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Reaching out to society, opening up for the world

Under the motto: "Holy Family, with Mary of the Holy Trinity, let's construct a new Paraguay", the Schoenstatt Movement of Paraguay puts the riches of Schoenstatt at the service of the community

El teatro: Kentenich - un hombre, una misión: nuevas funciones en el mes de julio, en Asunción y en Ciudad del Este.
The theater: Kentenich - a man, a mission: new presentations in July, in Asunción, and in Ciudad del Este.
Das Theaterstück: Kentenich, ein Mann, eine Sendung wird im Juli in Asunción und Ciudad del Este nochmals aufgeführt
Foto: Rochester Lab, Asunción, Paraguay
Tercer Santuario de Paraguay: Santuario en Ciudad del Este, Alto Paraná
Third Shrine in Paraguay: Shrine in Ciudad del Este, Alto Paraná
Drittes Heiligtum von Paraguay: Heiligtum in Ciudad del Este
Cruz de la unidad, en Tuparendá
Unity Cross in Tuparendá
Einheitskreuz in Tuparendá
Fiesta de la Campaña del Rosario de la Virgen Peregrina de Schoenstatt
Feast of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign
Fest der Kampagne der Pilgernden Gottesmutter
Rosario encendido - fiesta de la Campaña
Illumined rosary - feast of the Campaign
Lichterrosenkranz - Fest der Kampagne
Santuario Joven, Asunción
"Young Shrine", Asunción
Santuario Joven, "Junges Heiligtum", in Asunción
Fotos: Marini © 2002

PARAGUAY, Ana Pangrazio/mkf. The Schoenstatt Movement in Paraguay, conscious of evangelizationary mission, since last year started various activities to the end of putting the interesting pedagogy and organization of Schoenstatt at the service of the Paraguayan society.

The Series of Open Talks started already in 2001 with much success. The main objective of these talks, with excellent speakers, was to educate the people and to make them conscious that all of the talks could make a difference in the history of our country. The commitment of each Schoenstatt member was to invite friends and people not belonging to the movement. Fact is that not too many possibilities for education exist Paraguay, compared to what is offered in the Schoenstatt Movement. So these Open Talks proved to be a good chance to cover this need of the society. The level of the talks was pretty elevated; themes were for example "Honesty", "The use of money and its impact on my life", Intelligent Love how to educate in times of pluralism", "Strategies and Skills for a 2001 without strife", "Strength and tenderness", "ethical and generous leaders".

Speakers were, among others, Fr. Horacio Sosa, Fr. Carmona, Fr. Angel Strada, Fr. Antonio Cosp, whose talks have left a mark in all of the participants, who with high expectations are looking forward to the next series that began again in June, with again approximately 300 persons.

Parochial Schoenstatt

Another project is "Parochial Schoenstatt"; since last year, increased efforts have been made with good results to open the various Schoenstatt apostolic initiatives in the respective parishes and in service of them. Schoenstatt is not too well known on the parish level, so this was another good opportunity to show the selfless interest in the local church and the willingness to give support.

The theater: Kentenich a man, a mission

The theater also was in the line of reaching out to society and opening up to the world. The theater about the life of Father Kentenich, staged 13 times in the month of May in the capital, Asunción, was such a success that in Paraguay Father Kentenich is known and admired. In the Paraguayan society of mid 2002, he is known as the founder of Schoenstatt, the visionary, the revolutionary, the fatherly priest who created a big family.

"The success is so great that we'll be back to stage in July," wrote Ani Pangrazio end May, "We'll go to Ciudad del Este on July 6 and 7, and in Asunción, and two more presentations are to take place on July 13 and 14. The latest news: the Central Bank of Paraguay bought two complete presentations as they are very interested that their employees more than 1,000 persons will be able to watch this theater. This will be on Saturday, July 27. We also received many orders for the videos of the theater, not only from Paraguay, but also from Chile, Ecuador and Germany. With the income from the sale of the videos we will build the foundations of our church, Mary of the Holy Trinity!"

Educating Catholic families

Under the motto: "Holy Family, with Mary of the Holy Trinity, we construct a new Paraguay", the Schoenstatt family in the year 2002 began to give their contribution for the growth and development of Christian families. "We want in 2002 to work with four values that help us to educate better families, according to the model of the Holy Family: joy, honesty, faithfulness, and readiness to serve," explained Fr. Antonio Cosp. It an urgent invitation in view of the painful experience expressed in the words: "Family is a group that looses contact in the morning and re-encounters at night in front of the TV set." The participants of the retreat received cards with the words: Joy, honesty, service, and faithfulness, four values. "I suggest," Father Antonio Cosp, said, that you take these cards home, place them in your home shrine and explain to your children that the Blessed Mother invites them to give her your Herat. She wants the heart to build a holy family joyful, at service, honest, and faithful."

Ciudad del Este: Portal of the Trinity, Garden of the Father

The life around the third Schoenstatt Shrine of Paraguay, in Ciudad del Este, Alto Paraná, is developing with much fervor; the Federation of Families has the first course in this region; they had their first consecration last December as 12th course of the Federation. Their ideal: Small Children of the Father, united in the Covenant, pillars for a holy community." Carmen and Hugo Romañach: "A dream came true with the founding of the Federation in Alto Paraná. The 12th course was born with the help of Carmen and Pancho Santacruz, our educators, who lead us with strength, much love and total commitment during this time of the preparation for the first Consecration. Along with that we enjoyed the tireless commitment and attention of Father Ludovico, our first assistant, the short time with Fr. Nicolás, and the warmth and care of Marité and Ramón Marini, who transmitted us that spirit of leadership that our Father and Founder delineated in Dachau."

Ciudad del Este also counts with the first postulant for the Schoenstatt Fathers who will enter novitiate.

"The Schoenstatt family of Ciudad del Este is doing very, very well," wrote Ana Laura Villallba Mendoza, leader of the Girls' Youth. "All the activities began with much force this year! The Schoenstatt Girls' Youth works to foster the unity among the groups. We have a big goal: the house of the Girls' Youth!"

A new star: Caacupé

The family movement that started some years ago in Caacupé has seen a profound consolidation. Upon initiative of the sixth course of the Federation, who are very committed to this task, and with Bishop Giménez of Caacupé (Schoenstatt Father), two groups began that later united in Tupasy Memby; later, the group of Caacupé Poty started. These already made their group dedication, and finally, in 2001, a big and enthusiastic new group began. Altogether, they are 24 couples, very close to the bishop and parish priest. They coordinated the Schoenstatt Mass and procession on December 8. The diocese has meanwhile issued a document with the acknowledgement of the Movement in this diocese. They have many ideas and projects. Caacupé, build a new Paraguay!

Contributions: Carmen and Hugo Romañach (source: Tuparenda), Ana Laura Villallba Mendoza

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