Sophie Urbansky, Siglinde Schäfer, Hildegard Fischer, Gabriele Sudermann (d. izq. a der.)
The editorial staff of the Women's League's magazine in the Press Office: Karin Schüpke, Sophie Urbansky, Siglinde Schäfer, Hildegard Fischer, Gabriele Sudermann (left to right)
Das Redaktionsteam der "Brücke", der Zeitschrift der Berufstätigen Frauen, im PressOffice: Karin Schüpke, Sophie Urbansky, Siglinde Schäfer, Hildegard Fischer, Gabriele Sudermann (von links n.rechts)

Foto: POS, Fischer © 2003  

SCHOENSTATT, mkf. The Covenant of Love will be the guideline for the issues of the Professional Women's League's magazine "Brücke" (Bridge). It is the Covenant of Love, taken seriously, that adds a new quality to human natural and supernatural love, making this love believing, open, responsible, and able to take load. "Love sees more", the Year's motto, in this perspective means to work on these qualities of love that enable persons to reach out to others and be a living connection to the stream of life and grace from the Shrine.

The Year's Prayer of the branch is an extension or application of the "Little Consecration". Soon after starting to search for themes, it was clear that the Covenant of Love would be the center of the articles in the four issues of the magazine in 2003.

The members of the editorial staff who could join in the meeting early January in Schoenstatt, Hildegard Fischer, Siglinde Schäfer, Karin Schüpke, Gabriele Sudermann, and Sophie Urbansky each brought their experiences from professional and apostolic work and from experiences, Schoenstatt news and events, and the inputs from the Leaders' Conference (two of them participate as diocesan leaders).

"I pray each day for Mr. Bush"

The year's motto of the Schoenstatt family in Paraguay – "God may live in our hearts, God may reign in Paraguay" – gave a special input, leading to the central question: Do we really believe in the reality of the Covenant of Love? Do we really trust the might and kindness of the Blessed Mother? Do we really think that miracles are possible? What does it mean when we pray: I consecrate to you… Germany, the bishops, my boss. Talking about the threat of a war against Iraq, the testimony of one of the oldest members from the diocese of Limburg had a special impact: "I pray each day for Mr. Bush". Thoughtfully, one of the women said: "Maybe this is why the world my be spared of a war…".

The first issue therefore will put a strong emphasis on love that believes, believes in the reality of the Covenant of Love. On the base of such a firm faith, love opens for others, love makes responsible, and able and willing to take loads – the themes of the other issues.

The Professional Women who form the editorial staff meet once a year for a conference, and work on the articles and meditations from home; free lance writers from the branch are invited to contribute according to the themes.

Focus on the Original Shrine and 2014

A special focus is to be put on the Original Shrine: experiences with and in the Original Shrine, the meaning of the Original Shrine as cradle, center and home of the international family, and testimonies "around" the Original Shrine will be subject of each issue, as well as "Visions for 2014", themes on "Challenges of the time", and testimonies about Father Kentenich and his Covenant Love.


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