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"She'll Continue to Open doors for all those who need to find the Way to God and the Blessed Mother…"

Testimonies received after the announcement of Sr. Erika's death

December 29, 2000: The Holy Father greets Sr. Erika on his arrival by the Schoenstatt Shrine in Rome.
29. Dezember 2000: Der Heilige Vater begrüßt Sr.Erika bei seiner Ankunft am Schönstattheiligtum in Rom.
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One of the many meetings of Schoenstatt groups by the Shrine
Eines der vielen Schönstatt-Treffen beim römischen Heiligtum
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ORIGINAL Schoenstatt, mkf: "We did not know her, but María Rosario, our eldest daughter knew her, as she met her when she was in Schoenstatt and Rome with the Girls' Youth. From what she described, she must have been very nice, a loving person, a small Mary..." – Gustavo Barrios Gutiérrez aus Ayinrehue, Chile,is one of many Schoenstatt members who spontaneously reacted to the death announcement - Sr. Erika died on Candlemas Day. These testimonies give an idea of the mission of this Schoenstatt Sister who for many belonged to Rome like St.Peter's.

"I remember like yesterday: it was a Tuesday afternoon, I sat in the Shrine in Rome and had finally not succeeded in getting a ticket for the audience. A Sister came in and asked, whether I had one. I said, no, and then she gave me one. A place with direct view of the Holy Father. I never forgot this moment in the Shrine."

Ulrike Much, Dornstadt, Germany, Women's Federation

Thank you for the news.

I did not know Sister Erika but I will pray
specially for the repose of her soul tomorrow. I am sure that after so many
years at the service of Our MTA and our Lord, the door of Heaven will be
opened for her and she will be welcome with open arms by Father Kentenich
and Sister Emilie and all the Schoenstatt members who preceded her there.
All my condolances and prayers.

Anie Mulhall, Belgium

From Victoria, Canada…

receive our sympathy and prayers that God takes her in to his Glory.
Martin Lluis-O'Hara, Canada

Sr. Erika was wonderful ...

When the girls youth went to Rome for World Youth Day I especially remember meeting her she had so much life it seemed she was not a day older than all the youth that had gathered at the shrine in Rome.

Cousett Ruelas Austin, Texas, USA, Schoenstatt Girls' Youth

We are sorry for the death of Sr. Erika.

We did not know her in person, but knew about her work in Rome for all the pilgrims. When in 1997 we were in Schoenstatt and Rome with a group of pilgrims, Fr. Carmona and Sr. Cristvera, Sr. Erika made all the contacts in the Vatican for us. May the Father take her at his side for ever.

Norma and Lito Barbieri, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Family Movement

"We did not know her…

but María Rosario, our eldest daughter knew her, as she met her when she was in Schoenstatt and Rome with the Girls' Youth. From what she described, she must have been very nice, a loving person, a small Mary..." Our sympathy mixes with our joy in Sr. Erika's leave for the eternal Schoenstatt.

Gustavo Barrios Gutiérrez, Temuco, Chile

In this historic moment

That our dear Sr Erika is enjoying for ever the presence of the Father, I want to unite with the entire Schoenstatt family.

On June 9, 1991,when I first visited Rome at the time when the corner stone was laid for our Shrine in Rosario, Argentina, the now Cardinal Francisco Javier Errazuriz introduced me to Sr. Erika in the Shrine in Rome. It was right there where she told me about the return of Father Kentenich from Exile in Milwaukee, and afterwards, she invited me to join her for a visit in the Generalate of the Pallottines, where the tomb of Vincent Pallotti is to be found.

There, she showed me all the riches of this house and shared the moments lived there by our Father. Then, she took me to a little MTA chapel near the room of Vincent Pallotti and together with me gave a flower crown to the MTA – as she did each weak, part of a promise that I did not know but was privileged to share. This was for me an enourmous gift of the MTA and our Father and Founder. Thank you, Sr. Erika, and may you vor ever enjoy the presence of God.

Joaquín Lavini, Rosario, Argentina, Institute of the Families

My talk with her during the October Week two years ago

conveyed the impression of an incredibly dynamic and flexible woman. She lived out of a mission consciousness that was a constant impulse. I admire her decisiveness and determination, her commitment for others... In the conversation I had the impression to speak with a relatively young person, not with one who was approaching 90 years… How many young people don’t have the power that this Sister had!"

Ingrid Springer, Haltern, Germany, Academics

Dear Sister Erika,

the two of us were, without knowing about each other, in 1975 in Rome, as young people who experienced and "walked" the City. Unforgettable experiences that accompanied us throughout all these years.

Together with the Federation of Families we returned to Rome Easter 1998 as family, with our three children. In gratitude we can say now that it was a pilgrimage that marked our lives in a special and profound way. The very personal encounters with you, and your care, were so good for us. We want to thank you for that today: Heartfelt thanks! May you, united with our Mother and at the hand of our Father from now on intercede for the entire Schoenstatt Family. We trust your influential intercession and ask for the heavenly peace for you, in the presence of the Eternal Father.

Michael and Monika Schulte, Oberhausen, Germany, Federation of Families

A little sign of love from above for Sr Erika.

She was privileged to return to the Eternal Father on Candlemas day, she, who had worked so much for the Candlemas Vision of the Church regarding our Father. She did in the heart of the church. And how many daring coups did she work out for Schoenstatters in the Vatican. With her, and with her co-sisters, the Cor Ecclesiae Shrine in Rome was a home for many pilgrims to Rome. Thank you, Sister Erika!

Hans and Gertrud Zier, Germany, Federation of Families

We got to know Sr. Erika in 1998 during a pilgrimage to Rome.

She was always ready to help, full of ideas with all the intentions brought to her. Only know, with the news about her death, we realize what an amount of work she, already 85 then, did. An admirable woman formed by our Father and Founder!

Barbara &  Hubert Knoch, Germering, Germany, Federation of Families

We thank you for having shared the news about Sr Erika.

My entire family got to know her,l and I personally lived with her for several weeks 10 years ago. I liked her a lot.

Catalina Kirschner, Freiburg, Institute of the Families

I am sory for Sr. Erika,

I remember her well, during our visit to Rome she told us experiences from life and about the return of Fr. Kentenich from Exile and his stay in Rome. It is sad that she died but she only made another step on the way that all of us are walking. Now she is with our Lord, our Schoenstatt Queen, and our Father and Founder – with those to whom she dedicated her life. I'll remember her in my prayers, thanks for letting me know.

Yadira Oceguera Valenzuela, Querétaro, México, Schoenstatt Girls' Youth

Thanks so much for sharing this sad, yet joyful news of Sr. Erika. 

I had the privilege of meeting her in 1997 when I went on a pilgrimage to Rome with other Schoenstatt family.  A great loss for us, but yet a joy to know she is with our Saviour and MTA.  

Sally LeRoy,Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Mothers' League

I just recieved the news about the death of Sr. Erika.

I am sorry with her death but hope that she, who now lives in the Eternal Schoenstatt, from there, will continue to fulfill her mission, and will continue to open the doors for all those whi need to find their way home to the Eternal Father and to our Mother.

Ma. Teresa de Valarezo P., Guayaquil, Ecuador, Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign

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