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A Time for Pilgrimage and Renewal Searching an Experience of Being Near to God

Lent Activities in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

March 24, Palm Sunday: Approximately 600 pilgrims came to celebrate one of the most important feasts of the Lent and Easter season by the Shrine in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
24. März 2002, Palmsonntag: mehr als 600 Pilger kamen zur Feier eines der wichtigsten Feste der österlichen Zeit zum Heiligtum von Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrated in and near by the Shrine: an example of faithfulness
Goldene Hochzeit, Feier im und nahe beim Heiligtum: ein Beispiel der Treue
Palm Sunday: Procession
Palmsonntag: Prozession
Palm Sunday: Procession from the Shrine towards the Pilgrims' Center
Palmsonntag: Prozession vom Heiligtum zum Pilgerzentrum
Holy Mass during one of the many pilgrimages during Lent
Heilige Messe bei einer der zahlreichen Wallfahrten in der Fastenzeit
Vocational Weekend for young women
Berufungswochenende für junge Frauen
Foto: Sr. Teresa Blaquier, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico © 2002

PUERTO RICO, Sr. Teresa Blaquier. The Lenten season in Puerto Rico is filled with activities. It is one of the most important seasons for the people of this island in the Carribean Sea. It's a time for pilgrimage and renewal with up to four busloads of pilgrims visiting the Shrine in Canp Rojo each day. The special Days of the Holy Week are

During the time of Lent many pilgrims come to visit the shrine. The parishes organize pilgrimages and come with two, three, sometimes even four bus loads of pilgrims, people in search of a prayerful experience, an experience of being near to God, to the Blessed Mother... an experience of joy and peace. Over 150 pilgrims came on one day from San Juan, the capital. One of the pilgrimages came with the idea of 'Reconciliation', to forgive one another and start again. They had lunch, a small introduction talk about the Shrine was given to them, and finally they prayed in small groups the Stations of the Cross. When they were leaving, they said very joyfully: "Sister, this place is like heaven touching earth!" This is what the Blessed Mother wants to offer to all who come in search of her.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Celebrated in the Shrine

On March 22, 2002 the 50th Wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, the parents of a Schoenstatt Sister of Mary, was celebrated at the Schoenstatt Shrine in Cabo Rojo. It was a day of great joy. A feast of faithfulness and love. The festive Holy Mass was celebrated by Father Fernando Palacios. Fifty years of faithfulness would sure not be self-understood in this time, he emphasized. Their life of   perseverance, he said, made them become a great example for their four daughters. All of them could be present for this festive day and celebrate it with their parents. The festive Holy Mass was followed at the Retreat Center sharing some refreshments.

Vocation Retreat and Ladies' Retreat

March 22 - 24, 2002: Eight young ladies came to stay for two days at the Schoenstatt Shrine at Cabo Rojo in order to discern one of the most important decisions in their lives, the decision of their personal vocation. They were a happy group, yet very deep, open and receptive. They were filled with the spirit of the Shrine, the Blessed Mother, our Father and Founder and our Schoenstatt Mission.

At the same time that there was a Vocation Retreat in Cabo Rojo, there was also a Ladies retreat. They shared together during their meals and also the Holy Eucharist. The Ladies had a very good experience and at the closing of the weekend they composed a poem which they read to the Blessed Mother in the shrine. They went home with a very beautiful, peaceful and joyful experience hoping to be able to come back!

Palm Suday - A Feast with 600 persons at the Schoenstatt Land in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.

Palm Sunday is a very important feast in Puerto Rico. Many people gather to pray together. At the Schoenstatt Center in Cabo Rojo, around 600 people got together to celebrate Palm Sunday. The celebration started by the shrine, where palm branches were offered. The Priest blessed them, and the procession started from the shrine towards the pilgrim Center. Songs appropriate for the occasion were sung and when all the people were gathered inside the pilgrim center, a festive Holy Mass started. After holy Mass many people visited the shrine  and went back home filled with a  grace-filled experience.

Holy Thursday Day of Reflection

On Holy Thursday almot 100 persons joined in an open day of reflection at the Schoenstatt Shrine in Cabo Rojo. Many different activities were offered to them. It started around 8:30 in the morning where the people came, had a snack and went to the conference room. There, Sr. M. Veronica welcomed the people and gave an introduction talk. Two conferences were offered during the morning by Sr. Iraida and Sr. Taqui. After the conferences a professional singer performed some beautiful songs for the people. They really enjoyed this presentation! After a morning filled with much to meditate about, the people went to the cafeteria of the Pilgrim Center in which they enjoyed a lunch.

After lunch, the participants, in smaller groups, could pray the Stations of the Cross outside, join in a meditation about the meaning of Holy Thursday, or have adoration at the Shrine.

The day finished with Holy Mass at 3pm. After that, people were offered a snack before they left home. One of them said: "It was really a filled day, now we go home with many gifts and graces from the shrine and from the sisters!"


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