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Liebfrauenhoehe, Germany: The golden anniversary of the shrine

Logo and motto "To Life with You" is printed on thousands of napkins, bonbons, t-shirts, ...

Logo of the 50th Anniversary of the "Liebfrauenhöhe" Shrine: "With you: Life!"
Logo des Godenen Jubiläums des Heiligtums auf der Liebfrauenhöhe
The "Co-Founder Shrine" of the Liebfrauenhöhe - Our Lady's Heights - was dedicated in 1952. It's the Diocesan Shrine of the German diocese with the biggest Schoenstatt Movement, Rottenburg-Stuttgart.
Das "Mitgründer-Heiligtum" auf der Liebfrauenhöhe wurde 1952 eingeweiht. Es ist Diözesanheiligtum von Rottenburg-Stuttgart, der deutschen Diözese mit der stärksten Schönstattbewegung.
"Jubi-Lädele" - "Our Little Jubilee Shop" - with all sorts of goods.
"Jubi-Lädele" (hochdeutsch: kleiner Jubiläumsladen) mit reichem Angebot
T-Shirts with the logo of the Jubilee are for sale!
Zum Verkauf: T-Shirts mit dem Jubiläumslogo
Candy with Jubilee logo
Bonbons mit dem Jubiläumslogo
Aerial photograph: Liebfrauenhöhe
Luftaufnahme: Liebfrauenhöhe
Fotos: Schönstattzentrum Liebfrauenhöhe © 2002

GERMANY, Birgit Baumann / mkf. "To Life with You" is the motto of the Golden anniversary of the Shrine at the Liebfrauenhoehe, Germany. This motto is now common ground for the next half year for the whole Schoenstatt Movement of the diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart. A program for preparation was arranged for groups and communities. The logo and motto were published on thousands of napkins, bonbons, t-shirts - the jubilee workgroup has a target to make the anniversary known inside and outside the Schoenstatt Movement.

"The anniversary has begun!" - These words, spoken at the end of the meeting by the director of the diocese, Father Georg Egle, bears witness to the feeling of about 80 delegates from all sections: Enthusiasm, joy and gratitude for a lively community experienced with all generations and sections. The convention, which was prepared and implemented from a special working group, was the opening of the celebration at the shrine at June, 29th, 2002.

Everybody Involved in the Preparation

Meanwhile the spark has reached all. So the individual communities have worked out proposals for the celebration. They developed drafts of preparations for the way to the anniversary and the active work in the individual teams, e.g. catering, programme, decoration, liturgy, technique, finance and so on. The Logo and motto challenge the work of the entire movement. Further they bring the individual communities together and motivate to circulate and make the Schoenstatt Movement known beyond the movement.

Articles for Advertising, Prayers and a Shop for the Anniversary

The articles for advertising are provided in large numbers and speakers will be available to explain this celebration and supply material. T-shirts in all sizes, bonbons and napkins are available in the Schoenstatt Centres at different places in Germany.

A special shop offers all the things you need: homemade marmalade, greeting cards, letter papers, candles with the logo, bags, cans and tins, rosaries, handmade socks, doilies and more. Assiduous hands have invested a lot time and much love so that they could finance a big part of the celebration.

A common prayer was made in preparation for the anniversary. It is available in practical business card format and everyone should have their own prayer for the anniversary. "Mother of Jesus, full of joy, we say thank you for 50 years of the shrine. The chapel is a spring of life and a font of hope. We look forward to the future with you in trust and confidence. Help us, to mould our lives in a alliance of love now and forever. Be our Queen!"

You can find more about the celebration on the internet (German):

Translation: Arno Hernadi and team, Manchester, England

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