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November 2002

Primer congreso de la JM y JF de Alemania
First Congress of the Schoenstatt Girls' and Boys' Youth in Germany
Erster Jugendkongress der deutschen Schönstatt-Mannes- und Mädchenjugend
Grafik: POS, Brehm © 2002

October 31 – November 3, 2002

Schoenstatt: Youth Congress

Approximately 80 persons from the executive committees of the Schoenstatt Men's and Schoenstatt Girls' Youth will participate in the Youth Congress to begin tonight. Topic is the complex of themes indicated by the keywords "man", "woman", "relationship". The main objective of the congress, however, is, "that it takes place", as one of the organizers said; the goal is to get to know each other better and to coordinate apostolic initiatives. In the framework of the congress the top representatives of the Schoenstatt Youth branches also intend to share ideas about World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne, and an international meeting of the Schoenstatt Youth in Schoenstatt in connection with that.

Tapa del último Vinculo Misionero, publicación de la Campaña Argentina
Cover of the most recent "Vinculo Misionero", publication of the Campaign in Argentina.
Titelbild des neuesten "Vínculo Misionero", Zeitschrift der Kampagne in Argentinien
Foto: Vinculo Misionero No 23 Julio 2002 © 2002

November 3, 2002

Argentina: Third stage of the "Rosary for a new Argentina"

On Sunday, November 3, in Argentina the third stage of the "Rosary for a new Argentina" will take place, with the rosary prayed on squares, by wayside shrines, and emblematic places of the country. Initiated by the Catholic Weekly 'Cristo Hoy' – predominant in the catholic community of Argentina -, the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign is in charge for the spiritual input of this Rosary. The central objective is to unite as Argentineans in the religious and spiritual, an to ask Mary to be mother, educator and queen of the people, preparing all to be ready for a growth in positive attitudes and renewal from within. Under the motto: "Argentina, with Mary sing and go ahead", the glorious mysteries of the Holy Rosary will be prayed. Theme is: "Mary, go with as we go ahead", with the biblical scene of Mary united in the Cenacle with the apostles as leitmotif.

La coronación de la Mater en el Santuario en Quito, en 2001: Primer encuentro nacional
Crowning of the Blessed Mother in the Shrine in Quito in 2001 - the first national meeting of the Schoenstatt families of Ecuador
Krönung der Gottesmutter im Heiligtum in Quito im Jahr 2001: erstes nationales Treffen der Schönstatt-Bewegungen in Ecuador
Foto: Santos © 2002

November 15 ­ 17, 2002

Ecuador: First nationwide meeting of the Family Movement

This weekend will mean the fulfillment of a long­time desire of the Schoenstatt families of Quito, and Guayaquil – a common meeting of the Family Movement. It will take place by the Shrine in Guayaquil. Center of the meeting is a commitment to Father Kentenich to take place on Saturday afternoon, with the entire movement invited to participate. Additionally, talks, workshops, Eucharistic adoration, and socializing activities, are planned.

The Schoenstatt family of Quito will soon celebrate the 10th anniversary of their Shrine; the family movement there is growing constantly. Thus, after years of separate growth and development, time and longing have come for mutual enrichment and joint activities to work for the coming of God's kingdom in Ecuador.

During the meeting a CD will presented to the public with hymns to use in Holy Mass, the texts being inspired by texts from Father Kentenich about the image of Christ as beloved Son of the Father. The choir will present the songs in the context of a workshop on the meaning of Mass. Authors of text and music are from the Schoenstatt family branches.

