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Bishop José Ivo Lorscheiter, diocese of Santa Maria, commemorates in a newspaper article the anniversary of John Pozzobon's death on June 27, 2002 – Three-day preparation in Santa Maria, June 24 – June 26

Don João Pozzobon con la Peregrina Original en el Santuario Orginal, Schoenstatt
John Pozzobon with the Original Pilgrim Mother in the Original Shrine, Schoenstatt
João Pozzobon mit der 'Peregrina Original' im Urheiligtum, Schönstatt
Dom Ivo Lorscheiter, obispo de Santa Maria
Bishop Ivo Lorscheiter, diocese of Santa Maria
Bischof Ivo Lorscheiter von Santa Maria
Peregrinación al Santuario Tabor, Santa Maria, la cuna y fuente de gracias de la Campaña
Pilgrimage to the Tabor Shrine, Santa Maria, cradle and wellspring of graces of the Campaign
Wallfahrt zum Tabor-Heiligtum, Santa Maria, Wiege und Gnadenquelle der Kampagne
Tumba de Don João Pozzobon, cemeterio "Santa Rita"
Tomb of John Pozzobon, cemetery "St. Rita"
Grab von Don João Pozzobon auf dem Friedhof "Santa Rita"
Chicos en Argentina, con imágenes de la Virgen Peregrina, del Padre, y de Don Joao
Children in a town of Argentina, with a picture of the Pilgrim Mother, Father Kentenich, and John Pozzobon
Kinder in Argentinien mit einem Bild der Pilgernden Gottesmutter, von Pater Kentenich, und Joao Pozzobon
140.000 km con la Virgen Peregrina...
140,000 km with the Pilgrim Mother
140.000 km mit der Pilgernden
Casa de Don João Pozzobon
House of John Pozzobon
Haus von Joao Pozzobon
Tumba de Don Joao
Tomb of John Pozzobon
Grab von Joao Pozzobon
Fotos: Arendes, Mang, Badano, Archiv © 2002

BRAZIL, Fr. Argemiro Ferracioli/mkf. On June 23, the newspaper "A Razão" published an article written by the bishop of Santa Maria, Ivo Lorscheiter, on behalf of the upcoming anniversary of the death of John Pozzobon's death ­a simple man, father of seven, who in the year 1950, assumed the mission to take an image of the Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen of Schoenstatt to families so that they could pray the rosary together. This was the humble beginning of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign of the Pilgrim Mother that today reaches out to more than 85 countries. The city of Santa Maria became thus the cradle for this new and original initiative. John Pozzobon assumed this task and for the following 35 years until his death made it his personal mission. He walked more than 140,000 km (85,000 miles) with this image. He took the Blessed Mother to homes, hospitals, schools, and jails, bringing people closer to her. Today John Pozzobon is known all over the world. In Santa Maria, the anniversary of his death will be celebrated with a pilgrimage from his house to the Tabor Shrine, followed by a Holy Mass celebrated at the hour when he used to attend the daily Mass there. On June 24, a three-day preparation began.

Early on the morning of June 27, 1985 ­ the centenary of Father Kentenich's birth, deacon John Louis Pozzobon was run over by a truck, in midst of a thick fog, while heading towards the Shrine of Our Lady of Schoenstatt to attend to Mass, as he did each day. His tomb is in Santa Maria by his two wives (Teresa died in 1933, and Victoria in 1979), as he had wished: "I want to be buried on the cemetery of Santa Rita, together with my two wives, with whom I lived long years of a married life; they were faithfully at my side, accompanying me in this mission, and together with them I could get to devote my life to my 'third wife', the holy mission and task of the Campaign."

Bishop Ivo Lorscheider: "It also depends on us..."

In view of the 17th anniversary of the death of the Servant of God John Pozzobon, Bishop Ivo Lorscheiter (who on June 28, 1985, came from Brasilia to preside the funeral Mass for John Pozzobon), wrote:

"On June 27, come Thursday, we will celebrate another anniversary of the death of Permanent Deacon João Louis Pozzobon, victim of a car accident when he early in the morning crossed the road to attend his daily Holy Mass. As we know, this happened on 1985; on December 12, 1994, in Santa Maria, the Canonical Process of Beatification and Canonization was opened. Therefore, we can call him Servant of God. Many steps have been taken since then, most of all with the formal testifying of the numerous witnesses who knew him and gave evidence of his heroical virtues. At the beginning of this year, Schoenstatt Father Argemiro Pedro Ferracioli was transferred to Santa Maria; with enthusiasm, he picked up the office of a Postulator of the Causa, efficiently pushing ahead the various steps still missing.

