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An evening in the Schoenstatt Center of Waldstetten

Crossroads: Young people met in Waldstetten to learn more about how to decide.
Crossroads: Unter diesem Titel trafen sich junge Leute in Waldstetten, um über Entscheidungen nachzudenken
Discussion in a small group on decision-making.
Austausch in Kleingruppen über Entscheidungsfindung
Foto: Hernadi © 2002

GERMANY, Arno Hernadi. An evening for young adults on the theme "Crossroads – Decisions for your life" started on the 15th of March in the Schoenstatt Center Waldstetten (Diocese of Freiburg).

The Schoenstatt youth sponsored the event that took place at the same time as the popular yearly adoration-week. It was a surprise to find 40 young adults in the conference room that was creatively decorated for the event.

Beginning the talk on decisions each person shared about one important decision that they would have to undertake and laid added a piece to the symbolic representation in the middle of the group. young people need to make in the general life’s journey. This material was laid out to be a representation of life situations: One must decide for themselves the kind of education they will have, another to decide whether to leave the house of parents. A third shared the stress in having to confront a friend. These situations were taken to the Mass, so that one could see Schoenstatt’s aspect in the "God for life" and could be offered.

After mass, in order to intensify and speak deeper on the theme, we divided the large group into many smaller discussion groups. First we enjoyed a snack in order to better get to know each other before diving deeper into the theme.

The official end of the night was at 10:30, which meant that the Schoenstatt center was to become quiet. Instead: Many spirit filled songs were song from the "blue songbook" (the famous songbook of the Schoenstatt boys’ youth) deep into the night.

Translation: Cousett Ruelas, Austin, Texas, USA

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