Santuario en Ayinrehue, Chile: Santuario de la Reina del Trabajo
Schoenstatt Shrine in Ayinrehue, Chile: soon a place of pilgrimage in all work- and jobrelated needs?
Schönstattheiligtum in Ayinrehue, Chile: bald Wallfahrtsort in allen Arbeits- und Berufssorgen?
Foto: Narváez © 2002

November 16, 2002

Chile, Ayinrehue: Crowning of the Blessed Mother as "Queen of Work"

A current has grown in the Schoenstatt family of movement of Ayinrehue, Chile: the crowning of the Blessed Mother as 'Queen of Work'. Last year, in the most critical time regarding job crisis, the Blessed Mother was crowned under this title, and has proved victorious in several concrete cases. This year this current is to be reactivated and extended in view of all those who fear for their job, for those who lost their job, for the young people who in vain search for a job to prove their skills. The intention of the crowning is, however, beyond praying for these people and offering Capital of Grace for them with the crowning, but to invite them to come to the Shrine to ask the "Queen of Work" for graces, and to experience the healing and transforming power of the Blessed Mother in her Shrine. After Mass, invitation cards are distributed. The bishop of Temuco, Schoenstatt Father Manuel Camilo Vial will lead the crowning celebration.

Greetings: Adriana Narváez Villalobos
P. José Kentenich (18 de nov. de 1885 - 15 de sept. de 1968)
Fr. Joseph Kentenich, born Nov. 18, 1885
P. Josef Kentenich, geboren am 18.11.1885
Foto: Archiv © 2002

November 18, 2002

International: Covenant Day and birthday of Father Kentenich

As on each 18th of the month, the Schoenstatt family all over the world unites by the Shrines, wayside shrines, chapels, and home shrines to celebrate Covenant Day and to renew the Covenant of Love. Covenant Day in November is also the birthday of Father Kentenich, memorized in gratitude and mission consciousness.

10° aniversario del Santuario de Achumaní, Bolivia
10th anniversary of the Shrine in Achumaní, Bolivia
10.Jahrestag des Heiligtums in Achumaní, Bolivien
Foto: Cabero © 2002
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia: nueva cubaña ...
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Boliva: new "shelter"...
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivien: neue "Schutzhütte"...
... cerca de la ermita más grande del mundo!
... near the biggest wayside shrine of the world
...beim größten Bildstock der Welt
Foto: Bagnoli © 2002

November 22 ­ 23, 2002

Bolivia: Tenth anniversary of the Shrine in Achumaní, La Paz

With a variety of activities on November 22 and 23, the Schoenstatt family of La Paz, Bolivia, will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Shrine in Achumaní. It was dedicated Novemner 21, 1992.

"On behalf of the 10th anniversary of our Shrine in Achumaní, la Paz, we want to invite to a workshop-seminar with the topic: 'Lay families – succeses and needs', a subject that has become important to us from the lay experience of our founding history and development as Schoenstatt family in Bolivia, and what that could mean for the coming years. During this workshop we would like to share our experiences and questions with all those Schoenstatt families of similar background. We are sure that this will be enriching and could result in growing solidarity and unity," the Organizers write in their invitation.

Later in the afternoon, an "Anniversary Mass" is celebrated in the Shrine, followed by a vigil in the Shrine. Early the other morning, on November 22, the first Mass of the Dawnbreakers will be celebrated in Bolivia, with dawnbreakers from Chile coming specially for this occasion. In the morning, Father Rafael Fernández will give a talk on marriage. The fetivities climax with the Jubilee Mass at 4:30 PM, and a closing feast.


In Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in the South of Bolivia, by the biggest Schoenstatt wayside shrine of the world, the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign will dedicate their little "shed" in November.

San Pedro, Roma
St.Peter's, Rome
Thron in St. Peter, Vatikan, Rom
Foto: Archiv © 2002

November 20, 2002

ROME: Casual Meeting of Representatives of the Ecclesial Movements

Since 1999, representatives of the Ecclesial Movements kept meeting occasionally tothe end of getting to know each other better, sharing experiences and projects, and to grow in unity to give their specific contribution to the life of the church according to the wish expressed by the Holy Father on Pentecost 1998. Last year, invited by Father Michael Marmann, chairperson of the General Presidium of the International Schoenstatt Movement, representatives of several Ecclesial Movements met in the house of the Schoenstatt Sisters in Rome, by the Cor Ecclesiae Shrine.

Mid November another meeting will take place with each of the Movements presenting one evangelizational action.

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