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Milwaukee 2002 – Your Gift, our Mission

Preparing for the 50th anniversary of Father Kentenich's arrival in Milwaukee

Your gift - our mission: with this motto, the Schoenstatt Movement of the Northern USA journeys towards the 50th anniversary of Father Kentenich's arrival in Milwaukee
Dein Geschenk - unsere Sendung: mit diesem Motto hat sich die Schönstattbewegung des nördlichen Teils der USA auf den Weg gemacht zum 50. Jahrestag der Ankunft Pater Kentenichs in Milwaukee
A song of joy: Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary
Glückwunschlied zum 75-jährigen Jubiläum der Marienschwestern
The Fenelon family contributing to the jubilee celebration
Familie Fenelon bei der Jubiläumsfeier
Schoenstatt Mothers thanking for the the work of the Sisters
Schönstattmütter dankten für das Wirken der Schwestern
Celebration by the International Shrine of the Father Kingdom, Waukesha
Abschluss beim Internationalen Heiligtum des Vaterreiches, Waukesha
Fotos: Krzmarzick © 2001

(Sr. Marie Day) On October 21, 2001, the Schoenstatt Family gathered at our International Schoenstatt Center to commemorate the founding of Schoenstatt and to receive the new motto: Milwaukee 2002 – Your Gift, our Mission.

This is the motto that will guide the Schoenstatt Family in the northern part of the USA during this next year!

MILWAUKEE, 2002: In June of 2002, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Father’s arrival in Milwaukee in 1952 and with this the 14 years of his Exile with the rich legacy he has given to us.

YOUR GIFT: As we prepare for this great jubilee we wish to reflect on the gift of our founder’s presence among us and the many gifts we have received from him.

OUR MISSION: More and more we realize that our mission is to safeguard, to live and to pass on these gifts to future generations.

A Place Marked by the Footsteps of a Great Man of the Church

In his talk in the morning, Fr. Jonathan Niehaus, as he unfolded to motto for us, said:

Milwaukee – In our midst is a place of great grace, marked by the footsteps of a great man of the Church, Fr. Kentenich…

2002 – This is not just a Jubilee to look backward but also one to look forward…

Your gift – We have received a magnificent gift from Father in his presence in our midst. It is our Exile legacy with its special parts: Father’s remarkable love of the Church, the homeshrine and heartshrine, the discovery of a new and deeper father, child and community image.

Our mission – This gift implies a mission. We live at ‘Ground Zero". Do we really notice it? Or do we take it for granted?"

The Motto in the Shadow of the Attacks on America

In his homily at the Holy Mass, Fr. Dieter Haas said, as he let us still deeper into our motto in the shadow of the attacks on America:

"God always has a positive plan. If he permits something negative and detrimental, he has a positive outcome in mind. God permitted that Jesus was crucified. His positive plan was the salvation of his people.

God permitted the atrocities of September 11, 2001 in New York and in Washington. We will have to continue to search for the many positive goals God wants to achieve through it. It will take a long time to realize it more fully.

God permitted that Fr. Kentenich was separated from his country and his official position of authority within his foundations. He was sent into Exile. In 1952 he arrived in the USA. Next year, 2002, we commemorate 50 years of this event. What are the positive aspects of this separation, of his Exile? For us it means that God gave us the gift of his presence in the USA for almost 14 years. God, the Blessed Mother, our MTA gave us his presence as a special gift."

In the afternoon, the Schoenstatt Family honored the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary for the 75th anniversary of their foundation. The families congratulated the Sisters with songs and readings, all in the light of the Mariengarten. A thanksgiving Benediction concluded the grace filled Covenant day.

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