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October 2002

Santuario de Schoenstatt en el "Pequeño Paraíso", en Heiligenstadt, Alemania
Schoenstatt Center and Shrine in the "Little Paradise", Heiligenstadt, Germany
Schönstattzentrum und Heiligtum im "Kleinen Paradies", Heiligenstadt
Foto: P. Paul Graf © 2002

October 3, 2002

Germany, Heiligenstadt: Crowning in the Shrine of "Unity in Freedom", Eichsfeld

On October 3, the tenth anniversary of the dedication on the Shrine "Unity in Freedom" in Heiligenstadt, Eichsfeld, the Schoenstatt family will crown the Blessed Mother in the Shrine as "Queen of Unity in Freedom". This Shrine, the second one built in Eastern Germany, was a dream come true for the Schoenstatt family who since the centenary in 1985 had been set afire for a Shrine in Eichsfeld although in the times of the "GDR" the realization seemed impossible. In gratitude for the Shrine and all the gifts and graces received there, the Schoenstatt family chose the crown as symbol of commitment and a constant prayer that in the new freedom people find a true "unity of hearts", and that from this Shrine, the Blessed Mother forms instruments to work and live to make the unity of hearts become true in Germany and beyond.

Greetings, congratulations, and prayers:
Tapa del último Vinculo Misionero, publicación de la Campaña Argentina
Cover of the most recent "Vinculo Misionero", publication of the Campaign in Argentina.
Titelbild des neuesten "Vínculo Misionero", Zeitschrift der Kampagne in Argentinien
Foto: Vinculo Misionero No 23 Julio 2002 © 2002

October 4, 2002

Argentina: Second stage of the "Rosary for a new Argentina"

On Friday, October 4, in Argentina the second stage of the "Rosary for a new Argentina" will take place in public institutions, and parishes. Upon initiative of the Catholic Weekly "Cristo Hoy', the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign assumed the spirituality of this Rosary; the fundamental meaning is to unite as Argentines in the spiritual and religious dimension, to pray for Argentina, to ask the Mother of God to be Mother, Educator, and Queen of Argentina, and prepare the hearts for the growth in positive attitudes. Under the motto: "Argentina, with Mary sing and go ahead", in the new stage the sorrowful mysteries will be prayed, with the motivations centered on Jesus crucified who draws all to him.

Greetings, congratulations, and prayers:
Celebración del Jubileo del Oro, 20 de enero en Nuevo Schoenstatt, Argentina.
Celebrationof the Golden Jubilee, on January 20, in Nuevo Schoenstatt, Argentina
Feier des Goldenen Jubiläums am 20. Januar in Nuevo Schoenstatt, Argentina
Foto: ARCHIV © 2002

October 13, 2002

Argentina: Culmination of the Jubilee Year of then National Shrine

Fifty years ago, the Father and Founder blessed the National Shrine in Argentina, visited by Joao Pozzobon, and Father Esteban Uriburu. For the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign, the Shrine is the workshop of the new man, the place where Mary gives the mission to take her and thus begin the great visitation of this time. Therefore, on October 13, to culminate this Jubilee Year, the missionaries will unite by the Shrine to thank for the manifold graces received despite of the opposing circumstances that the country has to live through, to renew their commitment and to ally themselves with Father Kentenich in order to help him "to pull the triumphal carriage of the Blessed Mother". The celebration will begin with a talk "The mystery of the Shrine", followed by various testimonies about personal encounters with Father Kentenich. After noon meal, the Schoenstatt Youth from Paraná by the Pilgrims' altar will perform a cantata. The celebration climaxes with the renewal of the Covenant with Father Kentenich and the Jubilee Mass. The encounter with the Father with the Father statue erected o January 19/20, 2002 is a special incentive to pilgrim to Florencio Varela on this day. To return to the wellspring of grace and to look at Mary and Father Kentenich, as Joao Pozzobon did, means to make the features develop that should mark the Campaign today.

Greetings, congratulations, and prayers:

October 16, 2002

Schoenstatt: 10th anniversary of "solidarity covenant" of the Schoenstatt family movement

Ten years ago, in 1992, the Schoenstatt Institute of Families, the Federation of Families, and the Family League offered the scepter to the Queen of the Families in the Shrine of the Families, sealing a "covenant of solidarity" between the three communities. When Father Kentenich on October 16, 1966, blessed the wayside shrine that is now by the House of the Families, he spoke about the need for unity of action and of hearts of the three communities. On the anniversary of this blessing and talk, the covenant of solidarity is to be renewed in a celebration at 5:00 PM.

Greetings, congratulations, and prayers:

October 16 - 20, 2002

Schoenstatt, German October Week

Like each year, the delegates of the German Schoenstatt Movement meet for the traditional "October Week", the National Leaders' Convention. The talks are this year centered on practical faith in Divine Providence with the emphasis on finding God's marks, and finally God the Father in all circumstances, persons, things, and events of daily life and world history and specially in the person of Father Kentenich and his paternity. Apostolic projects will be presented and the motto for 2003 is to be formulated. One afternoon is dedicated to testimonies about Father Kentenich in Milwaukee.

Greetings, congratulations, and prayers:
Santuario Original, Schoenstatt
Original Shrine, Schoenstatt
Urheiligtum Schönstatt
Foto: POS Brehm © 2002

October 18, 2002

Founding Day Schoenstatt and all over the world

The Founding Day of Schoenstatt is commemorated at night (beginning at 7:30PM) with a "Celebration of Light"; from the Pilgrims' Church, all will process to the Original Shrine in a candle light procession, praying and singing in the form of a litany of light, thanking for the light from the various shrines, the covenant, and the streams of life and graces from the Shrine. At the Original Shrine, united with the entire family, all will renew the Covenant of Love.

