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"All doors open to Receive her; all hearts open for her, whether they are rich or poor, wise or simple-minded…"

Following the footsteps of the Pilgrim Mother and her Instruments

Las puertas se abran en cada lugar...: Hno. Arendes y Don Blan conversando sobre los humildes comienzos de algo grande: la Campaña del Rosario de la Virgen Peregrina de Schoenstatt
The doors open in each place...: Mr. Arendes and Don Blanz talking about the simple beginnings of something great - the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign of the Pilgrim Mother
Die Türen öffnen sich überall...: Herr Arendes und Don Blan im Gespräch über den einfachen Beginn von etwas Großem - der Kampagne der Pilgernden Gottesmutter
Foto: Ruelas © 2002  
La Peregrina con Don Blan en la cabina del avión
The Pilgrim Mother with Don Blan in the cockpit
Die Pilgernde Gottesmutter mit Don Blan im Cockpit
Foto: Blan © 2002  
Vista de la Peregrina: Río Yukon
The Peregrina's-eye view of the Yukon River...
Aus der Perspektive der Pilgernden Gottesmutter - Yukon
Foto: Blan © 2002  
La muralla china: Rosa Maria Wieland con la Peregrina
Chinese Wall: Rosa Maria Wieland with the Pilgrim Mother
An der chinesischen Mauer:Rosa Maria Wieland mit der Pilgernden Gottesmutter
Foto: Wieland © 2002  
Peregrina, mire... China espera a tu llegada!
Look, Pilgrim Mother...also China is waiting for you!
Schau, Pilgernde Gottesmutter... auch China wartet auf dich!
Foto: Wieland © 2002  
Bendición de una ermita en Croacia
Blessing of a wayside shrine in Croatia
Segnung eines Bildstöckchens in Kroatien
Foto: Horn © 2002  
Ermita nueva en Formosa: el calendario diocesana de Formosa estableció el 18 de Octubre como jornada diocesana
New wayside shrine in Formosa: the diocese proclaimed October 18 as diocesan Marian feastday of Our Lady of Schoenstatt
Neues Bildstöckchen in Formosa: die Diözese erklärte der 18. Oktober zum diözesanen Feiertag der "Gottesmutter von Schönstatt"
Foto: Barreiro © 2002  
Formosa, rosario: en 2003, la Campaña cumple 10 años
Formosa, rosary: in 2003, the Campaign celebrated the 10th anniversary
Formosa, Rosenkranz: 2003 feiert die Kampagne hier zehnjähriges Bestehen
Foto: Barreiro © 2002  
General Acha, La Pampa: Mil Avemarías cada mes
General Acha, La Pampa: Thousand Hail Mary each month
General Acha, La Pampa: Tausend Ave Maria jeden Monat
Foto: Iglesias © 2002  
Ermita en el campo de la familia Bonazzola, a 7 kms. de San Justo
Wayside shrine on the land of the Bonazzola family, seven km from San Justo
Bildstöckchen auf dem Gelände der FamilieBonazzola, sieben Kilometer von San Justo entfernt
Foto: Tomassone © 2002  
Ermita de San Justo, sobre la ruta 11
Wayside Shrine of San Justo by the Route 11
Bildstöckchen von San Justo an der Nationalstraße 11
Foto: Tomassone © 2002  
Misioneritos en Puerto Madryn, Patagonia
Children who bring the Pilgrim Mother in Puerto Madryn, Patagonia
Kleine Missionare in Puerto Madryn, Patagonien
Foto: Badano © 2002  
Misionera chilena desde Washington, con su marido: Lucía Fonck, John Griffith
Chilean missionary from Washington, with her husband: Lucía Fonck,John Griffith
Chilenen aus Washington in Schönstatt: Lucía Fonck, John Griffith
Foto: POS, Fischer © 2002  
Intercambio y recuerdos del Padre Esteban: madres de Federación de Súdafrica y Zimbabwe
Sharing memories of the Campaign, and Father Esteban: Federation Mothers from South Africa
Erinnerungen an den Anfang der Kampagne und Pater Esteban: Frauen des Mütterbundes aus Südafrika und Zimbabwe
Foto: POS, Fischer © 2002  
Misioneras de Bogotá, Colombia, en Schoenstatt: tras las huellas de la Virgen Peregrina
Missionaries from Bogotá, Colombia, in Schoenstatt: in the footsteps of the Pilgrim Mother
Aus Bogotá, Kolumbien, nach Schönstatt - auf den Spuren der Pilgernden Gottesmutter
Foto: POS, Fischer © 2002  

