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We are instruments of our Mother and we want to enkindle the world for Schoenstatt

25 Argentinean mothers go on a pilgrimage for the to Schoenstatt, the first time for many of them

Most of them came to Schoenstatt for the first time: Mothers from Argentina
Die meisten waren zum ersten Mal in Schönstatt: Mütter aus Argentinien
A special experience: baptism renewal in the parish church in Gymnich, where Father Kentenich was baptized
Ein besonderes Erlebnis: Tauferneuerung in der Pfarrkirche in Gymnich, an dem Taufbecken, an dem Pater Kentenich getauft worden ist
Celebrating their Covenant of Love, sealed in the Original Shrine
Ein Grund zum Feiern: sie haben gerade im Urheiligtum das Liebesbündnis geschlossen
The mothers from Argentina were eager to learn more about Schoenstatt's spirituality
Die argentinischen Mütter nahmen die Schönstatt-Spiritualität wie ein Schwamm auf
Fotos: Isabel Sodano © 2001

(Monica Cadena/mkf) "We are instruments of our Mother and we want to enkindle the world for Schoenstatt" said Isabel Sodano, leader of the pilgrimage of this group of mothers from Argentina that were visiting for two weeks in Schoenstatt, Germany. With hearts "enkindled" and perhaps "younger" than many of the youth, to all they assigned homework: liturgical, songs, or another a small commission, this is what united and characterized this group who arrived to Schoenstatt without accompaniment of a Sister of Mary or Schoenstatt Father.

The majority of these mothers came for the first time to Schoenstatt and without doubt they experienced the joy of feeling chosen to express their experiences of the encounter with our Mother and Father Kentenich. Maria Ines Vidart de Fabre, 52 years old, expressed: "The joy dissolved my being to be chosen by our Mother to transform me for all." They showed thankfulness for every sign of welcoming and hospitality. They gave a picture of the Shrine of the Father, in Argentina, to every person who, in whatever occasion, did any service to them or gave them a joy!

"That the whole world knows the magnificent work of Father Kentenich."

"I take home a heart enkindled with happiness and satisfaction and to my daily life the promise to help the whole world know the magnificent work of Father Kentenich." Commented Agueda Passarella, 57 years old.

The covenant of love that was sealed by three of these mothers was a special experience.

A group of professional women, who were staying also in House Sonnenau during these days got notice of the Covenant and dedicated a song of praise to the mothers – the reaction of all the mothers was incredible! At this moment they began to talk to the German professionals and it did not appear to be important that they did not understand a word of Spanish! "I experienced the blessings and graces that were given to me to continue my life with joy and taking the hand of Mary, our Mother" said Eva Leguizamon.

A message of love for their families

To come from such distances, for many of the women it was a great gift to be close to the Original Shrine. "I came without having to have it proposed, though it seemed impossible", expressed Adriana Job de Muchino, 52 years old.

"Entering for the first time the Original Shrine, the tomb of Father" was for Maria Ines Vidart, like almost all, "very very emotional".

"These were 15 different days, from looking for and finding God, his Mother and Father Kentenich", commented Maria del Carmen Voyer de Sello, 72 years old.

Each one arrived with a great yearning in her heart, and all strongly experienced that they were daughters of a great Father who loves them and worries about them and their families.

"Give to the Father my whole being"

These were some of the experiences that were shared at the end of the pilgrimage in an interview: "Now I can say that I am a favorite daughter of the Father, because I was able to experience all the graces from his Shrine."

"I take home with me the experience of being able to transform the suffering and pain that my heart carried, to peace and joy, simply by entrusting to Father my whole being."

"I take a heart profoundly transformed and filled with gifts that I want to share with all so that they too can experience the goodness of God," said Amalia Calvan de Coitte, 57 years old.

"I know that my dad is also "Him" and that he protects me from heaven, as he always has" discovered Ana Maria Iguri, 54 years old.

"I take home a very important lesson", said Ana Padatella, 78 years old, "that like in the life of Father Kentenich there were bad times, also we have ours; the only thing that we have to do is not to lose hope and offer it up to our Mother so that they don’t become so heavy."

One woman from the province Salta, in the north of Argentina, expressed: "I can feel the universality of the church, more significantly for the Saltanian church. I have achieved another vision of Schoenstatt, and am admiring, thanking, and praising our good Lord, our Mother and Father Kentenich for so many gifts."

Translation: Cousett Ruelas, Austin, TX, USA


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