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 published: 2003-01-14

New Service on Material from Schoenstatt

New section of offers various material from Schoenstatt: Considerations on themes ranging from personal prayer to the war against Irak, further documents, and a sample of Schoenstatt publications

SCHOENSTATT, POS. Since January 13, 2002, offers a new service: Clicking the "MATERIAL" button in the upper menu bar, visitors of now find four sections: Considerations or reflections from a Schoenstatt perspective on various themes, ranging from personal prayer to the possible war against Irak, documents, and a list of book publications, and magazines.

The most dynamic part is found under "Considerations". So far, the groups of themes are:

Year of the rosary; Challenges of time answers from Schoenstatt's spirituality; Practical faith in Divine Providence; Personal prayer; Self-management; prayers; meditations.

Further, documents (complete texts of talks, conferences etc.) are offered here instead of, up to now, in the news section, to make them more easily accessible. Both the groups of themes as the articles on these themes will grow.

Books, CDs, Magazines, Newsletters

In two other sections, short descriptions of books, CDs, magazines, and newsletters published in the different countries are offered, including the possibilities where to get these publications.

The lists of publications will be extended.

So far, the majority of articles is in German and Spanish; translations into English are not possible at the moment due to lack of translators. (does not need to be translated!)

Note: To easily find the documents and texts, it is recommended to chose your language (English, Spanish, German) before going to the MATERIAL section of

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