INTERNATIONAL, mb/mkf. Don Blan, a commercial pilot who flies a Boeing 777 from Texas to different continents, always takes his Pilgrim Mother along in the cockpit. Some weeks ago he flew to Japan: "I flew through Russian airspace yesterday and I prayed a special Rosary for Schoenstatt in Russia.  I asked our Mother Thrice Admirable for the graces to carry Schoenstatt more into the hearts of the Russian people." With him, the Pilgrim Mother also came to Japan; and from high above the clouds, the Pilgrim Mother gazes at the countries and cities, the homes and hearts that already opened, and to those that, through her instruments, one day will open. The open doors are the work of the Pilgrim Mother, the great missionary, and of the faith and confidence of her instruments who feel urged to carry the Pilgrim Mother wherever it is possible.

"All doors open to receive her, all hearts open for her, whether they are rich or poor, wise or simple-minded..." wrote John Pozzobon (see: Hero Today).It is also the experience of all those who, following his example, believe in the might of the Great Missionary – in Croatia as well as in Argentina, in Ecuador and in England, in Brazil and in Denmark, in the ICUs for premature babies or in the offices of the Organization of American States…

The doors open in Senegal, Angola, Ethiopia, Nicaragua…

Recently five Pilgrim Mother pictures left from Argentina destined for Senegal, where the Jubilee Pilgrim Mother (passed on during the International Meeting in Santa Maria in 2000) is visiting since last year. Three young men dedicated themselves as missionaries. The Little Dedication – My Queen my Mother – in French could be sent along with the pictures, thanks to the co-operation of Father Claudio Jeria in Burundi and Sr. Michéla in France, who immediately responded to the petition of the Campaign, and also sent other material in French. Rosita Alvarado: "During the National Convention I briefly sopke about the Campaign in Senegal, and received five Pilgrim Mother pictures from different places to be sent there, accompanied of course by the prayer for the future visits! The communities are Vicariate Flores, Vicariate Devoto, and Vicariate Belgrano (Buenos Aires city), San Isidro (province Buenos Aires), and Paraná (Province Entre Ríos). Hellen (the youth who brought the Pilgrim Mother there) is as happy as I or even more!"

The first Pilgrim Mother pictures were sent out to Angola from Portugal and to Ethiopía from Germany via Kenya. Colomba Arenas, a missionary working in the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, USA, wants to bring the Pilgrim Mother to Nicaragua; Elvira, a co-worker, is thinking of Belize (both Central America). In Central America, the Campaign is already present in the majority of the countries: in Guatemala, the Pilgrim Mother is visiting in the capital, Guatemala City, and in Esquipulas, in Eastern Guatemala. In Panama, the Pilgrim Mother is highly active; approximately 200 pictures are circulating. Costa Rica counts with three groups of couples, one group of mothers, one group of the Girls´ Youth, a group of Marian Apostles (girls between six and 10 years), and the Campaign. Neither Schoenstatt Sisters nor Schoenstatt Fathers are working permanently in Central America. "We are pretty alone," shared, with a touch of sadness, Gonzalo Vega from Costa Rica. "But we are confident in the MTA and the prayers of the family, with the hope of one day having a Shrine here in Central America."

At the crossroads ...

San Justo, a small town situated between the cities of Santa Fe and Reconquista, Archdiocese of Santa Fe, has two wayside shrines. These two wayside shrines – like the thousands in Argentina and in other countries – are places of prayer, of personal and common encounters with the Blessed Mother, places where the missionaries come together on the 18th of each month to renew the Covenant of Love, where the pictures of the Pilgrim Mother are given to new missionaries, and where they meet for the annual renewal of their missionary pledge. Places of grace not only for them, but for many others.

Amelia Tomassone shared: "The first wayside shrine of San Justo was blessed on September 24, 1996 and is situated in a 'beautiful place' in the countryside, called ‘El Capricho’ on the grounds of the Bonazzola family; in front of it the sown fields, and at the back a large avenue of pine trees.

