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Queen of the Universe and our Hope

Pilgrimage to the Shrine of the hill, La Loma, Paraná, Argentina

Missinaries of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Campaign during after a Covenant Celebration in the Shrine in La Loma; the Campaign organized the pilgrimage on December 8
Bei einer Bündnisfeier im Heiligtum von La Loma, Paraná: Missionare der Pilgernden Gottesmutter, die für die Wallfahrt am 8. Dezember verantwortliche waren
Invitation to the pilgrimage under the motto: Mother, count on me - dear homeland, I am ready!
Einladung zur Wallfahrt unter dem Thema: "Mutter, rechne mit mir - geliebtes Vaterland, ich bin bereit!"
Fotos: Rios © 2001

ARGENTINA,Tita and Héctor Ríos. "Mother, count on me, dear homeland here I am" - the motto of the Schoenstatt Family in Paraguay was taken as the motto for the pilgrimage to the "Shrine of the Hill", in Paraná, Argentina. In confidence, the Providence Family crowned our Mother "Queen of the universe and our Hope".

The 8th of December we organized here, in Paraná, the fourteenth pilgrimage from the parish Santa Teresita to the Shrine on the hill. As a result of the difficult social and economic situation that effects Argentina today, we have taken the motto from our Paraguayan brothers "Mother count on me, dear homeland here I am". The pilgrimage counted on an enormous concurrence, reining a climate of hope and deep emotion. We crossed the streets of Paraná guided by the police - 2 motorcycles and 2 patrol cars - the way was opened as we pilgrimaged through very frequent and important areas that before were unimportant to cross.

A crown of flowers as sign of confidence

Between songs and prayers we prepared ourselves to arrive and to participate in Holy Mass, where all the Family of the Providence joined the pilgrims in the renovation of that coronation that was done by Father Joseph Kentenich in October 1946, putting under the mantle of the Mother the political leaders of the entire world. Also we, trusting the powerful intercession of the Virgin and her divine Son, invoked her and crowned her image with a crown of flowers done by one of the mothers and taken up by a little girl crowning her as "Queen of the universe and of our hope ", with participation from numerous pilgrims and the whole Family. In these days near Christmas we are united with the same hope and from our shrines we can bring to life that great brotherhood that attracts the presence of our Mother in the middle of the towns bringing us the Christ Child.

Translation: Cousett Ruelas, Austin, Texas, USA

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