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Many small steps and many small coins for the people on the Philippines

A Schoenstatt Girls' Youth Group's Social Commitment – Performed with Abundant Joy

Walk around the Shrine in Weiskirchen, mile per mile: for poor people in Cebu, Philippines
Rund ums Heiligtum, Kilometer um Kilometer für arme Menschen in Cebu, Philippinen
The funds raised by the young people in Weiskirchen help for social and catechetical projects of the Schoenstatt Sisters in Cebu
Das Geld, das die Jugendlichen aus Weiskirchen sammeln, dient sozialen und pastoralen Projekten der Marienschwestern in Cebu
The rain did not affect the joy, only the shoes!
Der Regen machte den Jugendlichen nichts aus, nur den Schuhen!
Parents provided drinks and chocolate to make up for possible energy loss!'
Damit die Energie nicht ausgeht: Eltern versorgten die Läufer mit Getränken und Schokolade!
"Singing in the rain..."
The walk began and ended in the Shrine in Weiskirchen, near Frankfurt.
Der Kilometerlauf begann und endete im Heiligtum in Weiskirchen bei Frankfurt.
Foto: Burkart © 2002

GERMANY, Sr. M. Hiltraude Burkhart. Money per mile and foxes for pennies: The girls of the Schoenstatt group from Weiskirchen had a special idea about collecting money for people on the Philippine Islands. The people from Weiskirchen brought the result of their engagement and the engagement of the Schoenstatt groups of the town for the social project of the Sisters of Mary in Cebu/Philippines to Schoenstatt when they visited the crib in Schoenstatt in December.

An imposing sum was collected in the run around the shrine in which nineteen girls and boys participated in streaming rain and radiant frame of mind. Each had looked for sponsors who donated a certain sum for each kilometer. Two eleven-year olds managed the record of twenty kilometers. Weiskirchen businesses did not only donate edibles but also a respectable amount of money.

"I’m singing in the rain..."

The route was exactly 1.6 kilometers (.994 miles). Of course, the project began in the shrine, appropriately with the song, "Mother Mary, I want to go with you ..." It was sung loudly, and then the run began. The young people walked quite fast. After each round, mothers marked a card. The brave runners received in between sandwiches, refreshments, and sweets as energy providers. It was astonishing how much perseverance the children developed in eating and walking! Quite often they arrived loudly singing at the checkpoint and waved their colorful umbrellas. It was raining cats and dogs, and that could be seen on the path, the white tennis shoes, and the children in general. But nobody surrendered! Mothers and fathers were not only good helpers, but also the best fan community.

Individuals walked between ten and twenty kilometers; two eleven-year olds walked a record twenty kilometers. The nineteen children together walked 212 kilometers! The girls—and the boys—who were enthusiastic about the project were proud of the money for which they had walked. One girl had not found a sponsor. She insisted that she wanted to pay from her own allowance DM 0,50 per kilometer she had walked. That was DM 10,00. A well-heeled sponsor added something to that...

Project foxes for pennies: an idea from the USA

At the family afternoon in Weiskirchen, the young people introduced the run as well as their project "foxes for pennies". The "foxes for pennies" were inspired by the Penny Power Project from USA of which they had learned through Internet, and they collected change in collecting boxes (penny banks), which they set up in businesses or families.

The joy to be able to take a contribution to Schoenstatt for the people in the Philippines was also something like a Christmas gift."


Translation: Sr. Marihedwig, Waukesha/WI, USA

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