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Queen of Ground Zero

Schoenstatt in USA remembers September 11: Crowning of the MTA in New York

The Mother is present: Cruz Family, with photos of Francisco Cruz who died on September 11, and with an MTA picture – the photo was taken during the ceremony in which all the names were read outloud with pauses at the hours in which the planes hit and the towers collapsed. This took about three hours.
Die Gottesmutter ist da: Familie Cruz, mit Fotos von Francisco Cruz, der am 11. September ums Leben kam, und einem MTA-Bild. Das Foto wurde aufgenommen, als in den Stunden, in denen im Jahr zuvor die Türme zusammengebrochen waren, mit Pausen die Namen aller verlesen wurden, die in den Türmen und Flugzeugen umgekommen waren
A man who lost his brother and who belongs to the couples buried an MTA medal after the little Schoenstatt group crowned the MTA picture.
Ein Mann aus der Familienbewegung, der am 11. September seinen Bruder verlor, vergrub nach der Krönung des MTA-Bildes eine MTA-Medaille
Each family could create a memorial - the "Schoenstatt memorial" with MTA, and rosary.
Jede Familie konnte eine kleine "Gedenkstätte" schaffen - bei der Schönstattfamilie gehörten MTA-Bild und Rosenkranz dazu.
Crowning the MTA on Ground Zero
Krönung der MTA auf Ground Zero
Fotos: Sr. Isabel © 2002

USA, New York, Sr. M. Marita. Representing and united with the Schoenstatt Family from all over the nation, two of the Schoenstatt Sisters from New York and a couple from the Schoenstatt Movement along with their family, who lost the husband’s brother in the Towers, were able to bring the MTA into the memorable site of Ground Zero on September 11, 2002.

Around 8:30 am, the names were read of all the victims of the terrorists’ attack one year ago. At the hour when the first and second planes struck the Towers, everyone kept a moment of silence. Silence was also kept at the times the first and second towers collapsed. Slowly the thousands of family members who were present as well as hundreds of fire fighters, police officers, the on-site construction workers, and medical personnel who were so deeply affected on this day one year ago were allowed to walk down a long ramp to the working site of what is known as Ground Zero.

September 11, 2002: An MTA picture at Ground Zero

As the descent down the ramp began, everyone present was given a long-stem rose to leave in remembrance of their loved ones. Pictures and tee shirts with the names and faces of the victims could be seen in every direction one looked. We were honored to be able to also bring along an MTA picture into the lower levels of Ground Zero, which we would crown there in union with the Schoenstatt Family all across the United States. Standing in the pit, seven stories down below ground – surrounded by walls of concrete and steel beams and underneath a vast American Flag – we gathered to pray and to renew our covenant of love, consecrating ourselves and the USA to the MTA. After praying from our hearts for the safety of our nation and for the repose of the souls lost at that place in such a horrible manner, we proceeded to crown the MTA as Queen of Ground Zero. We also gave her a scepter and proclaimed her: "Victorious Over all Forms of Evil." This simple but deeply moving ceremony ended with a song.

A Medal of the MTA

Every family there made a small circle with rocks and flowers over the picture they had laid on the ground of those they had lost at the site. Some prayed, some cried; everyone united in the same pain and in the same hope. Some left their tears there, some left an item that belonged to them. We wanted to leave the most precious gift we have received through the covenant of love: the MTA herself. Therefore, we buried a large medal of the MTA. We begged her to take possession of this ground and to see to it that the souls of so many who departed on September 11, 2001, may rest in the peace of our Lord.

Preparing for the 25th Anniversary of the Shrine of Light on October 19, 2002

As the nation moves forward uncertain of its future, the Schoenstatt Family in New York prepares to secure that the coming times are decided by the Three Times Admirable Queen and Victress who reigns from her Shrine of Light. On October 19, 2002, the 25th Anniversary of this shrine will be celebrated. The entire Schoenstatt Family here in New York, as well as representatives from states on the East Coast, will present the Blessed Mother once again with the crown which Fr. Kentenich offered the MTA on September 16, 1965, when he visited New York on his way to Rome. This crown, which has traveled from home shrine to home shrine for a little over a year now, will be given to our Queen of Light with the petition for continued protection over our city, over our nation, and for an increase of numerous vocation for all branches of our Schoenstatt Work here in New York and for the entire East Coast.

Fotos: Sr. Isabel © 2002    


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