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Precious souvenirs affordable for many

Goldsmith of the Schoenstatt Brothers of Mary offering new souvenirs and Schoenstatt symbols

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SCHOENSTATT, mkf. "What a beautiful crown! Like the one in the Original Shrine… We will bring one as a gift to our friends…" Joyfully, the couple from Argentina takes the little replica of the crown in the Original Shrine to carry it there: together with the blessing from this holy place, it will be a precious gift and symbol of attachment to Schoenstatt. "I would like one of these new Schoenstatt logo pendants for my key," said a Professional Woman from Germany. "That will remind me of Schoenstatt during work!" – "Thank you for the beautiful pendant of the Pilgrim Mother that I got from Schoenstatt," can be read in many mails and letters written by missionaries of the Pilgrim Mother in South America; they have turned out to be a precious, cherished gift for many who give their all to carry the Pilgrim Mother to all places where she wants to be, bringing the graces from the Shrine to all – and who may never have the chance to visit the Original Shrine or even a replica Shrine.

The pendants of the Pilgrim Mother meanwhile are available also in several countries – but still are a much wanted gift and souvenir brought or sent from Schoenstatt, causing joy and emotion when received as a gift "directly from the place of origin." Some take the "smallest Pilgrim Mother" along to their work places: "I would so much like to bring the Pilgrim Mother to the homeless persons in the shelter, but don't yet know how to begin… So I take her there in the small pendant, then she is already there…", a woman from Northern Germany said. Others

Technique of injection moulding

The Brothers of Mary worked hard during the past year to offer souvenirs that represent the Schoenstatt world and values, and to offer them both beautiful and affordable. The crowns, unity crosses in different sizes, Pilgrim Mother pendants, Schoenstatt logos are made with the technique of injection moulding.

Genuine Schoenstatt souvenirs

"We wanted these souvenirs to ressemble the original symbols made from silver, gold or guilded bronce as much as possible," says Ernest Kanzler, manager of the Goldsmith shop and Director General of the Schoenstatt Brothers of Mary. "We owe that effort to the meaning that these symbols have for us in Schoenstatt. But at the same time we wanted to finally offer genuine Schoenstatt souvenirs that are affordable also for Schoenstatt in South America, or for those here who want to give bigger numbers of these Schoenstatt symbols to others." Prices range from 1,40 € for the pendants of the Pilgrim MTA to less than 20,00 € for the biggest available replica of the crown in the Original Shrine.


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