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From Singapore to Schoenstatt: a spiritual journey

West Australian pilgrimage with international accentuation

Four days in Schoenstatt: Singaporean pilgrims from Australia, with Sr. María Julia (front) and Sr.Miriam.
Vier Tage in Schönstatt: In Singapur geborene Wallfahrer aus Australien mit Sr. María Julia und Sr. Miriam
During a mealtime in "the most international house of Schoenstatt", House Sonnenau
Beim Essen im "internationalsten Haus Schönstatts", Haus Sonnenau
Starting for the Stations of the Cross pilgrimage to Mount Schoenstatt
Aufbuch zur Kreuzweg-Wanderung nach Berg Schönstatt
Gertrude Tay (l) with Monina Badano from Argentina: missionaries' meeting
Gertrude Tay (l) mit Monina Badano aus Argentinien: Missionare der Pilgernden Gottesmutter unter sich...
Fotos: POS, Fischer © 2002

SCHOENSTATT, mkf. When on October 2, 2002, the Singaporean pilgrims from West Australia bid farewell from Schoenstatt after a four-day stay, they had not only experienced an intensive spiritual journey but also the strong experience of being at an international place of pilgrimage their tours being guided by Sisters from USA and Argentina, having met Schoenstatt pilgrims from Germany, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, and Argentina just around the corner in House Sonnenau.

End September, early October, some 20 Singapore-born West Australian pilgrims on a pilgrimage tour through Europe visited Schoenstatt; they all know the Schoenstatt Shrine in Armadale, West Australia, and feel associated with Schoenstatt in various ways, many of them through working in the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Campaign.

"A place of peace and closeness to God"

Not all of them are Catholic, and some had come with "open expectations", as Gertrude Tay said. Her impression: "All, whether catholic or not, feel at home and very much welcome, and that is important. They experience Schoenstatt as a place of peace and closeness to God."

On one evening, the group decided for the "Stations of the Cross" as closing of a day of prayer and meditation. When darkness fell, they gathered by the entrance of the Sonnenau, lit their candles, and walked the stations of the cross up to Mount Schoenstatt, praying and singing. Guided by Sister María Julia from Argentina and Sr. Miriam from USA, both working in the International Office at House Sonneck, they explored Schoenstatt Mount Schoenstatt and Mount Sion with their Shrines, but most of all the Original Shrine and Founder Chapel.

International Encounters

In House Sonnenau, they made for a joyful atmosphere in the dining room, marked by laughter and spontaneous encounters, sharing cakes and experiences, addresses and excitement. They sort of intuitively "found" the missionaries of the Pilgrim Mother from Argentina, and from the group of Chilean Mothers, who were in House Sonnenau at the same time. Pilgrim MTA pendants, and with Gertrude Tay a Pilgrim Mother for blind people, went home with them as a special reminder of these encounters or better, as one of them put it "of experiencing that we are family!"

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