On the same day, all over the world thousands and thousands of people will gather around the Shrines, and wayside shrines to celebrate the Covenant Mass, bring their capital of grace and renew the Covenant. More than 30,000 persons are expected to join the celebration by the Shrine in Querétaro, Mexico, more than 40,000 in Tuparenda, Paraguay.

Share your Covenant celebration:

October 18, 2002

South Africa: Golden Jubilee of the Shrine in Villa Maria, Cape Town

The Schoenstatt family of South Africa and specially of the Cape Province celebrates the Golden Jubilee of the Shrine in Villa Maria, Capetown.

October 18, 2002

Argentina: 25th Anniversary of the Colegio Mater in Buenos Aires

"Educating in family for the new times" is the motto of the 25th jubilee of the "Colegio Mater" (Mater ter admirabilis school) in Buenos Aires.

Greetings, congratulations, and prayers:
Santuario de la Luz, Nueva York
Shrine of Light, New York
Heiligtum des Lichts, New York
Fotos: Archiv © 2002

October 19, 2002

USA: 25th anniversary of the "Shrine of Light", New York

The Schoenstatt Family in New York prepares to secure that the coming times are decided by the Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt who reigns from her Shrine of Light. On October 19, 2002, the 25th Anniversary of this shrine will be celebrated. The entire Schoenstatt Family in New York, as well as representatives from states on the East Coast, will present the Blessed Mother once again with the crown that Fr. Kentenich offered the MTA on September 16, 1965, when he visited New York on his way to Rome. This crown, which has traveled from home shrine to home shrine for a little over a year now, will be given to the "Queen of Light" with the petition for continued protection over New York, over the USA, and for an increase of numerous vocation for all branches of the Schoenstatt Work in New York and for the entire East Coast.

Greetings, congratulations, and prayers:
Crece un nuevo Santuario ... Confins, cerca de Belo Horizonte, Brasil.
New Shrine growing.. Confins, near Belo Horizonte, Brasilien,
Hier wächst ein neues Heiligtum... Confins, bei Belo Horizonte, Brasilien
Ermita en Confins
Wayside Shrine in Confins
Bildstock in Confins
Fotos: Almeida © 2002

October 20, 2002

Brazil, Belo Horizonte: Corner stone laying ceremony for the "Shrine of Freedom"

On October 20, the corner stone for the "Shrine of Freedom" will be laid in Belo Horizonte, Brazil; the dedication of the new Shrine is scheduled for May 17, 2003.

The Schoenstatt Movement in Belo Horizonte began through the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign of the Pilgrim Mother thirteen years ago. Today it counts with Schoenstatt Boys' and Girls' Youth, Mothers' League, Family League, Professional Women, Marian Apostles. In the Archdiocese of Belo Horizonte, approximately 3,000 Pilgrim MTA's are visiting in the neighboring towns of the City of Belo Horizonte, and approximately 1,500 Pilgrim MTA's in the City.

The land for the future Shrine is near Confins, approximately 38 kilometers from the center of Belo Horizonte. A wayside shrine was erected there in 2001. In preparation for the corner stone laying, a small group of 10 12 persons made a pilgrimage to this land each fortnight, leaving at 5:30 in the morning. They pray the rosary on the way, another one and the novena by the wayside shrine, and on their way back, praying the third rosary, they complete all the mysteries of the rosary. Each third Sunday of the month, Holy Mass is celebrated on the land of the future Shrine with approximately 1,000 persons participating.

Greetings, congratulations, and prayers: Djalma and Elfrida Almeida:
Santuario de Mulgoa, Australia
Shrine in Mulgoa, Australia
Heiligtum in Mulgoa, Australien
Foto: Archiv © 2002

October 20, 2002

Australia: Erection of the Father Statue by the Shrine in Mulgoa/Sidney

The National October Conference that will be held over the
weekend 18th-20th October will end with a special event: the erection of the Father Statue.

In 1999, a small group from Australia went to the Jubilee celebrations in Santiago to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 31st May.  When they first visited the shrine in Santiago they were delighted to be 'met' spiritually by the father and founder, through the statue of Father Kentenich that stands outside the shrine.  "This was a special delight for us and we were pleased each time we had an opportunity to 'greet' Father Kentenich whenever we visited one of the shrines.  We also were able to visit a number of shrines in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay where we also saw statues of Father Kentenich," one of them shared.
This experience enthused them and when they returned to Australia they shared this
experience with others who also took up the idea.  

The Schoenstatt family is offering this statue and all the striving that has gone into it, as a gift for Father Kentenich's canonization and also so that he may become more widely known
in Australia and particularly in the Australian Church.  This statue will be erected near the shrine at Mulgoa (near Sydney), which is the National Shrine for Australia.
One aspect of the Schoenstatt Family in Australia is that it is made up of people who come from many different cultures and many countries, who speak many different languages.  However, in Schoenstatt they are all united as one family.

Greetings, congratulations, and prayers: Shirley Hall:

October 27

Nuevo Centro del Movimiento de Schoenstatt en Regensburg
New Movement Center in the diocese of Regensburg
Bewegungshaus der Schönstattfamilie Regensburg
Foto: Schöls © 2002

Germany: Dedication of the Father Kentenich House, Movement House of the diocese of Regensburg

Auxiliary Bishop Vinzenz Guggenberger on October 27, anniversary of the pre-founding document, will bless the new Movement House of the Schoenstatt family of the diocese of Regensburg in Nittenau. In the afternoon, the Father Eye symbol that has travelled the diocese for a year will be collocated in the Shrine.

Greetings, congratulations, and prayers:

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