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The Schoenstatt Soy Project and a Crown of Soy Bread

Living the Covenant of Love with Mary and the brothers and sisters in need

Un puñado de soja para los más necesitados
A handful of soy for the most needy ones
Eine Handvoll Sojabohnen für die Ärmsten
Una corona de pan de soja, un compromiso de acción para con nuestros hermanos más necesitados
A crown for Mary, the mother of all, offered to her in Bahía Blanca: the crown is made of soy bread
Eine Krone aus Sojabrot für Maria, die Mutter aller Menschen, Bitte und Verpflichtung, den Ärmsten zu helfen
Ermita en Bahía Blanca, coronación con la corona de pan de sojo
Wayside Shrine in Bahía Blanca, crowning with the crownof soy bread
Bildstock in Bahía Blance, Krönung mit der Krone aus Sojabrot
Fotos: Zunini © 2002

ARGENTINA, Diana Zunini. In Bahía Blanca, the Schoenstatt Movement started a "Soy Project" to assist the most needy persons.

In the framework of this project, they work for donations of soy, search those families who are most affected by the devastating effects of the economic crisis, and five the soy to them. In fact, it is not only a matter of a donation of food to those who suffer from being hungry, not being able to feed their children as they would need it, but to capacitate them to use this product in the way that it can yield its full nourishing potential: this is a matter of how to prepare the soy, of knowing some recipes.

All this takes places in a climate of solidarity, born from the confidence in the caring love of God the Father who made the soy plant grow so that in the hands of people it can be turned into nourishing food for many. This means to live the Covenant of Love with Mary, and with the brothers and sisters in need.

The group of missionaries in Bahía Blanca is only a small part of the project, others are working for it since a long time; the project has widened already to other provinces.

Queen of Solidarity and Bread Mother

Mary is in Schoenstatt not only the educator and model, not only the mother of grace, she is also the mother of bread and so should be the Schoenstatters; this is what Father Kentenich taught in Dachau. On November 24, Feast of Christ the King, after the Mass by the wayside Shrine in their quarter, the missionaries of the Campaign crowned Mary as Queen of Solidarity and Mother of Bread and they did so with a crown made of soy bread, a sign and commitment to work for the most needy brothers and sisters.

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