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For a new Argentina marked by Life and Hofe

Blessing of the Shrine on the Rose Hill in Córdoba, Argentina

Juventud Masculina frente del Santuario, antes de la bendición
Schoenstatt Boys' Youth in front of the Shrine, before the blessing
Schönstatt-Mannesjugend vor dem Heiligtum, kurz vor der Einweihung
Liturgía: palabra de Dios
Liturgy: God’s word
Liturgie: Wort Gottes
Sermón: Monseñor Carlos Ñañez, Arzobispo de Córdoba
Sermon: Archbishop Carlos Ñañez, of Córdoba
Predigt: Erzbischof Carlos Ñañez von Córdoba
El momento más emotivo: ingreso del cuadro de la Mater, portado por representantes de la Juventud Femenina y Masculina
The most emotional moment: entrance of the MTA picture, carried by representatives of the Girls' and Boy's Youth
Der bewegendste Augenblick: Einzug des MTA-Bildes, getragen von Vertretern der Mannes- und Mädchenjugend
Padre Guillermo M. Cassone: mensaje del Papa
Fr. Guillermo M.Cassone: message of the Pope
P. Guillermo M. Cassone: Botschaft des Papstes
Fotos: Lavini © 2002
Santuario de la Vida y de la Esperanza, Córdoba, bendecido el 31 de agosto de 2002
Shrine of Life and Hope, Córdoba, dedicated on August 31, 2002
Heiligtum des Lebens und der Hoffnung, Córdoba, eingeweiht am 31. August2002
Fotos: Kuehlcke © 2002

ARGENTINA, Córdoba, P. Juan José Riba, Joaquín Lavini. A multitudinous congregation of more than 5,000 pilgrims from all parts of the province of Córdoba that counts with 214 wayside shrines of the Blessed Mother of Schoenstatt, more persons coming in large numbers from other provinces of Argentina, marked the blessing of the second Schoenstatt Shrine in the city of Córdoba last Saturday, 31 of August, 2002. Archbishop Carlos Ñañez of Córdoba presided over the ceremony, concelebrated by all diocesan priests of the vicariate, several parish priests of Córdoba, and nearly the entire Community of the Schoenstatt Fathers in Argentina.

When the picture of the Mother Thrice Admirable entered the Shrine, after being carried through the crowd, while doves ascended into the skies and a sea of white and blue handkerchiefs greeted the Blessed Mother, the atmosphere of this Marian illustration that underlined the mission of this Shrine of Life and Hope. This was the experience of many:

"For me this was the moment when my heart started to almost break with emotion! From the place where I was I could only see her approaching me, her Son in her arms, with songs and applause, I felt so small and told her: 'Mother, here I am, I ask you for my children, you who have chosen this place, thanks, a thousand thanks to you…' For me the whole ceremony was a constant personal surrender in love…"

This Shrine has been almost completely built thanks to donations and money given by the family of Córdoba. Here are interwoven the donations of the little girl who broke her piggy bank to buy 15 bricks, or that of the couple who instead of celebrating their wedding anniversary donated the money, or that of the jewelry given away by people to collaborate.

On the day of the benediction, it was not only the family of Córdoba that gave their share: they received greetings, prayers, and capital of grace from all parts of Argentina, and of the world.

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