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On Pilgrimage through Belgium a Picture Given by Father Kentenich

The "Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt" Among the Pilgrim Virgins in Belgium

BELGIUM, Anie Mulhall. Since October 2001, a picture of the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt (MTA) is among the various pictures of different Marian devotions that are on a pilgrimage through the dioceses of Belgium up to September 2002. The Schoenstatt picture is one that was originally a gift of Father Kentenich to a German priest.

The beginning of the MTA picture's envolvement in the Belgium pilgrimage are three e-mails to Anie Mulhall: "In spring 2001, I received some mails from three different persons through which I felt the Lord was calling me to action. The first one was from a "Sister Michaela" who takes care of the poor children in the Philippines. The second was from a friend who takes care of the children in southern France who sent me her newsletter called "The Morning Star". And the third one was another newsletter from a friend who takes care of the Pilgrim Virgins in Belgium, and also called "The Morning Star".

Through all this, I understood that the Blessed Mother wanted to visit her children through the pilgrim virgins movement in Belgium and that I had to speak with Sister Michéla, the Schoenstatt Sister in Cambrai, France!

A Surprise Gift: A Picture Donated by the Founder

Anie Mulhall then called sister Michéla and told her the story. At first, she was skeptical and did not seem to be willing to mix Our Lady of Schoenstatt with the other virgins; however, she went to Schoenstatt and talked about it there. On her return, she brought a large picture of our MTA, crowned. She said that the picture had been a gift of Father Kentenich to a priest. He and his family had died and the picture came back to Schoenstatt. She offered it to Anie Mulhall saying that it was for the pilgrimage through Belgium and that later on she was hoping that the Blessed Mother would find her permanent place at SHAPE (the International military base of the Supreme Headquarter of the Allied Powers in Europe), in Maisières, where Anie works for the chapel.

Pilgrimage from House to House

Anie Mulhall called Pierre Andre who is responsible for the pilgrim Virgins in the diocese and he told her that the MTA could start her pilgimage in October: "What better month to start a trip!!! "

On the 14th of September, feast of the Glorious Cross, the MTA was in the home of Françis Tonglet, in Mons for an evening of prayer at the foot of the cross. On Sunday September 16th, she joined other images of the Blessed Mother among whom Our Lady of France in the Church of St Géry in Baudour (near Mons). All the images of the Blessed Mother were gathering to celebrate the crowning of Our Lady of Sorrow. It is under a heavy shower that the statues left the Church to be carried in procession through the city. Our Mother Thrice Admirable was carried by Anie Mulhall at the end of the Procession, right before Our Lady of France mounted on the top of a car. She was presented to the citizens as the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt and was applaused by everyone.

Prayers for Peace in the World - in the Chapel of SHAPE

On the 30th of September, she started her pilgrimage from house to house. On the 3rd of October, wake of Joseph Engling's death anniversary, she was in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel of the International Military Base of the Supreme Headquarter of the Allied Powers in Europe (SHAPE) in Maisières. Soldiers and their families came to pray and ask her intercession for peace and harmony in the world. Anie Mulhall gave to the persons present a brief talk on Schoenstatt and Joseph Engling. A rosary was prayed immediately followed by a Mass celebrated by Father Wahl, German military chaplain. Later on during the month our MTA was invited to U.S families homes.

Since the beginning of her pilgrimage until the end of November, Our MTA visited 52 families inviting each between 8 and 35 people. She is continuing her pilgrimage through Belgium wherever she is called and we are sure that many graces will be poured over our country through the year until September 2002 when she will end her pilgrimage. Already some people have expressed the desire to keep her image in their home and ask her intercession.

From: Le Lien, Magazine of the Schoenstatt Movement in France

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