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"Queen of Abella Dairy Farm Products"

Crowning of the Mother Thrice Admirable in the Office Shrine of a family business in Tandil, Argentina

Owners and staff of Ambella Tambos in the Office Shrine
Eigentümer und Personal von Ambella Tambos im Büroheiligtum
Office Shrine - Queen of Ambella Tambos
Büroheiligtum - Königin von Ambella Tambos
Crowning ceremony
From here she reigns as Queen of the work places
Von hier regiert sie als Königin der Arbeitsplätze
Fotos: Ambella Tambos © 2002

ARGENTINA, Helena Abella, Silvia Zampatti.The Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt is the Queen of Abella Dairy Farm Products, a family business in the city of Tandil, Argentina. For all those who are working in this family business, and who have to battle with the consequences of the economical crisis, the presence of this "shareholder" in the Office Shrine is a source of confidence and creativity.

Like our Father and Founder did in difficult times, they decided to crown the Blessed Mother as Queen of this family business, a dairy farm shop that sells and maintains machines for use in dairy farms and milking yards.

In Argentina, at this moment, more than half of the population lives under the poverty line, are jobless, and neither them, nor many of those who have a job are able to cover their basic needs.

This economic crisis also affects this family company. As we spoke to our members of the company and employees, (some are members of the Schoenstatt Movement), we spiritually prepared the Office Shrine and the crowning of the Blessed Mother. It is important to point out that everybody that works at this small family company feels part of it and there is tolerance, respect, generosity and all other ethic values. That is why it was possible that the idea of crowning the Blessed Mother with all employees could become reality.

"Queen of our hearts, Queen of our work"

That special day we got together, family, employees, friends, some of our clients and Sister M. Andrea Azar ("spiritual shareholder"), to crown our Blessed Mother and ask her to bless our work. Father Mauricio Scoltore accompanied for the occasion; he is one od the priest at our Parish Church (where the picture of the Blessed Mother hangs next to the main altar).

During the simple ceremony we read the Gospel of Saint Luke (Lk 1, 39 - 48), with the paragraph about Mary's visit to her cousin Elizabeth. We continued with the blessing of the installations and especially the office Shrine, and it climaxed with the crowning prayer:

"During these difficult times that we experience, we want to elect you as Queen of our hearts and our work, putting all our confidence in you rMother love.

We thank you for all that you give us and we ask you to reign in our families and perform miracles of reconciliation in our country.

Mother, for ever, we elect you to be the Queen of our hearts!"

The Blessed Mother as Shareholder in the family business

Everyday we present our worries to her with all our confidence. She takes care of all our problems, and when despite of our efforts we do not find a solution, she still shows her power as Mother and Queen.

We feel privileged to have such a "Shareholder" in our business. She doesn't let us down, she never leaves her children, she is simply a Mother.

It's awesome how to see how she helps us through these difficult times that our country is facing. Not only can we carry on, but we are improving in some aspects. Not only this crisis helps us to grow, it makes us more creative and it is a present of a mother. No doubt, this crisis in a big incentive of creativity and a chance to grow. This vision of the dreadful situation is a gift our Mother. She is the great Victress, she works miracles.

Our employees pray in many occasions when things are made difficult to go ahead...

Translation: Lucill Collie, Tandil, Argentina

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