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Bike ride Pilgrimage from Trier to Schoenstatt: One just can't Stop Talking about it!

Seminar for Public Relations and Press Work marked by the memories of an unforgettable Experience of Community

Bike ride pilgrimage from Trier to Schoenstatt: an unforgettable community experience.
Fahrradwallfahrt von Trier nach Schönstatt: unvergessliches Gemeinschaftserlebnis
Rest stop
Wohlverdiente Pause
The proud group of bike ride pilgrims
Die stolze Gruppe der Fahrradwallfahrer
Reiner Eichenberg - co-organizer
Reiner Eichenberg, Mitorganisato
Relaxing with songs and a good glass of Moselle wine
Entspannung mit Liedern und einem guten Glas Moselwein
A rose for Sr. Anne-Meike
Eine Rose für Sr. Anne-Meike
Ringing the bell in Schoenstatt!
Willkommensläuten in Schönstatt
Fotos: Eichenberg © 2002

GERMANY, Maria Engler/mkf. "And do you remember how we finally reached the top of the hill?" "Yesterday my husband and I found ourselves talking about the bike ride pilgrimage during the barbecue party; we talk about it every day!" And they talked about it in each free minute during the seminar for Schoenstatt Public Relations and Press Work that took place on June 8, 2002, in the Schoenstatt Center in Trier, for the leaders of the Schoenstatt Mothers' League of the diocese of Trier. Two weeks before, members of the Schoenstatt Mothers' League, some of them accompanied by their husbands, and some others who took this as their first-time Schoenstatt experience, had made a four-day bike ride pilgrimage from Trier to Schoenstatt, covering more than 60 Kilometers (37 miles) on three of the days and approximately 50 (31 miles) on the fourth day.

Life enkindles life no proof was necessary for this "gospel truth" that Sr. Kornelia (Press Office Schoenstatt) proclaimed at the beginning of the seminar about Schoenstatt Press Work. The experiences of the recent bike ride pilgrimage were shared in each free minute and also in between. "Our Pilgrimage must be on!" At the end of the first unit of the seminar this was clear: Each one got one page of the magazine with the condensed print version of the articles published on The task was to read and then share: Which fact did I learn about that I feel is important? Which motivation or inspiration do I take from these articles for myself, my work in the branch or in Schoenstatt? What does it mean to know that our bishop reads this magazine?

Press Seminar: Working with the magazine edited by Press Office Schoenstatt - information, motivation from Schoenstatt life!
Arbeit mit "Schönstatt Aktuell"beim Presseseminar in Trier: Aha-Erlebnisse, Anregung, Ideen aus dem Schönstattleben

Ideas and Inspirations

Life enkindles life: after reading the articles about the Schoenstatt events of April and early May, a special atmosphere of awe, joy, creativity, and mission zeal reigned. "Knowing that all of the presentations in the theater in Paraguay about Father Kentenich's life played to a full house makes me decide to read more about Father Kentenich and get to know him better," one of the mothers said. Another one was excited with the idea from Puerto Rico: parents were invited to dedicate their children to the Blessed Mother on the anniversary of nine-year-old Joseph Kentenich's dedication to her. "We should do that in Schoenstatt, before our bishop decided to do it in the cathedral, it is such a beautiful idea," the "protagonist" of this project explained. The report about the commitment of a couple to a lost village in the province of Mendoza and their testimony of having first offered their friendship to the people made another mother suggest to focus on how one could better offer one's friendship first and then invitations to meetings. Maria Engler loved the term "Open Shrine," and another mother felt inspired by the rosary offered during the month of May in the Shrine in La Paz, Bolivia. Another one was proud to know that a Schoenstatt priest who died in the concentration camp in Dachau, Heinrich König, will be honored by the city of Gelsenkirchen who will name a big square after him. And the general consent: "Others will surely be inspired by our bike ride pilgrimage" and on went the sharing!!!

Uphill and Downhill like in real life!

In mid-May, 18 persons had set out from Trier to ride the 240 Kilometers (SR K HERE AGAIN CAN YOU TRANSLATE INTO MILES?) from Trier to Schoenstatt along the Moselle. One of the participants said: "It was riding uphill and downhill, along straight and winding streets. It was like in real life!" The community experience was tremendous and grew with each of the 240 kilometers (TRANSLATION?)of the route, as the participants were heading towards Schoenstatt. The first day already tested the readiness of the participants heavy rain drenched them to the skin! "Think of this as an adventure!" Afterwards, it's so much more to share than if all had worked out picture-perfect. The gratitude for the gradually improving weather conditions was obvious!

The days started with a morning meditation and ended with a Holy Mass after arriving. The mothers can't stop to share about the astonishment of one parish priest with this invasion! Also sort of an apostolate.

Ulrike and Reiner Eichenberg she is the responsible leader of the Koblenz district planned the route, worried a bit whether all would make it without accident, and were happy to see the spirited group. During lunch time and coffee break at the seminar, the mothers took turns sharing the best adventures of the tour, like one of them being accidentally locked in the house while the others already started! It is obvious the community-building effect of such an endeavor is tangible (and audible!).

Combining Physical and Spiritual Fitness

"I liked the way of combining physical and spiritual fitness," one of the bike pilgrims said. "I am relaxed like after a long vacation." The husbands of the Schoenstatt mothers who joined in the pilgrimage had important roles in view of exploring the route, riding at the end to make sure that nobody was left behind and enjoyed getting to know the friends of their wives and what moves those with whom they share time, commitment, and spiritual growth.

It was a special moment when the group arrived in Schoenstatt and the first husband to reach the Shrine started to ring the bell!

The mothers are convinced that this experience must be repeated next year and they are willing to give advice to all who want to try something like their unforgettable bike ride pilgrimage to Schoenstatt.

English edition: Joan Biemert, New Franken, WI, USA

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