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September 15, 2002

34th anniversary of Father Kentenich's death

Father, your heritage, our mission!
We are ready to go with you,
Our heart in your heart…

In creative faithfulness, allied with the Father and Prophet, the Schoenstatt family carries on his misión... in gratitude and co-responsibility. More than words could do, the events taking place on this day are a testimony.

Pater Josef Kentenich
Foto: Archiv © 2002
Founder Chapel on September 15
Tumba del Padre, 15 de Septiembre
Gründerkapelle, 15. September
Fotos: Fischer © 2002

Schoenstatt, Germany

In the Adoration Church...

This year, September 15 falls on a Sunday like in 1968, when Father Kentenich died in this day. Schoenstatt members from all over the world on this day will visit his tomb in the Adoration Church on Mount Schoenstatt. The evening before, at 7:30 PM, Monsignor Dr. Peter Wolf, Director General of the Schoenstatt Institute of Diocesan Priests, will give a talk, followed by a prayer time; on the 15th, at 7:00 AM, hour of Father Kentenich's death in 1968, a solemn Holy Mass will be held in the Adoration Church with Fr. Michael Marmann, Chairperson of the General Council, the main celebrant; Father Ángel Strada will give the talk. In the course of the day, various Masses will be celebrated in the different chapels, and churches in Schoenstatt.

Corona de la "Reina de los Peregrinos", Freiburg
Crown of the "Queen of the Pilgrims", Freiburg
Krone der Pilgerkönigin, Freiburg
Fotos: Sr. Lucia-Maria Metzler © 2002

Pilgrimage from the diocese of Freiburg: Crowning of the "Queen of Pilgrims"

Con cerca 600 peregrinos, un tren especial, armado con un verdadero "Santuario de tren" con Jesús Eucarístico y la imagen de la Mater, la "Reina de los Peregrinos", llegará a Schoenstatt ya en el 14 de septiembre; en el 14 de septiembre, celebrarán el 10° aniversario de la coronación en el Movimiento Popular de Peregrinos de la diócesis, renovando la coronación. En la mañana del domingo, los peregrinos tienen una presentación en la Iglesia de Adoración: "El 15 de septiembre de 1968"; en procesión, todas van por la tumba del Padre y desde allá, a la casa de formación por un encuentro personal.

Prayers, greetings, capital of grace:
3 de agosto de 2002: Primer capitulo de la Federación de Madres en Argentina
August 3, 2002: First Chapter of the Mothers' Federation in Argentina
3. August 2002: Erstes Kapitel des Mütterbundes in Argentinien
Foto: Alvarado © 2002  

Arrival of the representatives of the Schoenstatt Mothers' Federation

With the Mothers' Federations' Congress beginning on September 16, the representatives of the territorial Mothers' Federations from Germany, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, USA, and South Africa will arrive on this weekend. It is the first Congress on international level; the main objective is to share experiences, and talk about formation, style of life, apostolate, structure, future co-operation.

Prayers, greetings, capital of grace:
(expressively to Fr. Theo Breitinger or Sr. Luciane Machens, this is a collective address!)
Santuario y casa de retiro en Bad Salzdetfurth, Hildesheim
Shrine and retreat center in Bad Salzdetfurth, Hildesheim
Heiligtum und Zentrum in Bad Salzdetfurth, Hildesheim
Foto: Archiv © 2002  

Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany:

Germany: 25th anniversary of the "Legacy Shrine" in the diocese of Hildesheim

On January 22, 1967, Father Kentenich asked the Schoenstatt mothers of the diocese of Hildesheim – one of the largest in territory in Germany, but with a marginal number of catholics – to work for a Shrine in their diocese. Faithful to this legacy of the Founder, the small Schoenstatt family of this diocese on September 15, 1977, saw the blessing of the Shrine in Bad Salzdetfurth near Hildesheim. From this shrine, the legacy of Jesus – "behold your mother"-, the Marian legacy of the diocese – the thousand year old rose tree at the cathedral as symbol -, and the legacy of the Founder – the covenant of love - , are to be lived and shared. On September 15, Bishop Joseph Homeyer, diocese of Hildesheim, will celebrate the festive Mass on behalf of the 25th anniversary of the Shrine.

Prayers, greetings, capital of grace (no email): Fax: (++49) 5063/2738-27
Taxistas de la Campaña de la Virgen Peregrina con sus Peregrinas y la bandera de los taxistas.
Taxi drivers of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign with their Pilgrim MTA's and the flag of the taxi drivers
Taxifahrer der Kampagne der Pilgernden Gottesmutter mit ihrer Pilgernden Gottesmutter und der Fahne der Taxifahrer
Blessing of the taxis
Bendición de los taxis
Segnung der Taxis
Foto: Beltramo © 2002  

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pilgrimage of the Catholic Mission of Taxi Drivers of Argentina to the Shrine of the Father in New Schoenstatt, Florencio Varela

The pilgrimage will start in the parish "Mary Hail of the Sick", where regularly a Mass for the taxi drivers takes place; after this Mass, taxis are blessed, rosaries in the colors of the taxis of Buenos Aires distributed as well as prayer leaflets with the MTA picture and the prayer of the taxi drivers. In New Schoenstatt, the taxi drivers will visit their patroness in the Shrine, then have a guided tour, videos, talk, blessing of the taxis. The pilgrimage closes with the Holy Mass in the Church of God the Father at 5:00 PM.

Prayers, greetings, capital of grace: Cliver Beltramo:
Santuario en Atibaia
Shrine in Atibaia
Heiligtum in Atibaia
Foto: Sr. Cacilda Becker © 2002

Atibaia, Brazil

"Pearl Jubilee" of the Shrine of the Perpetual Presence of the Father

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the dedication of the Shrine in Atibaia, and to commemorate the anniversary of Father Kentenich's death, members of the Schoenstatt branches and pilgrims will head for Atibaia from all directions. More than 100 buses are announced for September 15.

Prayers, greetings, capital of grace: Sr. M. Reginita:
Vista desde el "rincón de Padre": nueva casa para las Hermanas de María; en el fondo: el Océano Pacifico
View from the "Father corner" to the new house for the Schoenstatt Sisters; in the background the Pacific Ocean.
Blick vom "Vatereck" auf das neue Haus der Schwestern, nahe am Pazifischen Ozean, im trockenen Norden Chiles
Foto: Lázaro © 2002

Iquique, Chile

Crowning in the Shrine "Oasis of Mary"

On September 14, the Mother Thrice Admirable will be crowned as "Queen of the Oasis" in the Shrine "Cenacle Oasis of Mary" in the desertous dry north of Chile, close to the Pacific Ocean. This is also the commemoration of the 4th anniversary of the blessing of the Shrine on September 12, 1998. As a gift, the Schoenstatt family of Iquique built a house for the Schoenstatt Sisters. Diocesan bishop Ramón Barros will preside over the coronation ceremony.

Prayers, greetings, capital of grace: Pedro Lázaro

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