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"Pentecost is the Schoenstatt Feastday – Open the Doors and Share!"

Schoenstatt Pentecost Impressions

Pentecost of Colors and vitality: Polish children from Wuppertal turning Schoenstatt into a playground
Pfingsten der Farben und Dynamik: Polnische Kinder verwandeln Schönstatt in einen Spielplatz
A break to play and share: young people from the Polish Mission in Wuppertal; the families had Mass, benediction, sending out of Pilgrim Mother pictures, tours of Schoenstatt
Pause zum Reden: Jugendliche der polnischen Mission Wuppertal; die Familien hatten Messe, Andacht, Aussendung von Bildern der Pilgermutter, Führung in der Missionsausstellung
Monsignor Arlindo Mombach, and his niece, from Brasilia, Brazil, with Sr. Simone and children who also wanted to be on the picture
Msgr. Arlindo Mombach und seine Nichte aus Brasilia, Brasilien, mit Schwester Simone und Kindern, die auf dem Kirchplatz spielten
Original Shrine with Pentecostal flag on Pentecost
Urheiligtum mit pfingstlicher Fahne am Pfingstsonntag
Original Shrine on Pentecost, decorated in Pentecostal red, always filled with pilgrims
Urheiligtum am Pfingstsonntag, in pfingstlichem Rot, immer gefüllt mit Betern
A Pentecostal Experience: Hermann Arendes, long-time companion of John Pozzobon, was invited by the Austrians to share about his experiences
Pfingsterlebnis: Hermann Arendes, langjähriger Begleiter von Don João Pozzobon, war bei den Österreichern zum Erzählen eingeladen
Fotos: POS, Fischer © 2002
Historical photo: John Pozzobon with Hermann Arendes during his visit to Schoenstatt, 1979
Historisches Foto: Don Don João Pozzobon mit Herrn Arendes bei seinem Besuch in Schönstatt, 1979
Foto: Archiv Marienbrüder, Hug © 2002
Symbol of the light, strenght and energy granted by the Holy Spirit
Symbol für das Licht, die Kraft und Energie als Geschenk der Heiligen Geistes

SCHOENSTATT, mkf. After a day of rain and gray skies, Schoenstatt was gilded by bright sunshine on Pentecost and the Monday after, "Pentecost Monday", public holiday in Germany. Individual visitors, a pilgrimage of the Polish Mission in Wuppertal, the Schoenstatt Girls' Youth and the residents of Schoenstatt enjoyed the Pentecostal liturgies and the "beautiful place" of Schoenstatt.

Just on time for Pentecost, the "Fountain of the Seven Sacraments" in front of the Adoration Church was set up to work after the long winter break and a necessary repair of the water pipes. Sparkling in the bright sunlight, the jet of water may have reminded many of dynamic strength given by the Holy Spirit – the strength that urged the apostles to open the doors and share, moved by the Spirit.

A Schoenstatt Pentecost Experience

"Blessed Pentecost! This is the Schoenstatt Feastday, open the doors and share," said Father Michael Schapfel, celebrant of the Pentecost Mass in the Adoration Church. Both on Sunday and Monday, after Mass the place in front of the Church was filled with people who stayed and greeted friends. Teresita Cabral, and her daughter Teresita Binnar from Paraguay joyfully greeted some young people from their country who spend a longer time in Schoenstatt. Teresita Binnar: "Thirteen years ago I was a 'Mädchen' in Missionshaus, it is so beautiful to come back and meet some of the sisters who were there when I was there!" Her mother recalled the experiences of the first pilgrimage of Schoenstatt mothers from Argentina to Schoenstatt, in 1998, that she and another woman from Paraguay joined in. "But it was totally different now; I have the impression that these three days were much more intensive than the 11 days then. I had time to be where I wanted to be, to pray for hours in the Original Shrine… A special time of grace!"

Faithfully Remembering the Experience with Father Kentenich

A group from Portugal came on a surprise visit, a girl from Mexico made her Covenant of Love on Pentecost, some people from Chile enjoyed a Pentecost time in Schoenstatt. Monsignor Alindo Mombach, from Brasilia, Brazil, came to Schoenstatt together with his niece. As a Marist brother, he got to know Father Kentenich during his visits to Brazil, and participated in the retreat that Father Kentenich gave to the Marist Brothers – keeping the notes from these talks up to today as his personal guideline of life. His niece also met Father Kentenich when he gave a talk for the girls of the school that she attended. Monsignor Mombach, 85 years old, became a priest in 1972, and joined the Schoenstatt Priests' Federation.

On Pentecost morning, the Schoenstatt Girls' Youth who had their foot pilgrimage to Schoenstatt the day before, made a procession – carrying their flags - from House Sonnenau to the Adoration Church, the tomb of Father Kentenich. On the way, they prayed for the Holy Spirit to come to the Girls Youth of the dioceses present, and each diocese group then sang their favorite song. During a short prayer time in the Founder Chapel, each girl received a picture of the tabernacle in the Sonnenau house chapel.

Pilgrimage of the Polish Mission in Wuppertal

On Pentecost Monday, a bus came from Wuppertal, about 2 hours driving distance from Schoenstatt, with families belonging to the Polish Mission in Wuppertal. It was their Pentecost pilgrimage. The Pilgrim Mother is visiting Polish families in Wuppertal. While the adults had their program, the children made the whole area around Missionshouse and Mother House their playground!

The pilgrims from Vienna – a group of about 30 persons – on Pentecost invited Br. Arendes to share about his experiences with Don João Pozzobon.

The Original Shrine with its Pentecostal flower decoration was a real Cenacle during these days, always filled with pilgrims who came to celebrate Pentecost with Mary: "Open our souls for the Spirit of God, that he may change the course of the world!"

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