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"I have loved you with an Everlasting Love"

Installation of the Father Symbol in the Schoenstatt Shrine at Armadale, Western Australia

On November 18th, the Schoenstatt Movement of Western Australia celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Shrine in Armadale
Am18. November feierte die Schönstattbewegung von West-Australien den 10. Jahrestag ihres Heiligtums in Armadale
Girls performed a liturgical dance to the theme: "I have loved you with everlasting love"
Jugendliche führten einen Tanz auf zum Thema: "Mit ewiger Liebe habe ich dich geliebt."
Father Boes gave the sermon and installed the Father Eye symbol.
Pater Boes hielt die Predigt und brachte das Vatersymbol an
Blessing of the Father Eye symbol
Segnung des Vatersymbols
Before the attachment, the Father eye symbol was placed in open hands, symbol of the caring Father love
Vor der Anbringung lag das Vatersymbol in offenen Händen, Zeichen sorgender Vaterliebe
Fotos: Foo, Australia © 2001

(Dennis Foo) The Schoenstatt Movement of Western Australia experienced a special Covenant Day in November: On the day of the 10th anniversary of the Schoenstatt Shrine in Armadale, the Father Eye symbol was placed in the Shrine. It's message to all who visit this Shrine is God the Father's declaration: "I have loved you with an everlasting love."

November 18th, 2001, was the tenth anniversary of the opening and blessing of the Shrine at Armadale. Ten year of graces flowing from this Shrine! This needed to be celebrated properly. We had prepared well for this event by focusing our striving on the installation of the father symbol.

After months of planning, the Father Symbol was finally completed by locally renowned artist Gerry Darwin. Gerry is in great demand and had to complete various projects for the local community, including the Armadale Hospital before he could dedicate his attention to creating the Father Symbol. He was most intrigued by the Father Symbol design and wanted to truly understand the significance and essence of the symbol before embarking on this unique assignment. The result speaks for itself.

The symbol speaks to us of the love of the Father. "I have loved you with an everlasting love." It speaks to us too of the Blessed Trinity who is the source from which the channels of love emanate and return to us.

Picture perfect Weather for a Special Celebration of Divine Father Love

The beautiful weather on the afternoon of Sunday 18th Nov 2001 was truly a sign of Divine Providence. The Shrine was looking especially glorious that day - gleaming white walls, surrounded by colorful banners in the foreground and the Saints must be watching us from the clear blue sky above.

A couple of large tents were set up outside the shrine for Mass with Fr Boes, a Schoenstatt Father who had flown in specially for the day from Mulgoa, NSW. Approximately 150 people or more gathered to celebrate this event.

The pair of molded hands in front of the altar caught my immediate attention. The Father Symbol was snugly placed in these hands throughout Mass. A special blessing for the Symbol was given by Father Boes, followed by a delightful liturgical dance by some children of our Movement, to commemorate the occasion . At the end of Mass, the Father Symbol was placed in the Shrine above the picture of Our Lady, suitably complimenting the Lady's Crown and Holy Spirit Symbol. It may be the light from the setting sun outside, but I can't help noticing the golden radiance emanating from Our Lady's picture as I walked away from the Shrine that day.

As it was also the 10th Anniversary of the Armadale Shrine we celebrated by way of sharing a large Anniversary cake in Sister Emilie House. All in all a great end to a great day out at the Shrine.

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