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That Father Kentenich and his mission may become more widely known in Australia

Erection of the Father Statue by the Shrine in Mulgoa/Sidney

Mulgoa, Australia, 3 de octubre: llegué la estatua del Padre
Mulgoa, Australia, October 3: the Father statue arrived
Mulgoa, Australien, 3. Oktober: die Vaterstatue ist angekommen
Primeras fotos con el Padre
First snapshots with the Father
Erste Fotos mit dem Vater und Gründer
... y un saludopersonal
... and a personal welcome
... und ein erstesBegrüßen
Durante la Colocación
During the positioning
Beim Aufstellen
Fotos: Fr. John © 2002

AUSTRALIA, Shirley Hall. The National October Conference that will be held over the weekend 18th-20th October will end with a special event: the erection of the Father Statue. The Father statue arrived on October 3 and was welcomed by the Statue committee and several other Schoenstatt members.

In 1999, a small group from Australia went to the Jubilee celebrations in Santiago to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 31st May.  When they first visited the shrine in Santiago they were delighted to be 'met' spiritually by the father and founder, through the statue of Father Kentenich that stands outside the shrine.  "This was a special delight for us and we were pleased each time we had an opportunity to 'greet' Father Kentenich whenever we visited one of the shrines.  We also were able to visit a number of shrines in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay where we also saw statues of Father Kentenich," one of them shared.

This experience enthused them and when they returned to Australia they shared this experience with others who also took up the idea.  

The Schoenstatt family is offering this statue and all the striving that has gone into it, as a gift for Father Kentenich's canonization and also so that he may become more widely known in Australia and particularly in the Australian Church.  This statue will be erected near the shrine at Mulgoa (near Sydney), which is the National Shrine for Australia.

One aspect of the Schoenstatt Family in Australia is that it is made up of people who come from many different cultures and many countries, who speak many different languages.  However, in Schoenstatt they are all united as one family.

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