The second wayside shrine, blessed on October 18, 1997, is also situated in a privileged place, at the Country Road 11, at short distance from the entrance to San Justo (the road connecting Santa Fe and Reconquista). The Mater chose this place so that all can greet her, not only the "Sanjustinos" entering or leaving the town, but also all those who drive on that road. Two factories are near the wayside shrine, and all who work there can feel blessed by her. We know of the love of many for the Mater as this love becomes visible in the many gifts placed by the wayside shrine. One pilgrim made all the arrangements for our dear Mater to always be illuminated. Once again we experience the fulfillment of 'Nothing with you, nothing without us'. The words spoken on behalf of the dedication of the picture – She is the great missionary, she will work miracles – have proved to be true in San Justo because she has conquered the hearts without any human interference, just as work of Divine Providence. Mary brings her Son in the Father and with the light of the Holy Spirit to all homes and families.

Father Kentenich said on behalf of the blessing of the Shrine in Florencio Varela: "...He who is a genuine Schoenstatt child, who believes that Schoenstatt is a work of God, is not worried by anything. On the contrary, the more bullets that fly around, the calmer he is. Let your child see miracles soon… We can be sure that the Mother of God wants to erect a monument of her might everywhere, and this monument will be the more glorious the fewer the human means that are at her disposal." The inhabitants of San Justo thank for all the love and the graces that she has given to them, with frequent pilgrimages to the wayside shrines and the Shrine of La Loma in Paraná, where the local family always receives us with great affection and love.

On May14, the Campaign in San Justo celebrated 14 years of its existence (founded on May 14, 1998); it has been growing since then not only in number of pictures (120) but also in spiritual depth. You see, this garden of Mary is germinating little by little; one day its scent will, with more intensity, penetrate the whole family."

"The Internet of Shrines" in Croatia

Soon, the 500th picture of the Pilgrim MTA will be sent out in Croatia. From there, the Pilgrim Mother has made her way to the neighboring countries: Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Slavonia, and Montenegro. New Schoenstatt groups have been founded in various new cities through the Campaign. Croatia does not yet have a Shrine. But the Schoenstatt family of Croatia is already working on a reality that was recently mentioned as a dream by a pilgrim from England: the "internet" of Shrines! The idea is that each parish where Schoenstatt is present has a "parish shrine" – a place where the members of the Schoenstatt family can pray individually or together before a picture of the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt. These Parish Shrines – wayside shrines, chapels, oratories, side altars in parish churches – network the home shrines. Fr. Christoph Horn: "The many Pilgrim Mother pictures bring the graces from the Shrine and for the Shrine – that so far only exists in our dreams – and unite us as family." Croatia meanwhile also has the first vocation for the Schoenstatt Fathers – on May 25, a youth from Slavonski Brod was accepted into the postulancy.

The Pilgrim Mother unites and heals wounds – a little miracle in Bosnia

The parish priest of a small town in Central Bosnia, Father Anto Peric, got to know Schoenstatt as a student. Later, he worked in Africa, then became the director of Caritas during the war in Bosnia, and afterwards was appointed parish priest of the Cathedral of Sarajevo – where he hosted the Pope! Now he is working in this parish near Maglai that was abandoned by his predecessors due to the terrible conflicts and tensions among the parishioners – heritage of the war. The Pilgrim Mother is there – creating unity and healing the wounds of the war. Father Anto already dreams of a Schoenstatt Shrine in Bosnia...

It began with one Pilgrim MTA…

The Schoenstatt Movement of Belo Horizonte in Brazil is anticipating with tremendous joy come October: on October 20, the cornerstone will be laid for the future Shrine, "Tabor of Freedom"; the blessing is scheduled for May 17, 2003. The Schoenstatt Movement in Belo Horizonte began with the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign 13 years ago. Today, there are Girls' Youth, Mothers' League, Family League, Single Women's League, and Marian Apostles. In the Archdiocese that covers other municipalities neighboring to Belo Horizonte, there are approximately 3,000 Pilgrim Mother pictures and inside Belo Horizonte City about 1,500.

October 18 in Formosa – "Diocesan Feast – Our Lady of Schoenstatt"

Next year, in 2003, the Campaign in Formosa, Argentina, will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its founding. During these years, the missionaries have carried out a great and fertile work, proved by the facts: as of this year, the diocesan calendar of Formosa established October 18 as "Diocesan Feast Day: Virgin of Schoenstatt".

