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A Cabalgata-pilgrimage on the anniversary day of the Wayside Shrine

Coronation of our Mother and corner stone laying in San Fernando Colchagua

A pilgrimage on horse back - not unusual in Colchagua
Eine Wallfahrt zu Pferd - gar nicht ungewöhnlich in Colchagua
Pilgrim Mother - this is how she pilgrims (not only)in San Fernando
Pilgernde Gottesmutter - zu Pferd unterwegs (nicht nur) in San Fernando
Proudly waving the San Fernando Schoenstatt flags...
Stolz lassen sie die Schönstattfahne von San Fernando wehen...
Groundbreaking ceremony for a small Retreat Center by the Wayside Shrine
Erster Spatenstich für ein Haus beim Bildstöckchen
Fotos: Vinculo, Chile © 2001

CHILE, Cecilia and Hernán Macaya: The family of San Fernando celebrated the third anniversary of the wayside shrine, on the land where the future shrine will stand. The celebrations of Sunday were centered on the Eucharist where Father Horacio Rivas presided. Like it is traditional in the land of Colchagua, the celebrant came on horseback together with 30 others also mounted; among these people were children who accompanied their parents in this cabalgata - pilgrimage, preceded by a great image of the Pilgrim Mother, which would be crowned later by Adolfo Storm and his wife, living testimonies showed the intercessory power.

At the beginning of the Eucharist, Jamie Valenzuala, explained the importance of this event, in the atmosphere of the third anniversary, saying: "We are thankful that you have chosen us among many others for this great mission in this corner of Colchagua, holy Marian land, a land of sanctity… ." As a climax if the day, the small family and all the family of Schoenstatt crowned the great image of the Pilgrim Mother and others that have been maintained by some missionaries, all thinking about someday finding the way to the future Sanctuary of San Fernando.

Corner Stones

After the final blessing they proceeded to the blessing of the corner stone of the Meeting Room and the caretaker House, both constructions located in the land next to the Hermitage.

As a good anniversary cannot be without special thanks and blessings, the family Baquedano Soldatelli took advantage of the occasion to consecrate their house and the new Home Shrine.

Translation: Cousett Ruelas, Austin,Texas, USA

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