For a Process of Beatification, required are the following objects: First, the testimony of persons who are to verify the virtues of the Candidate; second the testimony of God who works a miracle on the candidate's intercession.

The faithful are asked for much prayer that God may show his Holy Will. To this end, the Postulator is distributing a beautiful brochure with the picture of the Servant of God, his biographical dates, and a special prayer. The entire process will also depend on us, on our prayers and our communication with the Postulation, Calle Fioravante Spiazzi, 1530, Teléfono: 55 (*country code) (55) 221.1092".

A Man of Apostolate, Prayer, and Peace

On December 12, 1994, the bishop of Santa Maria, Monsignor Ivo Lorscheiter, started the official cause of beatification, and the ecclesiastical tribunal was constituted to examine the life of John Pozzobon. In the funeral Mass, he had found spoken about John Pozzobon's "…long life, apparently simple, but marvelously great and fruitful in the kingdom of God." He called him a "man of apostolate", "man of prayer", and "man of peace."

Three-day Preparation and Anniversary

In Santa Maria, Deacon Ubaldo Alves Pimentel (John Pozzobon's successor in his mission to carry the Pilgrim Mother to families, hospitals, schools, and jails in and around Santa Maria), Fr. Francisco Bianchini (parish priest of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, where John Pozzobon attended Mass each Sunday with his family), and Fr. Argemiro Ferracioli, invite all to unite for a Three-Day preparation and the actual celebration of the 17th anniversary of John Pozzobon's death on come June 27th.

During the three days – June 24, 25, and 26 – the rosary is prayed in the house of John Pozzobon that is now a museum.

On June 27, anniversary of his death, at 6:00 AM a pilgrimage will start from John Pozzobon's House to the Tabor Shrine - following the last way that Don Joao walked in his life on earth. In the light of the events one can see that his wish – "even when I am dead I want to do a last pilgrimage with the people" – becomes reality with each group that pilgrims to these lands of Santa Maria.

Before leaving his house, John Pozzobon used to pray: "Mary, Mother and Queen, my heart is yours. Guard it so it will not offend Jesus. If during this day or this night I will die, let me die in peace in your arms. And if I live, let me be an instrument of your peace!"

The pilgrimage will culminate in the Holy Mass celebrated in the Tabor Shrine at the hour of the Mass that John Pozzobon attended daily – the Mass that he was heading for when he was hit by the truck on that foggy morning of June 27, 1985.In the afternoon, at 3:00PM, a moment of prayer and meditation will take place by his tomb.

Known all over the World

During his visit to Argentina, soon before his death, John Pozzobon said: "I do repeat the words that I said in the Shrine in Santa Maria, together with the pilgrims: I accompany you and give my life that this Campaign, from this strong beginning, can become worldwide. I do not withdraw this word. I am with you, thank you."

Today, John Pozzobon is known and appreciated all over the world, a Schoenstatt Sister of Mary from Brazil wrote, adding her wish that many would commemorate the anniversary of his death and spiritually join the prayers and celebrations in Santa Maria.

On June 29, the Saturday next to the anniversary, hundreds of missionaries of the Campaign in Argentina will unite in the Metropolitan Cathedral in Buenos Aires to celebrate another anniversary of John Pozzobon's death. The rosary will be said before the Blessed Sacrament, and in the Holy Mass, they will surrender themselves again, together with John Pozzobon, to the Blessed Mother – like each year. The important day of June 27 will be celebrated around hundreds of wayside shrines in the entire country.

John Pozzobon is one of the six Schoenstatt members in process of canonization, along with the founder, Father Kentenich. The life of John Pozzobon is, like that of these other spiritual sons and daughters of the founder, a testimony – with original charismatic features – for the Covenant of Love and the mission of the Founder.

The "poor John" never gave up; he rose repeatedly, and in good, as in bad times, he was convinced: "Love conquers all!"

John Pozzobon, tireless apostle of the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt, in his person united a life of contemplation with extraordinary and fruitful action. His life is fruit of Schoenstatt, nourished from the wellspring of the Tabor Shrine, and of Father Kentenich, whose "small student" he wanted to be and for whom he gave all. His life bears witness that a person who lives out of Schoenstatt's resources can mature to a high degree of holiness, giving an answer for the church and world of the future.

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