The preparations for the celebration of the 10 years of the Campaign have already begun relates Vicky Bareiro, diocesan person in charge, in a letter directed to the National Advisor of the Campaign and Director of the Movement. "In my role as head of the Rosary Campaign of the Pilgrim Virgin of Schoenstatt in the diocese of Formosa and as representative of the missionaries of the Campaign, I turn to you with the purpose of informing you that on October 12, 2003, the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign in this province will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its founding. As it is a very important event for the missionaries and those who receive the Pilgrim Mother, who from the bottom of their hearts want to thank for all the graces received by the Blessed Mother and her Son on Formosan soil, we want to prepare for this "JUBILEE OF THE TEN YEARS" and we invite you to participate in some way during the month of October 2003".

"Rosary for Argentina"

The editor of the Catholic Weekly "Cristo Hoy" (Christ Today) invited the Campaign in Argentina to join a crusade "Rosary for Argentina" to be prayed in the entire country simultaneously. Christ Today will be in charge of the massive diffusion of this campaign and the infrastructure, asking the Campaign to assume the spiritual dimension and the specifics of this initiative. On the basis of a proposal to Christ Today and approved by the editors, this campaign will be done in stages, beginning with the families, then the parishes, and finally places, wayside shrines, and symbolic places of the country, far from every political connotation. The purpose is to consolidate what the missionaries already are doing, putting it to the service of the Church and society according to their own testimonies:

"Likewise, with equal intention I tell you that here in our community we have been praying on the third Friday of each month since September of 2001 (and we continue doing it), the 'Thousand Hail Marys' for our country and for world peace. It is not easy because this is a small town with few people, but we have not interrupted it in almost an entire year; it is developing with a great deal of happiness and responsibility". (Mariana Iglesias, General Acha, La Pampa)

"The Campaign invites all to pray the Holy Rosary for Argentina on July 9 at 3.00 in the gardens of the Institute Bignone, Haedo 1400, Vicente López". (Dorita Campos, San Isidro, Province of Buenos Aires)

"July 9 we will be praying the illuminated rosary in the Plaza Independencia at 5:00PM, begging for our country. I think that it will be published in Cristo Hoy." (Iris and Coco Ricciardi, Mendoza)

With the love of someone who knows to be "Open Shrine" for all

"Misiones, with its beautiful nature, will be a flourishing Paradise of Mary, " said Father Kentenich when visiting Oberá in September 1949. Some years later, on November 21, 1956, the "Shrine of January 20" was blessed there. Here already families, schools, and hospitals were visited with pictures of the MTA long before the first Pilgrim Mother picture arrived, brought from Brazil in 1984. Lily and José Fellermaier dedicated their life to the Campaign, assuming also the custody of the diocesan Auxiliary, the second one that was sent to Argentina from the Tabor Shrine in Santa Maria, Brazil.

José manufactures the pictures in his "Workshop Don Joao". Lily: "In the beginning we did not have skilled carpenters so their work did not satisfy until José with few tools started doing the first pictures of the Pilgrim Mother.

He began to also produce frames, almanacs, triptychs, photo frames, key rings… Already more than 800 pictures of the Pilgrim Mother were sent out from here, in addition to many others that went to other provinces. Lily is present each day in the "Pilgrims' Room" next to the Shrine, serving all those who arrive: missionaries or pilgrims, persons who come to the Shrine for the first time. She gives them explanations, offers an appropriate book from the lending library, a word of advice, a pamphlet or a picture, with the affection of someone who knows how to be "Open Shrine" for all... In addition to the "room," Lily is in charge of the distribution of clothes, food and all kinds of support to many impoverished persons. At the same time she offers spiritual support and teaches them to pray.

Month of Mary in the parishes

In the city of Sassenberg near Münster, Germany, Maria Schöne three years ago brought the first Peregrina to her parish; meanwhile, four Peregrinas are visiting the families. Prior to May, the month of Mary that often is not celebrated in German parishes any more, she and the other misioneras started to prepare a Marian May prayer service for the parish, using material prepared by Hna. Marié. To their surprise and joy, more than 80 persons attended. The Peregrinas were brought forward by 8 children, who also placed red roses by the Peregrinas. All were then invited to honor the Blessed Mother with a flower procession, songs, and prayers.

