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"Together – how else"

Schoenstatt Participating in the First Encounter of Protestant and Catholic Movements in Germany

Together - how else? Invitation to the Encounter of Catholic and Protestant Movements in Munich
Miteinander - wie sonst? Einladung zur Begegnung katholischer und protestantischer Bewegungen in München
Discussing ecumenical challenges and possibilities of Schoenstatt: Jan and John Beebe, Methodist Schoenstatt members from England, Fr. Heinrich Walter, chairperson of the National Council of the Schoenstatt Movement in Germany, Fr. Dr. Otto Amberger (l. t.r.)
Im Gespräch über ökumenische Ansätze in Schönstatt: Jan und John Beebe, methodistische Schönstätter aus England, P. Heinrich Walter, Vorsitzender des Landespräsidiums des deutschen Schönstattbewegung, P. Dr. Otto Amberger (v.l.n.r.)
Sharing of insights and experiences across denominational borders: Gabriele Sudermann, Women's League, John and Jan Beebe.
Austausch von Erfahrungen und Erkenntnisses über Konfessionsgrenzen hinweg: Gabriele Sudermann, Berufstätige Frauen, John und Jan Beebe
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(mkf) "Together– how else": under this motto, Protestant and Catholic Movements will for the first time in German church history meet with each other to share the riches of their charisma, history and mission. Several Schoenstatt members will join in the event which has already now created a growing awareness of ecumenical dimensions, potential and challenges in Schoenstatt.

"The more catholic we are, the less we hide what is specific for us – Mary, the Shrine, the Covenant of Love -, the better will our dialogue be and the more can we share," said Father Joseph Treutlein who is eagerly anticipating the event in Munich taking place on the feastday of the Immaculate Conception. "I am sure that this event will mark a turning point on the road towards the unity of all Christians." He would have liked to miss "experts of life" in view of Schoenstatt's ecumenical experience who visited Schoenstatt the week before: John and Jan Beebe, Methodist Christians from England, probably the first non-catholic couple who made the Covenant of Love in the early 80ies.

On one night, the Beebes met with Father Heinrich Walter and Father Dr. Otto Amberger for a discussion on ecumenical aspects and possible "bridges" in Schoenstatt's spirituality.

Chiara Lubich: Evangelization Today

Seventeen communities, among them also Schoenstatt, have joined to prepare and coordinate the event, 21 others are expected to also participate. "this should really be the starting point of a new dialogue that should stimulate the ecumenical unity of hearts," said Father Dr Michael Johannes Marmann, chairperson of the International Schoenstatt Movement "As Schoenstatt Movement in Germany, we are convinced that especially the churches in Germany need the

reviving wellsprings of the new Charismating Movements."

One of the highlights of the encounter will be the presentation given by Chiara Lubich,foundress of the Focolar Movement, on "Evangelization today".

More about the Encounter in Munich:
DOCUMENTATION: A Methodist Approach to Schoenstatt


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