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When a dream begins to take shape

Preparing the ground ... and a vineyard ... for the first Schoenstatt Shrine on Hungarian soil

Matrimonios de Hungría en el terreño del futuro Santuario
Hungarian families on the land of the future shrine
Ungarische Familien auf dem Gelände des zukünftigen Heiligtums
Fotos: Godany © 2002

HUNGARY, Robert and Rita Godany. Looking back at the end of the year, the Schoenstatt Family of Hungary ponders in gratitude and amazement a fact that before the fall of iron curtain and also years afterwards only seemed to be pie in the sky:: on the 18th of October they got the religious approval for the building of a Schoenstatt Shrine in Obudavar onLake Balaton. Under the year's motto "With all of my heart" they go ahead to do the next steps that the dream of the Hungarian Schoenstatt Shrine on Lake Balaton will become a reality- even if they must put on a vineyard for it.

The longing for a Schoenstatt Shrine in Hungary goes back to the sixties. When some Hungarian student refugees in summer, 1959 - parting from Vienna - could visit Schoenstatt and the Liebfrauenhöhe, some got stuck for ever. After some time of getting to know and getting to love Schoenstatt more, and realizing the importance of the Shrines, they envisioned a "Shrine of the Danube peoples" in Austria. At that time they could not think of a Shrine behind the iron curtain.

Summer, 2002: 135 families participated in workshops

In March, 1983, Father Tilmann Beller met with three Hungarian families in the city of Veszprém. These families were the foundation of the Hungarian Schoenstatt Movement of Families, and of the Hungarian Schoenstatt Movement.. At that time the Blessed Mother set a beginning through this priestly instrument, from which to this day a strong and vivid family movement has grown; in summer, 2002 altogether 135 families have participated in the family workshops in the provisional Schoenstatt Center in the small village Óbudavár by Lake Balaton.

With the movement, the longing for a Shrine grows

With the movement, the longing for a Shrine grew and continues to grow. In 1993, an agriculturally used ground of approximately 55 000 m could be acquired. In the last year of the 2nd millennium it was decided to do specific steps for the establishment of a Daughter Shrine in Hungary. The year's motto for 2001/2002 was: " Szentélyeinkkel szentélyedért " (with our Shrines for your Shrine), for 2002/2003: " Teljes szívvel " (With all of my heart), for 2003/2004: " Otthonunkkal szentélyedért " (With our home for your Shrine).

On October 18th, the archbishop of Veszprém, Dr. Márfi Gyula signed the religious approval for the building of a Schoenstatt Shrine in Óbudavár, and handed it out to the leader family the following day, during the October conference of the family movement in Tihany. It says: ... " anyway I have found out that the International Apostolic Movement of Schoenstatt and the communnities belonging to it are sincerely Roman Catholic, and mean a concrete hope and resource of hope and renewal for our church."

Almost like in Cana: If they have wine, they also have a Shrine...

On the basis of the legal state rules the Schoenstatt Movement will have to put on a vineyard in a double sense. It will receive the construction permission for the building of a Shrine for our MTA and for the constructions of buildings which can function as a training center, on the condition that it plants wine on a surface of 40 000 m wine. That means, if Schoenstatt starts to work in a vineyard, in the agricultural sense, they will be allowed to build a house and a chapel in the vineyard...

The Hungarian Schönstattbewegung would like to raise the finances for the building of the Shrine on its own. With the current economic position this is a challenge to the willingness to make sacrifices for a Movement that mainly consists of families and youth. However, this belongs " to the thing ". What concerns the rest, the Movement will have to raise funds. For the cultivation they must raise 20 000 Euros, for the Center and Shrine perhaps two millions. Because the Blessed Mother wants to have this original vineyard: She will take care!


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