An apostle of the Pilgrim Mother always wants to conquer more hearts for the Peregrina. Sr Noemi Massaro, an Italian living and working in Germany, brought the first Peregrina to Aulendorf, Germany, and to Santerramo in Colle, Italy, her home town – both places today boasting a large number of Peregrinas. "I think there are over 100 Peregrinas visiting through my initiative," she said, "now also in parishes near Lake Constance!" On May 1, 2002, in the new parish where she works as a catechist since last year, 28 Peregrinas stood in the sanctuary for the May Opening! With a big smile she asked her parish priest, who begged for a Schoenstatt Sister to work in his parish for what he had experienced in his first parish with the Pilgrim Mother: "Don't you think it's time for a Schoenstatt wayside shrine?"

Hearts for the Blessed Mother

In Ecuador since some time the missioneries of the Pilgrim Mother are receiving Capital of Grace sheets with hearts, Tere Valarezo shared: "The other day I began to read the book written by Father Esteban Uriburu "Pilgrim and Messenger of the Blessed Mother" , and in the middle of the book I suddenly had an insight: The Campaign can't bear fruit of apostolate and grace if it is not supported by a spiritual foundation; I discovered that John Pozzobon did just this: to give hearts to Mary.

The Capital of Grace sheets that we prepared for the missionaries, in form of a heart, give ideas for contributions to the Capital of Grace: "Mass" however does not mean the Masses attended, but the Masses or Holy Communions offered for the families that receive our Pilgrim Mother. The same with rosary, with each contribution: what we always did, we have do for the families who receive the Pilgrim Mother; prayers, good deed, sacrifices, visits to the Shrine, it's all the same: We have to offer that for the families receiving the Pilgrim Mother as they are entrusted to the responsibility of the missionary.

Remembering the arrival of the Auxiliary for South Africa

It only takes a spark to light a fire… it only took one word to cause a "Niagara" of memories in seven mothers of the Federation and one Schoenstatt Sister from South Africa and Zimbabwe who recently visited Schoenstatt. The arrival of the Auxiliary for South Africa in the ‘80s, brought by Fr. Esteban Uriburu, was one of the key experiences for all of them, whether they actually worked as missionaries or not. "Whether we drove with five persons in the car for several hours from Johannesburg to Zimbabwe, or just for the short visits to the townships of Soweto, the Auxiliary always got her seat in the car," Sister Marian recalled, sharing the story when Fr Esteban, after arriving with the Auxiliary, taught her to get the car to the restricted area of the airport, "because you can't put the Blessed Mother on a trolley and drive her over the street to the parking place! And I only once opened the trunk of the car to put the box with the Auxiliary there – and never again! His lesson was clear – 'Sister, you might sit in the trunk, but not HER!' Thus he taught us that the Blessed Mother is visiting, not just a picture, and we never forgot that!" –Eight persons started to share episodes, quotes from talks and private conversation, with faces looking 20 years younger... All of them remembered something that had touched their life. Dylis Seeman shared that she never forgot what he said about soccer - the people in the field who play get hurt, some get seriously hurt, some even so seriously that they don't recover... and there are many others around - who are never hurt, but who are bystanders and don't participate in the game. This is about love - the game of love; getting hurt as the price of being part of the game... "It was the most beautiful week of my life," another woman added. "He presented the Campaign to us, and he understood that I was not yet at the point of becoming a missionary, but that I first needed to know and experience that God loves me personally. The Blessed Mother and he helped me to understand that in a tremendous way!" Marlene Peter, Tish Holding, and Sr. Marian shared about the visit of the Auxiliary with the poor black and colored people – at the times of apartheid in South Africa. "They all wanted to touch her, kissed her, and felt so privileged with her visit!"

"She continues to open routes everywhere"

A new place has opened for the Campaign, in the city of Tecka, 500 kilometers (315 miles) from Rawson and approximately 100 kilometers ( 62 miles) from Esquel, in Patagonia, Argentina. The frist Pilgrim Mother arrived there in December 2001, in April 2002 six pictures were sent from Rawson. They were blessed and given by a priest from Esquel, who once a week celebrates Holy Mass in Tecka. "The guarantee is that the person who began there and is responsible, is a missionary from Oberá, Misiones, knowing the Campaign; I guess she was at the school of the Schoenstatt Sisters', and her mother met Father Kentenich when she was a child," wrote Inés Epele, together with her husband, José Eduardo, responsible persons for the Campaign in Rawson. "In the area here, all is going fine. SHE continues to open routes everywhere. Puerto Madryn goes on with great enthusiasm, with life centered around the wayside shrine, high over the sea, that was blessed about 15 years ago by Father Esteban."

