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"I find awesome happenings almost daily!"

The Blessed Mother's 'Surprise Victory' in Oregon

Schoenstatt in Oregon - it began in March 2001 with one Pilgrim Mother picture
Schoenstatt in Oregan - der Anfang war im März 2001 mit einem Bild der Pilgernden Gottesmutter
Oregon Pioneer Office Shrine, dedicated in February 2002, with petition box
Pionier-Büroheiligtum in Oregon, eingeweiht im Februar 2002, mit "Anliegen-Box"
Statue of the Blessed Mother with features of the MTA picture, found in the chapel of theIndian Mission
Marienstatue mit den Zügen des MTA-Bilds, gefunden in der Kapelle der katholischen Indianermission
Newspaper clip reporting the "surprise victory" of the catholic pro-life candidate
Zeitungsausschnitt mit dem Bericht über den "Überraschungssieg" des katholischen Kandidaten.
Fotos: Rolen © 2002

USA, Margaret Rolen/mkf. Oregon has been struggling with the forces of the death culture for a long time.  It is the first state to legalize abortion in the United States and the first in the world to vote to legalize assisted suicide!  However, in May, 2002, a pro-life, active Catholic, Kevin Mannix, won a surprise victory over two other candidates for the Republican nomination for governor.  The newspapers labeled it a "Surprise Victory."  The Schoenstatters in Oregon – all new in Schoenstatt - thanked the Mother Thrice Admirable for her intercession and added this to the awesome happenings that follow the Pilgrim Mother on her "blazing the Oregon trail".

Earlier in the nomination campaign, Schoenstatt members placed Kevin Mannix' name and cause in the petition box of the Oregon MTA Pioneer Office Shrine. "When I heard about Mannix, sometime in April, I think, I immediately put a request to MTA in our Pioneer Office Shrine petition box and prayed for her to show her queenship and power in Oregon," Marge Rolen, who in March 2001 brought the first Pilgrim MTA – as Schoenstatt pioneer – to Oregon. Sr. Marie Day dedicated the Pioneer Office Shrine on Feb. 15, 2002, at the work place of Marge Rolen. 

"Later I sent information on Schoenstatt to Kevin Mannix and told him what I did."

Schoenstatters in Oregon – a year after Marge began Schoenstatt in Oregon, the Rosary Campaign of the Pilgrim Mother counted with 50 images - believe that the Blessed Mother used her power to accomplish the surprise victory. "Mr. Mannix had half the money", Marge wrote, "and was "too conservative" yet he took the vote! Now we wait and pray for another victory in November.  Please join us in prayer that our Mother will be Queen over Oregon, and watch the news. To have been able to get a Catholic fully pro-life nominee for Governor has to be a miracle. "

In the Indian Reservation - A Statue with the features of the MTA

"Being new to Schoenstatt, I find awesome happenings almost daily," commented Marge.

In less than a year, the Pilgrim Mother has visited more than 500 people in Oregon/USA, where Marge Rolen began the Campaign in March 2001 with one picture of the Pilgrim Mother. Now there are more than 50 pictures are visiting – The Pilgrim MTA is again blazing the Oregon trail!

Meanwhile, the parish priest of "Our Lady of Angels" visited Schoenstatt, Germany, and came back with very positive experiences. The MTA picture is installed in the vestibule of the parish church.

But the Oregon pioneers found that long before they got to know Schoenstatt, the MTA obviously had traced Oregon. When they went to the Indian Mission do the first regional gathering for Schoenstatt, they discovered a statue of the Blessed Mother – with the features of the MTA.

"We believe that the statue was fashioned after the MTA picture," Marge shared. The statue was copyrighted in 1928 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by European Art and Statuary Company, it has been at the Indian Mission as long as anyone can remember. We do not know when it came.

In 1928, 20 years before Father Kentenich's visit to the USA, a statue was made in Milwaukee of all places, in the town where 1952 – 1965 he would be sent by the church when he and his founding were tested…

To bring her love to heal

The Mission was established as early as 1847, before the Oregon Trail.  The Jesuit missionary, Fr. Blanchet baptized the chief of the Cayuse Tribe. 

The Indian tribes here were treated very badly by the American English pioneers out here," said Marge Rolan. "We believe that MTA wants us to begin at the Indian lands to bring her love to heal.  The Indians have left the Catholic faith, and struggle with many social problems.  This mission has a boarding and Catholic school for years, we believe the Sisters who teach at the school may have brought the statue." Now the coordinators of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign in Oregon bring the Pilgrim Mother.

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