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Schoenstatt Shrine in Comodoro Rivadavia vandalized

Tabernacle destroyed and profanized Atonement and Re-consecration on October 30, anniversary of the blessing of the Shrine in 1993

Santuario del Mar y de la Paz, en Santuario más austral del mundo, en Comodoro Rivadavía, Patagonia
Shrine of Sea and Peace, most southern Shrine of the world, in Comodoro Rivadavia, Patagonia
Heiligtums des Meeres und des Friedens, das südlichste Heiligtum der Welt, in Comodoro Rivadavia, Patagonien
El Santuario mira al océano Atlántico, invitándonos a "navegar mar adentro"
The Shrine is close to the Atlantic Ocean, inviting to set out...
Das Heiligtum liegt direkt am Atlantik, Einladung: "Stoße vor in die Weite..."
Un aniversario distinto: El Santuario fue bendecido el 30 de octubre de 1993 como garantía de la Paz entre los Pueblos
A different anniversary: The Shrine was blessed on October 30, 1993, as guarantee for peace among peoples
Ein eigener Jahrestag: Das Heiligtum ist am 30. Oktober 1993 eingeweiht worden als Garantie des Friedens unter den Völkern
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ARGENTINA, Comodoro Rivadavia, Roberto Horat. Shock and pain in the Schoenstatt family of Comodoro Rivadavia in Patagonia, Argentina: The "Shrine of Sea and Peace" was vandalized on October 24, with the tabernacle destroyed and the Holy Sacrament profanized.

The Schoenstatt family of Comodora Rivadavia who were preparing for the ninth anniversary of the blessing of the Shrine come October 30 is shocked. "We can't do anything but be on our knees and pray for those who committed this," Roberto Horat wrote in a note yesterday night.

Come Wednesday, October 30, the bishop of Comodoro Rivadavia will lead a rite of atonement, re-consecrate the Shrine and bring the Holy Sacrament back to the Shrine.

Today the demolished door will be taken to repair. "So our home is without door, literally an open Shrine," Roberto Horat wrote. "We will be in a 24 hours vigil in the Shrine during this time, to be with our Mother."

Each Shrine is our Shrine. This reality becomes tangible in these moments. Since early this morning when news spread, Schoenstatt members from various countries have started to express their solidarity and join in prayer.

Contact with the Schoenstatt family of Comodoro Rivadavia:

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