With the Auxiliary and the Pilgrim Mother to the schools of e Guayaquil

"I am coming back from a visit to the Colegio Nuevo Mundo school, with the Pilgrim Mother, together with Sister Consuelo, and other missionaries.

It was very nice, as well as in another schoo, IPAC, that we visited last week, wrote Tere Valarezo from Guayaquil. "We visited three schools in the quarter, and next Friday we'll go to the Equatorian-African Center, there are poor people who need Jesús and his Mother. In reality, it is Her who wants to go there, because 'casually', while visiting another school, we met one of the Fathers who leads this Center and asked us to come and bring her."

The 'Campaign in the schools" means to go with the Auxiliary to the school, and with the smaller picture of the Pilgrim Mother to each class room. This year the missionaries want to get students involved so that they are the ones who motivate the other children to be missionaries.

The Pilgrim Mother in Purley, England

Desde el mes de mayo, dos Peregrinas más visitan a las familias – tanto hispano parlantes como de habla inglesa – en la ciudad de Purley, cercana a Londres."With regard to the Campaign, all goes very well", informs Geraldine Tiscornia Kunc from Purley, England. "I am publishing an article each week in the Bulletin of the Parish and thanks God we found more friends of the Blessed Mother!" we have But seguidores of the Mater!" Since the month of May, two more pictures of the Pilgrim Mother are visiting the families – both Spanish and English speaking persons – in the city of Purley near London.

"A work of art! !!"

Since the Brothers of Mary started to sell the small pendants of the Pilgrim Mother, the demand has been impressive. Three missionaries from Colombia who came to Schoenstatt exhausted all the stock of the gift shop at Mount Schoenstatt. Some missionaries of Virginia and Arizona, USA, are giving the pendants to children when the Pilgrim Mother visits to the families. Already four hundred pendants were sent to Virginia and more than fifty to Arizona. But other missionaries from Denmark, Portugal, Argentina, United States, England and Paraguay ... privileged with the "first delivery" of the pendants, don't think of destining them only for the children!

Some echoes received from diverse countries: "All the persons to who I delivered the pendants remained totally fascinated and they commented how well-done they are", wrote Sally LeRoy, from Arizona, United States. "How beautiful the "little Pilgrim Mother", a work of art! What precision in all the details! Many thanks !",wrote Ana María Moyano of Buenos Aires, Argentina. A missionary of Sao Paulo , Brazil, Selma Cammarota, brought some pendants from her visit to Schoenstatt, but in the meantime has asked for more to be sent because everyone is fascinated with the pendants! From Purley, Geraldine Tiscornia Kunc shared about her daughter of four years: "Michelle its doing very well at school, already finishing the year, and carries with pride her pendant...not ready to have it removed for nothing of the world!" A young married couple from Chile, Lucía Fonck and John Griffith, who at that time worked in Washington DC, USA, also felt extremely attracted by the pendant. They visited Schoenstatt during a tour of Europe. For Lucía, missionary of the Pilgrim Mother, one of the most valuable gifts was to pray the rosary in the Original Shrine at the same hour as her prayer group of the Campaign in Washington – united to all them from this place Of special graces. "I love the Pilgrim Mother", she expressed, "and I tell everyone that she works miracles because I could experience it personally. While I do chores or when I am alone, I speak permanently with her, also my children. She is present there with us…".

Contributions:: Amelia Tommasone, San Justo, Argentina; P. Christoph Horn, Horw, Switzerland; Don Blan, Dallas, USA; Maria Schöne, Sassenberg, Germany; Elfrida y Djalmo Almeida, Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Inés Epele, Rawson, Argentina; Geraldine Tiscornia Kunc, Purley, England; Tere Bourne de Valarezo, Guayaquil, Ecuador, Ana María Moyano, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Mariana Iglesias, General Acha, Argentina; Sally LeRoy, Arizona, USA.

English edition: Joan Biemert,New Franken/WI, USA

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